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James Ward, Lenard Lakofka, Johnn Four and many more share some of their pro tips on how to create your first fantasy RPG adventure!
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1-5-2019-JAMES WARD RULES!!!!!

Posted by Matthew A. Bogdan (Creator)

Aloha, fellow members!

One of my all-time favorite homies of all time is now writing his excerpt for this project.

JAMES WARD! Note: It is ALL my fault for the lateness. THIS PROJECT IS LATE and will BE late, so I am happily issuing REFUNDS THIS FINE WEEKEND! : )

Please let me know asap, please. I still need to finish a part 7 of 7 adventure thing. This is also the part 11 of 11 in another thing. Once that is done things will flow much easier. I am currently thinking of a post holiday care package for you to prove my work and hopefully will show you the wait will be worth it. I have not decided on that just yet, but again, IF YOU WOULD LIKE A REFUND, I WILL BE MORE THAN THRILLED TO DELIVER! If not, Great! I have only had to issue ONE refund in this entire self-publishing time, so there will be NO HATE on my part - just understanding! Just know, this, as well as other projects MIGHT be retired and things done to the pirated digital pdfs so everything is fair for daily bread and that sort of thing.

I Sincerely hope you will wait for this, though, but if not, COOL. Let me know! :)

Your pal,

Matty! :)

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    1. Matthew A. Bogdan 6-time creator on

      Thank you VERY much, Rob. I appreciate that. I still sometimes feel bad about it even though it is almost a semi-universal understanding. I greatly appreciate your understanding. Perhaps we newer creators may also have a subconscious FEAR of losing a few investors due to something taking even a month too long. I confess I am an impatient person, BUT as a buyer of fine goods on ks I TOO understand the creative process. I have to admit it IS a true learning experience that I am taking to heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! : )

    2. Rob Lannan on

      I invest realizing it was just an estimated date of completion, so no issue here. Always best to do it right the first, then rush. :) Looking forward to reading it.

    3. Matthew A. Bogdan 6-time creator on

      Andreas and Jack, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You have no idea how much that means to me. Doing a good job IS the most important thing and I again apologize for this lateness. I Swear it was not planned and I am TRULY extremely grateful to be blessed with wonderful and understanding backers such as you and others. I am VERY GRATEFUL! I wish you all a great rest of your weekend and I will be back VERY soon with more Rick Hershey stuff, Dark Naga Watson stuff and Jim Ward stuff!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!! :) LOVE.

    4. Jack Noron

      I am in that line waiting as well. Still have about over9000 others adventures to read and try, so no rush there. I believe, once it is the right time, it will be delivered :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loeckher

      I will wait
      I am looking forward to the result