Pinhole Pro S | World's Widest Professional Pinhole Lens

by Thingyfy

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      Mark England


      I'm backer #1434. Roughly how much of a wait do I have left please?

    2. Thingyfy 3-time creator on

      @Mark England – Dear Mark, your package should be shipped out next week. Regards, Thingyfy Team

    3. Josh Pietras on

      Hi, I am back 1517, any update on shipping as I am a Canon 5D MIII user

    4. Thingyfy 3-time creator on

      @Josh Pietras – Dear Josh, we are resuming PPS EF mount shipping at full speed after this Thursday. Stay tuned. Regards, Thingyfy Team

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniele De Felice on

      Hi, backer 1186 here (Fuji X mount, PP + PPS).
      Any notice on what backer number you are shipping?
      We understand that it will take some time, but... you know, we want to try it as soon as possible!

    6. Thingyfy 3-time creator on

      @Daniele De Felice – Dear Daniele, thank you for your kind understanding. Our team is working as fast as we can to speed up shipping. We are actually sending more batches of notifications each week, that said, your patience is still much appreciated while you are waiting for your tracking codes. Kind regards, Thingyfy Team

    7. Lau Gawin Kai Chung on

      Hi, I am backer # 1115, I still do not receive any tracking number of my shipment. May I know when will I receive those lens? Thanks.

    8. Thingyfy 3-time creator on

      @Lau Gawin Kai Chung – Actually we were trying to contact you about your laser engraving content. Will follow up with you via messages. Regards, Thingyfy Team