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LGBT Equality Explores gay rights and transgender rights. A modern family, religion, world myths and philosophy intrigue and enlighten

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Funding will go towards additional filming and post-production including: graphics, animation, music, audio and voice-over; film festival submissions and costs including DVD production and duplication; and other production costs.

BORN EQUAL is a creative and collaborative endeavour. The purpose behind our documentary is to explore the arguments over gay rights. Discover varied perspectives on the human rights and civil rights issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Through a series of interviews with religious authorities, LGBT rights activists and others we discover new truths about this ongoing debate from legal, historical, cultural, and religious perspectives. 

Throughout the film we follow a day in the life of a Christian couple, Rene Sugar and Kelly Smith, and their family and find out how they reconcile and live within a culture that is often prejudiced towards them. 

Along the way we tell fascinating stories from various world and religious mythologies that are, more often than not, inclusive towards characters of various sexual orientations and changing gender roles because of the value they offer their respective culture and humanity as a whole. 

Our film seeks to discuss and examine the answers to these questions: 

*What are the constitutional and philosophical implications of denying any group of people true equality? 

*Is gender a black and white issue? 

*Are people born gay? 

*Are families with same-sex parents dysfunctional? 

*In regards to sexuality, what does our ancestral religion and world mythology tell us about our past beliefs and the present? 

*How does a society or a specific culture value the individual that is different?

Please help us make a difference.

Born Equal Interview

Born Equal News Segment Video

Special Thanks To: Ryan Dunn and Annalyse McCoy from 2/3 Goat; and Nathan Daniels for their brilliant music and ongoing participation!

Also A Special Thanks To: Barbara Smith, Alan R. Smith, Jennifer Borish, Jon Borish, Aya Borish, Rene Sugar, Kelly Smith, Anne Tischer, Kitty Lambert, Cathy Marino-Thomas and everyone else involved in the film so far!

For more information on the struggle for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people and what it is that people are fighting for and why:


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