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Bridgeport Theatre Company has found a new home at Downtown Cabaret us reach our goal of $5k to kick off our 2nd season!

How can you help support the revitalization of Downtown Bridgeport, CT?

BTC has found a permanent home, the historic Downtown Cabaret Theatre, and we  need your help!  We're having a 'house warming party' and requesting Kickstarter donations to help us kick off our 2011/2012 season, which includes:
The Laramie Project
Lend Me a Tenor
The Music Man

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A note from Artistic Director Eli Newsom:

::How This Money Will Be Used::
The economics of our organization is similar to other healthy not-for-profit theater companies across the nation: only about 50% of our costs are covered by ticket sales. The other 50% of our budget is dependent on individual donations and sponsorships.  Even small donations make a difference in this important equation.

Our annual budget for the 2011/12 season will be in the neighborhood of $100k.  Help us raise just 5% of that by donating towards our goal of $5,000 to help us fund our pre-season expenses!  Specifically, high priority expenses include:

  • Venue rental for rehearsals and performances: $3-5K per production.
  • Royalties for our first production: around $3k (Hairspray)
  • Administrative/Production staff: around $6k per production
  • Technical: $3-4k per production
  • Wigs for Hairspray: around $2k

That's a total: $17-20k per production just for these elements...each full production costs in the neighborhood of $25k.

Additional support will help take our season to the next level:

  • Higher production values:  We rent and build costumes and sets for each production.  More donations = better looking shows.
  • Top-notch Musicians/Directors/Designers:  The best artists in the area demand a higher rate, and we love paying artists as much as we us support local artists!
  • Print Advertising:  We currently rely on electronic marketing.  Additional support would allows us to advertise in print publications such as the Connecticut Post, Fairfield Weekly, and others.  

Thanks for reading this far -- now, will you please BACK THIS PROJECT?  We believe in the potential for Bridgeport and feel our role in the revitalization is important.  Please "Be Part of It!" by helping us reach these goals and making a donation towards our upcoming season.

--Eli Newsom, Artistic Director

Your support earned us the title of one of the Top 3 theater companies in Fairfield County in our very first season! Imagine what we can do with our second season with your donation! Help keep us at the top!

Special thanks to the BTC board, staff, company members, and volunteers; Hugh Hallinan and the staff of Downtown Cabaret Theatre; Ricky Mestre, M.A. Beaulieu Photography, Tony Leone, and Debra Hanusick.  

Production photographs courtesy of M.A. Beaulieu Photography, candids by Christy & Eli Newsom
Videos by Ricky Mestre and Christy & Eli Newsom


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    A special THANK YOU in our season’s programs and on the BTC website!

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    All of the above, PLUS a link to an exclusive online photo album for each show containing production photos not available to the general public---see how your money is being spent! PLUS a FREE DRINK voucher to be used at the next show of ours that you attend! You’re awesome and deserve a drink on us. Oh, and did you know that we are a tax-exempt organization? All donations to BTC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

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    All of the above, PLUS a custom BTC swag bag containing goodies like a BTC bracelet, magnet, sticker, etc. (specific items may vary). All of your friends will be jealous! We love you! Seriously, you’re the greatest. (International donors please add an additional $10 for shipping)

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    OMG.BFF seriously you are seriously awesome! You get all of the above, PLUS a special BTC tote bag so that all of your friends can know how generous you are! It’ll put those PBS totes to shame! You’re amazing! (International donors please add $10 for shipping)

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    OK.... you are an angel! You get all of the above (and a partridge in a pear tree) PLUS 2 VIP tickets with premium “producers’ table seating” to any show in our season! We’ll treat you like the royalty you are! And you can bring your tote, wear your bracelet, get your drink and see your name in the program. You are a rock star! (All donations to BTC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.) (International donors please add an additional $10 for shipping)

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    Hold on...(thunk)... sorry... I just fainted. You are the best and you have our sincerest thanks and gratitude! You get all of the above, PLUS a very special print designed by our company artist, B.M. Riley, of our season logo, “It Takes Two.” It’s a beautiful reminder that it truly does take two: BTC and you! Thank you for contributing to the revitilization of downtown Bridgeport and the arts. You’re seriously the greatest. (All donations to BTC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.) (International donors please add an additional $20 for shipping)

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    WhatchooTalkinBoutWillis? ForRealz? You are the greatest person in the history of the world. We bow down to you and your generosity. It is people like you that make live theatre possible and for you, we are beyond grateful. You will receive all of the above PLUS... wait for it...a walk-on role in “Hairspray” and a VIP season subscription. Invite all of your friends to cheer you on as the star that you are at a very special performance. If you’ve got stage fright and would rather sit out, you’ll instead be invited as Guest of Honor to our Designer Run-Thru rehearsal to get a behind-the-scenes look before “Hairspray” opens! Either way, you’re a star and we could not do this without you! WE LOVE YOU! (All donations to BTC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.)

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