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Sarah Palin, I started interviewing Sarah Palin impersonators in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Films turned into hundreds of pages for books Read more

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Sarah Palin, I started interviewing Sarah Palin impersonators in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Films turned into hundreds of pages for books

About this project

Sarah Palin impersonators sing together. United we play by creating political humor better than Saturday Night Live, HBO, and live comedy on Sunset Boulevard and New York's Broadway. Earn credit by supporting our project as we create the DVDs, photography, and film scrips that walk hand-in-hand with this comedy. 

Seeking Sarah Palin Impersonators since the Summer of 2008. 

Tina Fey played Sarah Palin for SNL, Julianne Moore stars in HBO's movie, Julia Louis Dreyfus revisits Palin in the comedy sitcom Veep, and Kathy Griffin took Sarah to Glee and Broadway in New York City. But there are thousands of Sarah Palin impersonators. I collect their stories. From Hollywood to Las Vegas, San Francisco's SFO to Los Angeles LAX, I take pictures with Sarah Palin outside of Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio wine country near Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and then drive down the coast to Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Sarah Palin impersonators find me online when they arrive back from Baghdad, Iraq, Manhattan, New York City, and Chicago: Actresses, male models, showgirls, Las Vegas burlesque queens at the casino nightclubs. People like dressing up as Sarah Palin. I interview their impersonation.

Join me as I create books with the footage I have collected from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to Las Vegas, Nevada. Male and female impersonators from Charlie Chaplin's studio in West Hollywood to surfers posing with our Sarah Palin by the boardwalk of Venice Beach, Santa Monica and UCLA's Westwood near Beverly Hills, California.

Material includes: Footage dealing with advertising, film screenplays in Hollywood, the demand for Sarah Palin material in Hollywood and Las Vegas as well as video interviews at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood where the first Oscar awards ceremony began. Marilyn Monroe's ghost haunts the halls in the famous hotel, but at the party we were invited to all the actresses seeking work with film producers were dressed as Sarah Palin with wigs, red dresses, toy wolves pinned to their collars, and toy rifles carried over their shoulders. Las Vegas nightclubs put on Sarah Palin contests. Winners won a trip to Washington D.C. to see Obama become President of the United States after George Bush left office. I captured all the fun with my video camera and wrote about the events at night until sun rise.

History Timeline 

Sarah Palin visited Sedona, Arizona. McCain asked her to be Vice President. I went to Sedona to interview folks. By September 2008, Halloween costume shops sold Sarah Palin wigs, glasses, and red dresses. Soon Sarah Palin impersonators arrived with Tina Fey. Vegas clubs held Sarah Palin costume contests. Sarah Palin impersonators were in demand, I started filming, writing, and interviewing Palin doubles. U.S. soldiers from Iraq came back, dressed as Sarah, and called me. Fashion models wanted to be in books on Sarah Palin. Saturday and Sunday, Halloween weekend, October 31, 2008, I covered Sarah Palin events in Las Vegas and Hollywood, California.


The money is for the books. 

In the future, I need to create the DVD with the dozens of video interviews collected while traveling to meet Sarah Palin impersonators. Maybe next arrange the hundreds of photographs into a book, but publishing the chapters for 4 Sarah Palin books is the most expensive priority I need funding for to finish this project. 

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    Free Sarah Palin Impersonators ebook sent as a PDF.

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    The previous reward, plus a full color ebook sent as a PDF art book with photographs of the Sarah Palin impersonators taken since 2008. The models are female and male models including a soldier who asked to be in the book after serving overseas in Baghdad, Iraq.

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    The previous reward, plus the book, Sarah Palin in Hollywood. This hard copy book includes black and white photographs of the Sarah Palin impersonators inside.

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    The previous reward, plus a second book on How to Write a Sarah Palin Screenplay. This is a book on how to write screenplays taken from the instruction of film producers, story board artists, and casting directors on the lot in West Hollywood as well as an Emmy award winning screenplay writer with a great background on how to create characters, excellent plots, and moving dialogue that keeps readers reading. By the time you finish this book, you will be writing your own film script.

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    The previous reward, plus a novel about Sarah Palin that takes place at Tea Party events in Nevada, Florida, and California. The book is fiction, but it comes in handy when learning about adaptation. Adaptation is when a writer turns a screenplay into a novel - Or a novel into a screenplay. After seeing Sarah Palin in Searchlight, Nevada during a sand storm where a few people went missing from their group, Palin's circumstances stimulated the novel into a mystery that takes place at Tea Party events like the Express I witnessed in Searchlight, Nevada, which happens to be the vintage mining town that gave birth to Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader in Washington D.C.

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    The previous reward, plus a screenplay based on the Palin novel. My good friend has won an Emmy award for his contributions in Hollywood, California. He now teaches film. We met for lunch and he is offering to doctor my screenplay adaptation on Sarah Palin's novel for $900. Usually his fees as a script doctor are between $1000 and $1500. Hollywood is a business. Treat it professionally. Filmmakers reject hundreds of screenplays each day. Sometimes thousands per eight hour day. Most producers hand over their scripts to a reading assistant. Their assistants are paid to read and reject screenplays every minute. Script doctors edit, rewrite, polish a screenplay until the script is perfect to be presented to a film producer.

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    The previous reward plus an X-Large white T-shirt with the three romantic words written in red, "OBAMA LOVES SARAH".

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