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The Boston Babydolls fourth incarnation of its annual dark cabaret creeps back to life in early October.

It's a blitz Kickstarter campaign! 

The Wrathskellar, the Boston Babydolls annual dark cabaret, is trying to raise $1313.00 in just thirteen days! This is crunch time for us – the time when we're putting out a lot of money on costumes, sets, and promotion, but when the money from ticket sales hasn't started to come in it.

We're going to raise $1313 in 13 days - by September 13 - and you're going to help!

We asking you, our faithful and loyal fans, to trust us and support us.  You know how good The Wrathskellar is; this year, we're making it even better.  Your willingness to pledge today rather than waiting to see what the show is like or what your friends do inspires our generosity.  We're going to run another campaign once the show opens, but some of the rewards offered in this campaign won't be offered again, and the ones that are may require a higher pledge.

When The Improper Bostonian named us 'Best of Boston', they described last year's production of The Wrathskellar as "a macabre, immersive experience that served striptease with a side of screams".  This year is even more... everything. More macabre, more immersive, and more stripteasing.  We need your help to realize the dark perfection we see in our heads.


Take a look at the remarkable things and experiences you can have.  They're right over there, waiting for you... just on the right-hand side of your screen. Every backer (even if you just pledge a dollar) gets listed in the program and on the Roll of Alley Rats on  Anyone who pledges over $10 also gets an autographed copy of the program mailed to them so you can delight in your name in print.

Reward #1 If I Can't Sell It Digital Download This is a re-working of the classic Ruth Brown blues song, done Wrathskellar-style, with new lyrcis by Scratch, instrumentation by John T. Mickevich, and vocals by Corinne Southern.  This is only available during The Blitz Campaign.

Is this cameo cursed?
Is this cameo cursed?

Reward #3 The Cursed Cameo The Wrathskellar is even more immersive this year.  We've designed a series of up-close and personal encounters for lucky attendees to have with our dark denizens.  How we select them is up to us... but wear one of these rare cursed cameos prominently displayed when you attend, and the odds of your experience being a little more unusual goes up greatly.  There are only 13 of these cameos, and when they're gone, they're gone.  Any left after The Blitz will be offered at a higher reward level.

Reward #5 Davis Square Date Night There are only FIVE of these packages available, and they are only being offered during The Blitz.  Tickets are not good on closing weekend, October 25 - 28, and you must select the date you're attending in advance to ensure seats are available.

Reward #6 A Party in The Wrathskellar Celebrate a birthday, release from prison, anniversary, engagement, promotion, bad break-up, inheritance, or just because in the intimate confines of The Wrathskellar.  We'll open the alley door to you and up to 65 friends, plus provide some delicacies on which to nibble, some light amusements, and a cash bar.  This is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays in October, starting.  Tuesday, October 9.  Monday October 8 is no longer available.  This reward is only offered as part of The Blitz.


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    "IF I CAN'T SELL IT" The Martinet's version of the blues standard, re-imagined for The Wrathskellar by composer John T. Mickevich and singer Corrine Southern, with lyrics by Scratch (oh my!)

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    AUTOGRAPHED PROGRAMME: Every pledge of ANY amount gets your name listed in the programme. Any pledge of $10 or more gets you an autographed copy of the programme of your very own.

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    CURSED CAMEOS (limit 10) – The cousins of these dreadful ladies will be for sale at The Wrathskellar in a variety of colours, but the combination offered here (bone on black) is only available to our Kickstarter supporters. Wear it to The Wrathskellar and be prepared for a very special encounter with one of the denizens there... (Please note: does not include admission to a show)

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    THE SCROLL OF ONE HUNDRED DEATHS: Bücher has be cataloging his 100 favorites deaths, murderers, and misadventures on The Wrathskellar twitter ( All one hundred entries are artisically presented on a limited edition print.

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    Davis Square Date Night: A $50 credit at Johnny D's and two front row tickets to The Wrathskellar.

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    A PRIVATE PARTY IN THE WRATHSKELLAR We provide a D.J., the nibbles, a cash bar. You provide up to 65 guests. Party must be on a Monday - Wednesday during October 2012, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight.

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