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Boasting 11mm & 37mm wide-angle focal lengths with up to 120° field of view, Pinhole Pro S is the modern revival of pinhole photography, Camera Obscura for the modern age. (Designed for DSLR and MILC digital cameras)
Boasting 11mm & 37mm wide-angle focal lengths with up to 120° field of view, Pinhole Pro S is the modern revival of pinhole photography, Camera Obscura for the modern age. (Designed for DSLR and MILC digital cameras)
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The Art of Pinhole Photography

Posted by Funded Today (Collaborator)

Hi all,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As most of you have already received your Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S by now (and if you haven't, please read the shipping status at the bottom of this update), we wanted to reshare an update we posted in our last campaign about pinhole photography.

We want to quote one of the backers of our last project who is a professional Hollywood cinematographer: 'It (Pinhole Pro) is a crazy unique look and different from shooting anything else.'

‘Forget everything that you think you know.’

This is a very wise quote from the movie 'Doctor Strange'. And that's how you should start your journey with pinhole photography if you have never really done serious shooting with a pinhole camera before.

First, there's no lens distortion in pinhole photography (as there's no lens), wide angle images remain absolutely rectilinear. Exposure times are usually long, resulting in motion blur around moving objects and the absence of objects that moved too fast.

We have summed up a few basic interesting points which may challenge your understanding of photography as a form of art altogether.

1) Unfocused: The Artistic Heritage of the Linked Ring

Although Thingyfy Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S come with very high precision pinholes (as small as 0.1mm), the smallest aperture you can currently find on the market, which will provide sharper images in general, you might still be surprised by pinhole photography's natural soft, hazy look initially.

If you were to compare standard photography VS pinhole photography, it's a bit like using a modern printer VS using a paint brush - the result is more abstract, broad strokes and raw.

Photo by @Ted Merklin‎
Photo by @Ted Merklin‎

One of the most famous art photography movements in history that established many art lineages of pinhole photography is the Linked Ring movement (also known as "The Brotherhood of the Linked Ring") in 19th Century Europe.

Back then, photography was interpreted in two ways; art photography and science photography. The science of photography requires practice that determines the outcome of the image, whereas the art aspect of photography concerns itself with the aesthetic experience and success of the photograph to the viewer. These differences created a tension in the craft that the Linked Ring sought to change.

Eric Renner: Grandma Becomes the Moon
Eric Renner: Grandma Becomes the Moon
George Davison: The Onion Field
George Davison: The Onion Field

It took more than 8 hours for George Davison (one of founding members of the Linked Ring) to photograph this picture back in late 1800s. Davison’s work was influenced by Peter Henry Emerson’s ideas of selective focus in photography which emulated the eye’s vision of nature. Davison adapted these theories to espouse an impressionist aesthetic. He believed photography to be in a unique position to evoke nature through direct experience which, when distilled by an artistic sensibility and handling of the medium, could provide an enhanced impression of nature by portraying its essence. (Art Gallery NSW)

2) Camera Obscura: Devils in Perspective

When world's first pinhole photography device (Camera Obscura) was invented in 1604, many believed the device has magic power of capturing human souls and devils.

A camera obscura device without a lens but with a very small hole is sometimes referred to as a "pinhole camera", although this more often refers to simple (home-made) lens-less cameras in which photographic film or photographic paper is used.

For a very long period of time in history, pinhole photography was regarded as a sacred mythical form of art that has far more significance than just producing an image.

3) The Renaissance of Pinhole Photography

In the early 20th century, the development of high speed films and mass production of glass lens almost made pinhole photography obsolete. Photographers turned to the endless pursuit of sharpness, resolution and speed. That trend still dominates today.

In 1960s, many art photographers started to realize that high resolution and high specs are just innovations in technology, however they can not solve the philosophical questions of photography itself. Pinhole photography was yet again 'rediscovered' to provide a more personal, original, unfiltered and natural 'point of view', since it's the closest to what a human eye can see.

At the same time, pinhole photography has provided a deeper level of philosophical significance.

Here are some photos taken by our backers with the Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S we have selected from our Facebook group:

Photo by @ Ehimetalor Akhere Ejadamie Unuabona
Photo by @ Ehimetalor Akhere Ejadamie Unuabona
Photo by @Peter Bark
Photo by @Peter Bark
Photo by @David Morgan-Mar
Photo by @David Morgan-Mar
Photo by @Peter Dunsche‎
Photo by @Peter Dunsche‎
Photo by @Steve Forbes
Photo by @Steve Forbes
Photo by @Pierre Perreault
Photo by @Pierre Perreault

 For more great work, please join our Facebook group:

Creating a Movement, Not Just a Lens

At Thingyfy, we want to be part of a modern movement to revive pinhole photography in the digital age. Every one of you have been great supporters and advocates of this original and powerful form of photographic art.

