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Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne is an expansion for the strategy game Legends of Callasia with a new playable faction: the Dwarves!
Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne is an expansion for the strategy game Legends of Callasia with a new playable faction: the Dwarves!
117 backers pledged $3,840 to help bring this project to life.

[Day 3] WE ARE FUNDED! Stretch goals?

Posted by Boomzap Entertainment (Creator)

In less than 48 hours, we have reached our funding goal and today, more pledges are still coming in! Thank you very much to all those who backed our project (especially the Uber Dwarf and the Legends) and spreading the word to your friends. 

Since the campaign is still far from over, we will be announcing some stretch goals soon. If you have any suggestions, hit us up on the comments section of our Kickstarter page, or talk to us directly on Twitch or Discord.

We are streaming daily at at 10PM Eastern Standard Time (10AM Singapore time). The dev team is also online and available to chat at 

Thank you as well for the press coverage we've been receiving: (If we missed any, let us know!)

Hope you'll all continue sharing our Kickstarter project. Backing now means you'll be getting the DLC (and the main game) at a discount!

Again, thank you very much!
-Legends of Callasia team

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    1. Overread on

      My thanks and good luck in getting more funding and getting to those stretch goals!

      Hope to see more! :)

    2. Boomzap Entertainment 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the suggestions, Overread! Those are great ideas and we'll see which of those we can implement.

    3. Overread on

      Congratulations on a fast funding!

      A few thoughts for stretch goals:

      1) Localised languages - an addition to the base game offering translation for different languages (Italian has already been requested in the comments on this KS)

      2) Map packs - additional maps to play on

      3) Map editor - user friendly map editor to allow users to make their own content - might be combined with custom campaigns as well (again more user created content support)

      4) More heroes for Cavespawn

      5) Cavespawn own campaign.

      6) Total War/Dawn of War Dark Crusade etc... style campaign map. Ergo a map of the world/region where players pick from territories to attack or defend. Each battle then having its own map to play the game out as normal.
      It could be a simple conquest of the world/objectives style or it could be some regions give an in-game bonus to the player.

      7) Lore and concept art book - history, concept art, backgrounds to characters. This can be an optional ebook or could be built into the game itself as an in game encyclopaedia.

      8) Wandering boss monsters on maps - very powerful but with a high reward for killing; capable of taking and reverting territories back to neutral ownership; or camping on territories to withhold developed income (eg a powerful dragon that holds a town ransom).

      Of course in addition to, of course, the possibility of additional factions being added to the game.