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Boombotix Sync synchronizes music across multiple devices over a mobile network. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 7, 2013.

Boombotix Sync synchronizes music across multiple devices over a mobile network.

About this project

When Boombotix started, we built a product that enabled people to take music everywhere. As more of our friends adopted our speakers, they approached us wondering if they could connect more devices. There was no technology on the market that allowed us to sync on the fly... so we built it ourselves.   

Boombotix Sync is a mobile app that synchronizes music across multiple devices over a mobile network. This new technology unlocks the potential for peer-to-peer mobile surround sound and shared listening. Whether you're orchestrating a mobile flash mob or riding on the bus with a friend discretely jamming out on your headphones, this app enables us to enjoy music together wirelessly no matter where we are.  

We envisioned a system where we could stay connected with the freedom of our mobile networks. 

For each user to connect, you will have to download Boombotix Sync to your iOS device. In DJ Mode, you can stream to other users that are listening to your channel. Each device must be connected to a network (WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE).  


There are 4 modes built into this app. DJ Mode, Listen Mode, Nearby DJs, and Invisible mode. When you start the app and login, you will by default start in DJ Mode. Other modes can be accessed in the list view from the upper left hand corner of the screen. 


In DJ Mode, you are creating a playlist to stream to your listeners. You can add songs in the lower right hand corner. We currently have this app setup to pull songs from Soundcloud (you will need to have a Soundcloud account). We plan on adding more sources later on. 

Once you have your playlist assembled, it's time to add some friends to the party. In the lower left hand corner, you will see an icon to invite friends to your channel. 


If you don't want the pressure of being the DJ, you can still add to the party experience as a listener. In Listen Mode, you can sync up with any DJ and get a live stream on your device. 

In Listen Mode, you can also adjust the volume on your local device, stop playback, and invite other friends to join the session. 


This is the most intuitive way to connect to other DJ channels by proxy. This screen will show you the distance of other DJs so that you can join their channel. 

If you have any problems with synchronizing your devices, check out the troubleshooting guide


We got this app to work purely on 4G between two iPhone's out in the wilderness. When we get to production, we hope to handle many more devices on the mobile network, but in case you have any doubts, here goes: 

's video poster

 This video we made earlier this year getting the initial sync going on locally stored content. Each device had to have the same track in local storage so this was not the ideal solution we wanted for the app, but it was a good start. 

Riding with friends is always more fun when we're on the same wavelength. This app will enable you to sync up with your friends and enjoy surround sound on the fly when used with our speakers. This app works great for orchestrating group rides biking, skiing/boarding, or the proper summer float down the river. 

DJism is a the new phenomenon hitting playlists on mobile devices everywhere. With Boombotix Sync, users can set up mobile surround sound using any combination of mobile devices and speakers in the park, at the beach, in the woods, or even at home.  

Together we push each other harder and go faster. Synchronic technology allows you to sync up your heart pounding beats during any work out.

Sync up with your friends and a bunch of speakers and you have the capability to organize a flash mob. Switch to headphones and you have a silent disco. Be bold.  

 Sharing headphones and earbuds can be a little bit nasty... who likes other people's earwax? Boombotix Sync enables us to share music with each other without having to split up our gear. Enjoy music together when you're riding the bus, train, or working together at the local coffee shop.  

Avoid routing wires and set up a multi-room system using this app. You can make your devices or your friends mimic what you do on your device. You could have your iPad running the living room audio while you are out on the patio dropping the same beats off your iPhone. This configuration can work on either 3G/4G/LTE or your local WiFi.  

This app provides an entirely new medium for musicians and aspiring press-play DJs to interact with their fans/guests from anywhere in the world. This technology makes a leap beyond traditional radio by enabling users to stream content in real-time no matter WHAT you are doing. 

Our team has been developing ultraportable audio products since 2009. We are a small crew out of San Francisco with a passion for phenomenal acoustics and industrial design optimized for life in motion. Our team spends the working day on engineering and branding and the weekends exploring the outdoors. 

From left to right, Lief Storer is the founder and inventor of the Sync technology. He works on UI design and manages workflow of the feature additions. Chris McKleroy is the product designer. He ensures that the hardware we build is maximized for compatibility with the software. Ben Radler is a full stack Ruby and iOS developer. He will be working on any of our in-house development as well as the support infrastructure on our website. Mustafa Shaikh is our VP of Sales and Marketing... on this one he will be helping us organize the biggest NYE party ever. Jim Crawford is the Sr. Operations Manager who will be ensuring that your backer rewards are delivered in a timely manner. Nick Willsher is our videographer that helped us put together this awesome video piece and our demo content. Chinmay Agarwal is the CTO and lead developer. Throughout this project, he will be managing our debugging process as well as building features for future iterations.  This collaboration provides a phenomenal dynamic to create technology that works amazing in real world applications.  

Last year we launched the Boombot REX on Kickstarter and we delivered a product with unmatched power to size ratio. This brought us one step closer to our dream of building the ultimate mobile audio experience. With our hardware in build, this next project bundles software that will truly enhance our user experience.  


Boombotix Sync is currently developed for iOS 6.0+ devices paired with any  audio accessory (all headphones, stereos, and speakers). We have aspirations to port this app into Android, but this will be a daunting task. The variations amongst handsets creates more variables to optimize the sync. We hope that if we can raise enough capital, we can support the development of the Android versions of this app to be compatible with existing iOS devices.

 This app will work with pretty much EVERY type of audio transmitting device. If you are using a cable or Bluetooth, the app will recognize this and compensate accordingly. It will work with non-Boombotix branded products.  