We have been secretly working on some new and exciting projects in the category, including world's first adjustable focal length pinhole lens. (Do let us know in the comments if you'd be interested).

We are also collecting stories from many artists around the world who love pinhole photography and cinematography. Here are a few great videos our backers made with the Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S:



Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @thingyfy and Instagram: @thingyfyinc

Also feel free to check out the official Pinhole Pro S page:

You can also download the e-Brochure of Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S.

Shipping Status

Last but no least, we want to provide some quick updates on the remaining shipments.

Originally we have planned to have everything shipped by the end of April. That goal has somewhat been met, with some slight delays due to the processing time of our couriers. As of today, we have already shipped out 95% of all rewards. We are still working on the remaining 5%, as well as the reshipments of PPS18E and PPS40EF. We expect to have everything shipped in a week. Stay tuned.

We want to thank you all again for your continous support and patience. Without you, we couldn't have made it this far.

So, thank YOU!

P.S., our team at Thingyfy is launching an exciting new product tomorrow! (Tuesday May 1st) - Make sure you mark it on your calendar!

As usual, return backers receive free perks and free laser engraving.

UMO by Thingyfy
UMO by Thingyfy

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Have a wonderful week!

From: Thingyfy Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cybil on


      It's past the middle of June and I still have not received my lenses.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alaa "Zak" Noweihed on

      Am i the only one who still hasnt received his lenses ? this update said they would be shipping the last 5% early last month! and yeah i dont know how or where to check on order status, your instructions say to check on the survey page but there is nothing there as to the order status !!

    3. Angeline joVan on

      As one of you 5% that hasn't shipped, us my name listed? Have not received any shipping notice or product. My backer number is 560. Please advise as to when this will ship. Thank you!
      Angeline JoVan

    4. Adam French on

      Same here. I haven't received a shipping notification yet and I'm curious if my order's on its way or not?


    5. Missing avatar

      Puksatorn Jitaprasertsuk on

      how can i check shipment status.

    6. Thingyfy 3-time creator on

      @David Morgan-Mar – Great point and thanks for your reminder. We were re-posting members work from our Facebook group since not every backer is on Facebook. Other than that we can assure you that we won't be using any member's work for commercial purposes without permission. At Thingyfy we take privacy and copyright issues very seriously and we truly appreciate your shout-out and permission for us to share your work for this instance. Keep up the good work! :)

    7. David Morgan-Mar on

      Thanks for the great update!

      But... um... I'm a little upset that you reproduced my photo without asking for permission. If you'd asked, I would have been happy to grant it, but technically what you've done is copyright violation, and I feel bound to call it out.

      I'll grant permission retroactively for this update, but in future, please ask first. I'm not trying to be difficult - I just want everyone to understand and respect the rights of photographers everywhere. (And help you avoid the risk of getting sued!)

    8. Missing avatar

      Pedro Aphalo on

      I would be interested in an "adjustable focal length pinhole lens" if it also has the multiple pinhole sizes of the original Pinhole Pro. I have received it some days ago as well and the S11, both in MFT mount. I have already been playing with macro extension tubes and the multiple pinholes make a huge difference when stacking multiple extension tubes. I find the S11 a lot less useful as it shows a lot of vignetting and also a marked colour shift on the edges with my Olympus E-M1. I prefer to use it with a 10 mm tube and a focal length of 21. mm. A built-in helicoid would allow changing the focal length continuously without risking dust getting into the camera. So it would be very useful. I think the question is how short the shortest focal length could be in such a lens. For MFT I would like ideally a range of focal lengths from around 20 mm to 60 mm.

      Both pinholes work also nicely with a full-spectrum converted camera in infrared with a Hoya R72, but as most UV pass filters usable in sunlight are available in rather small sizes of 48 mm or 52 mm only the Pinhole Pro 26 mm is at the moment worthwhile to use in UV (with very long exposure times).

    9. Sitwon on

      My understanding of the math involved is that the focal length of a pinhole lens is primarily a function of the distance between the pinhole and the sensor. So, wouldn't it be possible to emulate a longer lens by using macro extension tubes?

      Either way, thanks for the update. I have been enjoying both of the lenses, having fun exploring the unique characteristics of pinholes.

    10. Adam Rubinstein on

      First, wonderful update. I’m so excited to receive my PPSEF40 and take it out for a spin! Thank you for all your hard work!

      Almost as important, though: YES, a variable focal length pinhole would be AMAZING. I shoot a lot of architecture with a 135, and I was just scheming a few weeks ago how to extend the range of my PP50. Depending on the focal length range, I’d buy two. 😄

    11. Yonga Sun on

      Thanks for the update! Cannot wait to receive my lenses. Feels like a bit of a bummer to be part of the last 5% that have not received theirs yet.. 😉

    12. Toms Chen on

      Thanks for the update, I am excited to see you will make the world's first adjustable focal length pinhole lens! Let me know when you plan to release it!