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Ruggedized industrial design meets groundbreaking audio engineering to create the first ultraportable 2.1 speaker system ever built.
Ruggedized industrial design meets groundbreaking audio engineering to create the first ultraportable 2.1 speaker system ever built.
1,423 backers pledged $129,906 to help bring this project to life.

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Sync your Boombot REX wirelessly


Hello backers! Over the past 6 months, you've kept asking, how do we sync multiple Boombots together wirelessly. Well, we have built the technology on in a mobile application level, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign on it today. Check it out:


If you are looking to set up a mobile surround sound system, the Boombotix app is amongst the first that enables you to set up a streaming audio network over wireless 4G/LTE networks. All you need are several friends with iOS devices and you can set up the most mobile surround sound system ever conceived.

This article covers some of the basic functionality of the Boombotix SYNC app. As we incorporate new features into the app or refine existing ones, we will keep this article updated to reflect the most recent product state. Let us know if you have any questions.

STARTING THE APP When you open the app, you will be asked to sign in using your Facebook account or email. Using the Facebook login will make inviting your friends to join your listening session (recommended).

APP MODES There are 4 basic modes built into this app. By default, you will start in the DJ Mode. Other modes can be accessed by hitting the list view in the upper left hand corner.

DJ MODE In DJ Mode, you are creating a channel to play to other Listeners. As the DJ, you will have full control over your channel’s playlist. This is where you should only play your best mixes. Why would you waste your time with anything else?

Start by selecting a song in the lower right hand corner. Currently, users can select from all songs in the Soundcloud ecosystem.

Once a song is selected, it will show up on the playlist. Select the track you want to play and allow up to 10 seconds for pairing to our servers.

During playback, you can invite friends in the lower left hand corner. You can invite friends via Facebook, or email.

LISTEN MODE If you don’t want the pressure of playing DJ, then you can still add to the party experience as a listener. In Listen Mode, you can sync up with a DJ to create a mobile surround sound system.

In Listen mode, you will be able to see the Playlist of the current DJ and receive a live stream of whatever the DJ is playing.

You can adjust the volume of your own device and change your source. You can also invite other friends to join the session.

NEARBY DJS This is the most intuitive way to connect with other DJs channels. This screen will show you all of the closest DJs using the app and their distance.

To sync up with any of these DJs, just tap on them and you will automatically mirror the audio coming from the DJ’s device. Please allow 5-10 seconds for sync.

Once you have joined a DJ’s session, you will by default go into listener mode. Add some friends here too. The more the merrier.

INVISIBLE MODE In this mode, the Boombotix app works just a simple intuitive music player. This is a good place to assemble your DJ list and get a listen before you start streaming to your buddies.

OTHER FEATURES AND SETTINGS The free version of the Boombotix App lets you DJ to one other device for up to 10 minutes or Listen for an unlimited amount of time to a DJ.

The Premium version allows you to connect up 10 devices with unlimited DJ time.

Single User mode enabled will allow you to login through several devices using one account. This mode will mirror all of the devices automatically in case you are using this app for personal use versus peer to peer.

TROUBLESHOOTING If the sync does not work perfectly immediately, try some of the following:

Check that the network you are on has strong signal and minimal latency. If using on a mobile network, ensure a strong connection and preferably an LTE network. Stop the playback on the Listening device and attempt to jump into the preferred DJ mode several times. Reset the clock to the server by shaking your device and hitting the reset button. You can also use the tuning feature in listen mode to try to bring closer to the DJ stream to achieve perfect SYNC. Kill the app and restart it. Have the DJ restart the track and sync with listeners simultaneously. For any additional support, please visit

Cheers, Chris

Wall Charger Disclaimer

So we see everyone is getting their Boombots in the mail now. Hundreds of boxes have shipped and most everyone with a white early backer Boombot REX received it before this weekend. 

Getting some confusion with the cables so here's to clarify. The wall charger comes with a mini USB which was fit for our original Boombot1/2 charging. In each Boombot REX box, it will have the appropriate micro-USB stashed below the speaker in the box.  

You may discard the mini-USB, or you can use it to charge your GoPro and put up a really awesome review!  

We have a crew working on shipping over the weekend. Monday is a holiday. We hope to be fully caught up on deliveries by next week. 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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We know you’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like eternity. THIS IS the week. The goods have already landed at our fulfillment center. The boxes are starting to flow out the door. We expect that most people's packages will arrive by the end of the week for all domestic orders. International orders should expect theirs towards next week. We will have tracking numbers on each order, but the back end of Kickstarter is not set up for delivery confirmation. We hope most of you can take your Boombot out this Memorial Day and give it the ride of it's life.  

We want to give a huge shout out to all of our backers on Kickstarter for helping make this project happen. We also want to give a big thank to Larry Marcus, our managing director for his strategic guidance. Thank you to John Zeisler for helping us get the bunt with Apple retail, and David Dolby for his acoustic design input. I’m really grateful for my friends and family that helped us get all this started too. Without further adieu, lets get into getting everyone “slappin’ da bass.”