We know this one is going to be tough, but with enough support, we will be able to devote additional resources to make Boombotix SYNC work on Android devices. This is an app that is only improved when you can open up functionality with more handsets. Allow us at least 6 months to get this build done. Let's DO THIS!!!


There is a Free and Pro version of Boombotix Sync. With the free version, users can DJ for up to 10 minutes and listen for an unlimited period of time. With the Pro version, users can DJ for as long as they'd like. All backers in this campaign will receive access to the pro version of this app.  


  • Target Network Latency: <30ms
  • Content Source: Soundcloud, Spotify(coming soon)
  • Network Requirements: 4G/LTE/WiFi

 We have been working on this project all year long, and there is just a little more polishing up before we will have this app ready. We will be shipping out all of the rewards well before the holidays, so this is a great opportunity to pick up some great gifts and support the development project.  


At the end of the campaign, we will be sending out emails to all backers to take everyone's specific orders. As soon as we receive your order, we will ship your rewards. Delivery of the actual app will depend on final development requirements and approval from the app store. 

Our team has invested thousands of hours building this technology. This has been a project that we believe will shape the future of media sharing. With the support of the community, we can evolve this technology to be faster, more stable, and scalable for our friends. We have put together several rewards for our supporters to help enhance the acoustic experience. 

This New Year's Eve, we want you to participate in our worldwide DJ Session. Throughout the day, we will have guest DJs from all over the globe streaming their top tracks. Using the Boombotix App, you can jump in and come party with us no matter where you are. Invitation only.  

For just $5, you can be involved with helping us bring this app to market. We will pop bottles together as you enjoy the pro version of this app on all your devices. You will also get all the upgrades to the software as they become available.  

 This tee was designed by the founder of the company, Lief Storer. This tee was inspired by the way audio content streams in sync from the cloud. You get the coolest software and a tee that is living proof you helped create it.  

 The Boombot2 wireless speaker is based on Japanese urban vinyl toy design. This skull inspired character was the genesis of the Boombotix collective. This model has wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a built-on clip for easy transport.This speaker combined with our app is the start of your next party. Backers save $15 from the MSRP of $69.99.

 Some of you may recognize this guy from our campaign last year. Without Kickstarter, this product would not be a reality. We've bundled the Boombot REX with the Boombotix Sync App to bring this audio experience to the next level. Backers save $30 from the $129.99 MSRP. 

 The Boombot Arsenal Kit sets you up with everything you need to shred the way it was designed. For $150, you will get a custom Boombot REX, a tuffSKIN protective wrap, wall charger, and BarMount2.0.   

 This project has been run on the underground for over a year now. It was initially too expensive for us to tool, but now we are close to making them by hand in the US. We are using all audiophile grade components including a 60-Watt Class A/B amp. Includes an 8hr runtime and Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to disturb the piece, be one of the first 10 to get this piece. 

 This is the car that started it all. If it wasn't for this vehicle, Boombotix would have never gone where it has gone. This custom 2009 Subaru WRX wagon has 57k miles of adventure logged with not a single break down. It doesn't really get enough play in SF, so this weapon belongs in the hands of someone that wants to put the pedal to the metal. 

This has been custom painted matte gray with vinyl decals (removable upon request) Includes racks, rally lights and light bar, and HID lighting.  


Performance enhancements include Cobb Stage 1 tune with intake, exhaust, and full ECU reprogramming. OEM short shifter included

  • Zero to 60 mph: 4.5 sec 
  • Zero to 100 mph: 12.7 sec 
  • Transmission: 5sp/manual 
  • Power: 280hp @ 6200 
  • Engine:  turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve flat-4, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection


This model will be outfitted with a custom designed system by Boombotix including a 10" sub-woofer and full refitting of all internal audio components. Vehicle comes outfitted with acoustic insulation.

Please message if interested in any of the above prizes and have questions and or concerns. 

Q: Will you be releasing an Android or Windows version? 

A: We would like to, but this presents a much greater development dilemma. There are so many handsets to optimize for that it makes this expansion extremely resource intensive. If we can hit a $50k funding in this campaign, we will dedicate a significant chunk of the proceeds towards developing the Android version as a stretch goal. With our "tuning" feature we are building, this will be feasible.  

Q: Does this app work if I don't have a Boombotix speaker?

A: Yes. This app will work with all speakers and headphones. We have optimized it for use with Boombotix products, but we can verify that it will work with most portable audio products. 

Q: Do you have plans to offer more content providers?

A: Yes, however we do not want to violate any copyright issues with respect to our content. We have plans to add Spotify Premium eventually and possibly locally stored content too. In the meantime, you will have to set up playlists on your personal Soundcloud account.  

Q: Will this app work anywhere in the world? 

A: Yes. As long as you have access to data/cloud, you can use this app anywhere in the world. You can share your channel with people across the world too. 

Q: Will I get my backer reward before the Holidays? 

A: Yes. All merchandise being delivered for this campaign has already been produced (thanks to you guys!) We will be ready to ship all backer rewards at the conclusion of this campaign. You will get it before the holidays with plenty of time to wrap it.  

Risks and challenges

There are undoubtedly challenges that we face to make this app work. On mobile networks, we are challenged with compensating for network latency, limited bandwidth, and inconsistencies from one device to another. We have searched high and low for solutions to these problems for years, and only now do we feel confident that we can bring this technology to market.

We already know that our engineering works, but the question of the future is determining how well. In the upcoming months, we want to improve the consistency, stability and speed of this app. Ultimately, we want to aim for perfection, but in the near term, we already know we can build an app that will rock your world.

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