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The Bourgeon Book will include 40 articles by artists about their work, a snapshot into the artwork and lives of working artists today.

About Bourgeon, and the Bourgeon Book

The arts magazine Bourgeon has published over two hundred articles by artists about their work since 2005. The articles document the artwork and personal and artistic journeys of the authors as professional artists, and because the articles may inform and inspire arts lovers, students and future artists, Bourgeon is creating a book compiling the best articles published in the magazine's first five years. 

Between December 2011 and March 2012 the book's Editorial Committee read through the magazine's entire archive to select the best articles from the first five years. The Editorial Committee that selected the articles included: artist Kate Kretz, scholar and critic Heather Desaulniers, scholar Diana Dinerman, artist Kathryn Boland, scholar and editor Cheryl Palonis Adams, editor John Shields, poet and editor Gregory Luce, and the book's General Editor Robert Bettmann.

Which Artists Are in the Book?

The included artists are a "who's who" of contemporary art: Maida Withers, Kathryn Boland, Jon Gann, Heather Desaulniers, Steven Shafarman, Casey Maliszewski, Jan Tievsky, Sabado Lam, Lori Clark, George Jackson, Michael Bjerknes, Cheryl Palonis Adams, Doug Yeuell, Judith Hanna, Loren Ludwig, Valerie Durham, Daniel Barbiero, Laurel Victoria Gray, Alvin Mayes, Jonathan Morris, Ken Manheimer, Nancy Havlik, Cem Catbas, Jane Franklin, Kevin Platte, Tehreema Mitha, Gesel Mason, Aysha Upchurch, Kelly Mayfield, Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Daniel Burkholder, Joan Belmar, Prudence Bonds, Judith Peck, Megan Coyle, Michele Banks, Tim Tate, Jenny Walton, Jessica Beels, Salvador Casco, Alec Simpson, Camille Mosley-Pasley, Al Miner, Laurel Lukaszewski, Andy Shallal.

What are Day Eight and Bourgeon?

Founded in 2005, the non-profit Day Eight manages two programs: the arts magazine Bourgeon and the dance company Bettmann Dances. An arts magazine written by artists, Bourgeon is a bridge-builder between contemporary artists and the general public, and a compliment to traditional arts journalism.

Who else is helping?

The Advisory Committee for the book includes George Jackson, Jack Hannula, Dr. Judith Hanna, Dr. Naima Prevots, Michele Banks, Sara Hill Isacson, Adah Rose Bitterbaum, David Ramos, and Joy Ford Austin.

Editorial Assistants for the book project are: Emily Adams, Nate Hochstetler, Clare Donnelly, Melissa Brooks, and Jacqueline Drayer.

The designer for the book is Passent Saad.

Leonard Jacobs is writing the introduction.

ArtSeeDC is overseeing creation of an exhibit including visual artists in the book.

The Board of Directors of Day Eight are: Julia Judson Rea, Diana Cirone, Margarita Noriega, Elizabeth Grazioli and Megan Smith.

What happens if this is funded?

We can't make the book without this being funded. Once funded, a beautiful book containing the artwork and writing of over 40 artists will be completed, printed, and become available for sale online, at events, and in select bookstores.

If you might buy a copy of the book after it is published, we're asking you to buy a copy now, in pre-sale, to support the book's creation.

We need the additional generosity of donors interested in promoting the arts, the artists in the book, and the magazine generally, and appreciate your pledge to help create the Bourgeon Book.


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