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Help us afford an entry-level programmer while we scout for talent at GDC 2012. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 17, 2012.

Help us afford an entry-level programmer while we scout for talent at GDC 2012.

About this project

What is Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge?

     Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge (or EHSC) is an Action-Puzzle game in development by boredom’s products—an American independent video game developer that’s committed to creative exploration and promotion of young talent in the emerging indie gaming industry. The game stars a brother and sister who are taking part in the titular Japanese game show, which is an unusual contest wherein hugging technique is the showcase.

     Players will take on twelve unique “Hugtime Challenges,” played out as a randomly generated button prompt and timing sequence which changes in difficulty dynamically depending on player performance. The dynamic difficulty system will make the game fun and challenging for casual and hardcore players alike, and the random nature of the matchups and prompt sequences will keep each playthrough unique and every experience fresh.

     Anime fans and cartoon aficionados will love the cute and original aesthetic as well as the silly dialogue, and players will delight the opportunity to hug a police officer, a foreign dictator, their mom, and a robot all in one day!


  • 12 Hugtime Challenge stages generated randomly from a pool of 24 lovable characters.
  • An easy and fun interface familiar to fans of rhythm games and arcade fighters.
  • Dynamic difficulty which changes based on player performance, making the game easy to play but hard to master.
  • A cute art style inspired by elements of anime and western animation.
  • A cartoon entertainment experience packed inside an original Action-Puzzle game.
  • Endless hugs every day for the rest of your life!

Why Kickstarter?

     Our game is a labor of love by a group of independent artists. We are not a AAA studio with a multi-million dollar publishing deal. We’re a group of kids in our twenties with a dream of leaving our creative mark on the independent video games industry. Up until now, our project has survived by virtue of generous contributions from friends and family and self funding when we’re able. We’ve worked hard for about three years on art, writing, storyboarding, and design, but we’ve had a lot of trouble finding a programmer in our price range.

     Programming is a hard and time consuming job and we believe it should be compensated appropriately, but we simply don’t have the means on our own.

Our Goal

     This March, the great talents and promising up-and-comers of the game development industry will meet in San Francisco, CA for the 2012 Game Developers’ Conference. Indie developers and students are welcome at this event, and we’re hoping to find a young talent and give them the opportunity to join our team and launch their career with their first resume piece. With the help of the Kickstarter community, we can offer this new team member a fair compensation as we all pursue our shared artistic dreams of game design.

     Programming is one of the final steps we need to complete our three-year ambition to share this positive and original project with the gaming community, and your help can make this happen.


     The independent gaming community is a bright community with a deep pool of talent and innovation. We need your help to make our mark on this canvas. Your contribution will launch the career of a young programmer, bring the efforts of our artists, writers, and designers to life, and give millions of hugs to the entire world. Help us keep our dream alive, and we can share with you the immeasurable benefits of daily hugtime—to the extreme.



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    A full copy of the game for Windows PC, available as soon as it is 85% worthy of your hugging technique (that's Video Game for "Beta Access").

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    The opportunity to test the game once it is not an embarrassingly bad early draft. Not only is this early access, but your feedback will actually help us make the best game we can, and your name will appear in the credits as a tester.

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    A high-quality sketch of yourself done in the style of the game, huggably cute, as well as the previous reward tiers.

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    A coil-bound book about the project, including the game concept document, lots of concept art, and some behind-the-scenes stuff that we promise isn't boring. You also get all of the previous reward tiers.

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    A cameo in the game as a Hugtime Challenger, one of the many obstacles the player must overcome on their way to the title Houyou no Tetsujin, as well as the previous reward tiers.

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