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A small game attachment for your phone.

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This project's funding goal was not reached on March 2, 2011.

About this project

The Bluetooth Game Gripper is a great way to play games on your iPhone, Droid X, or other supported smart phone. The various app stores are full of tons of fun games, but what about the greatest games of all time? *Super Mario, *Contra, and *Sonic the Hedgehog (to name a few) can also be played through emulating programs on your phone. The on-screen controls just don't work or feel right. This is where the Bluetooth Game Gripper comes in; it gives you all the buttons you need and holds your phone securely in place while you play.

This project started in March of last year when I was trying to play games on my phone. I had an idea for the original game gripper (can be found at; it was a gamepad that worked on phones with slide out keyboards. Since then, we've received countless requests for a game pad that would work for phones without a keyboard such as the iPhone, the Nexus one and the Droid X. I started working on it right away, and this is the result of months of work.

In the end I decided to pair up with a company that manufactures bluetooth Keyboards. They are supplying me with circuit boards that have already been in production for a while. It works out great for this project because the CE and FCC certifications are done and phones can hook up to their standard HID interface. Button presses come across as letters on the keyboard so they are easily mapped with any of the existing emulators on the android market. I dropped an email to one of the major iPhone emulator makers and he agreed to team with us to support the game gripper.

Supported phones:

We have successfully gotten the Bluetooth Game Gripper working on these devices and will be avidly testing it on more in the coming weeks.

I-phone 4 Ipad DroidX HTC Touch Pro II Nexus one Nexus S Motorola Click Galaxy S tab HTC Evo, if rooted with Cyanogenmod

With these phones, it does not work with the native bluetooth application or the Blueinput driver but we will continue to try to get them to work using other drivers

HTC Hero Samsung Epic Palm Pixi

If you want to volunteer to help identify phones that work with the Bluetooth Game Gripper, please email us at We would also like to know of any games you find that allow for key mapping.

Our goal of $30,000 only represents a small part of what it costs to get something like this into production. We set the goal low so that we can easily hit our target in the short, 2 week time frame we have set, get funded, and get into production. That way, you can get your Game Gripper as soon as possible. We hope to start shipping in late April or sooner. Thank you for any and all donations, support, facebook posts, and tweets to help get this product off the ground!

*Note: Using a backed-up game ROM is only legal if you properly back up a cartridge that you own, which I do. I do not support or condone illegal downloading.


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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    We will email you a certificate that says "Game Gripper Runner Up". You can print it and hang it on your wall. A daily reminder that, while you didn't get a real prize, you participated in this wonderful event. You will also have the opportunity to subscribe to this site for behind-the-scenes updates.

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    Pledge $6 or more About $6 USD

    You will get a Game Gripper sticker that you can put on the back of your phone, on your snowboard, computer, car or whatever.

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    Pledge $22 or more About $22 USD

    You will receive a sweet, black Game Gripper T-shirt in the size of your choosing.

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    Pledge $47 or more About $47 USD

    You will become the proud new owner of a Bluetooth Game Gripper once it's available. This comes with free USPS priority shipping to anywhere in the states. Add $14 for international shipping.

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    Pledge $64 or more About $64 USD

    You get a Bluetooth Game Gripper plus your choice of either a Game Gripper T-shirt or a Shadowseer CD! Hear Shadowseer in our HTC Evo video in our links section.

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    Pledge $87 or more About $87 USD

    By popular demand! 2 Bluetooth Game Grippers

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    You will be one of the the first to get a Bluetooth Game Gripper. You will also get TWO Game Gripper T-shirts and FIVE stickers.

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    Pledge $105 or more About $105 USD

    Two Bluetooth Game Grippers, a t-shirt, and stickers! Add $14 for International shipping

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    In addition to a Bluetooth Game Gripper, T-shirt and stickers, you get a Game Gripper shop tour. You can come see my shop and I will spend the whole day helping you develop one of your ideas. We might even be able to make a prototype of something for you. This cannot be redeemed until after the bGG has been launched (because I will be too busy!).

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