The Boombot REX is incredibly easy to use, but you may find our Quick Start Guide helpful if you need additional guidance. There should be some juice in your Boombot to start, but most units will not come with a 100% full charge.


We’ve been using the Boombot REX for several months now and there are a couple areas we’d like to draw some attention to just to ensure you get the best performance and lifetime on your unit.

Be careful with the micro USB port

When you plug in the rear micro USB on the Boombot REX, do not try to push the connector too far. It might look like the connector is not in all the way, but if the green light is glowing on the speaker, the unit is accepting a charge. We are making some modifications to reinforce this connector, but we found that by being a little more ginger with this connector will increase the longevity of long term wear and tear. Should you have any issues with it, we are happy to offer our free repair/replacement.


With the current position of the Boombot REX buttons, the front grill can become warped if you try to use it for leverage to access the buttons. Try using the bezel around the grill for leverage instead and keep that grill looking fresh ‘n’ flat. This is just a cosmetic thing, but if your unit is looking old and haggard, you can freshen it up with custom grill kits.


We increased the spring tension on the clips to be slightly more badass. While this is awesome for getting crazy with your unit staying secured, we noticed that if you put your thumb positioned vertically, it puts a lot of tension on the clip loop. The clip loop can snap under too much tension. We are building reinforced clips which we are happy to ship out to anyone that has an issue with this in the field. This is primarily another cosmetic issue that will go unnoticed. The hole in the clip is a great place to add a fail-safe tie if you use this product while riding at high speeds. A shoestring or heavy duty rubber band make a great fail-safe.


We were inspired by a Chevy Silverado commercial to capture the essence of owning a Boombot REX. This isn’t JUST another speaker. This is a Boombot. Enjoy.

Customize your Boombot REX at our Launch Party

If anyone is around SF on June 7th, we are having our launch party at Dijital Fix in San Francisco. We will have a wide assortment of grills, clips, and connector covers for visitors to trick out their Boombot REX in their own unique way. Accessories will be FREE at the event (limit one set per visit, Boombot owners only).


Our first airmail of Boombot REX has nearly been wiped clean (especially in white and black colors). In the last month, we got higher than anticipated online orders. We are currently arranging a second airmail of product to keep up with the demand. We recommend getting ordering Boombot REX models from our online store to ensure most timely delivery. Backordered units will be taken care of in the order they are received with expected delivery of 2-3 weeks. We will do our best to keep up with the influx.

Thanks again for everyone’s continued patience and support. We appreciate everyone that has been spreading the good word. Whenever you get the chance, please let us know how your experience has been. While this is a fantastic milestone for the company, we know the best is yet to come. 

Let’s ride.

Announcing winner of the first Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker

Thank you so much to everyone that put in their entries.  It was really good reading all of the different use cases you guys had.  We are getting a small package of Boombot REX speakers via DHL Express tomorrow.

International backers, your products are enroute to Shipwire Hong Kong so you should be getting tracking numbers from them perhaps by end of next week.  

Everyone else sit tight and we will keep you informed on all of the logistics every step of the way.  We can't wait to get these to you.  


Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for your continued patience.  

Logistics Update- Chinese May Day Halts Certifications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- After pulling all of our strings with our logistics relationships, we were unable to expedite the certifications process for our Boombot REX delivery. We are all disappointed about our inability to get around the red tape of Chinese logistics. We ran into May Day which has put our certification on hold till MAY 10th.

As something to take note of, whenever you’re transporting goods out of China, talk to your freight forwarder MONTHS in advance and be sure that all certifications have been taken care of. We had the Boombot REX go through CE, FCC, ROHS, CTIA and many more. Even with that, this last UN38.3 one put a halt on our shipment in a very untimely manner. You can move product at smaller volumes without much restriction, but when you’re dealing with bulk shipments with batteries, there are different rules of engagement that need additional attention. Lesson learned.

As a day for the working people worldwide. I guess it’s kind of like Labor Day for China. It was established on May 1st in 1886. In China. They probably have BBQs and sip PBR in their own form.


So the good news is that we’re jumping the boat. Yup. No more 30-day chug across the Pacific Ocean. That’s RIGHT. We are putting these puppies on a jet and we are getting them out of China ASAP. Between pick-up, transit and customs, we could see product stateside as soon as MAY 16-18th window. The White REX early backers will have their Boombot REX and wall charger delivered to them with first priority. We will have some units at our SF studio if anyone wants to come in and grab one by hand. You can come party with us at Bay to Breakers Block Party and it will be all good.

We have ONE lucky unit coming over via DHL Express for our favorite Kickstarter backer. Leave a comment on why you deserve the best portable speaker and what you will use it for and we’ll send you your Boombot REX. Be the FIRST. We will pick a winner this Friday. Enter the contest HERE.

Thank you all for your patience and we hope that we’ve been doing a good job keeping you updated and in the loop on our startup woes.

Yours Truly,

Frustrated Boombotix Team