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Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
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Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 20 2013 8:00 PM UTC +00:00

Project Goal & Bosses (Please share!)


Project Goal

Hey everyone! A HUGE thank you to all of the new backers that have joined in the last few days and as always, thanks to everyone that has continued support for the project!

Unfortunately, we have seen a few people dropping off this week as they are concerned about the project NOT hitting it's goal. It's crucial that if you support the project that you do not cancel your pledge if you are worried about us not making the goal. You will not be charged anything UNLESS the project hits it's target. That is one of the best things about Kickstarter!

A few people have asked "What will you do if you don't make the goal?" Well to be honest, we are not 100% sure. There will be at least a couple of options for us if that situation arises:

A) We re-scope the game, reduce the initial number of platforms, moderately lower our funding goal, create a new campaign, and re-launch early next year.

B) We re-launch the campaign for PC, MAC, Linux, and possibly iOS & Android to create an HD-Remake of the original with a significantly lower funding goal, with consoles, and additional features being stretch goals.

We would love to hear your feedback regarding either option. Obviously, we want to stay positive and focus on the current campaign, but we still have a long ways to go. That being said, we want to be honest and open with everyone and hear what you think. 

OKAY, now for something a bit more fun! Let's talk about bosses!


A little known fact about Boogerman... When we were designing the original character, we had no idea what we wanted outside of a gross superhero. During this time, the artists and animators were creating concept after concept, each one getting shot down for one reason or another. Legs were too long, not enough teeth, too skinny, too ugly, TOO GROSS! 

Once we finally settled on the existing Boogerman design, the time came to create the bosses. One afternoon while looking at the new concepts, we came to the realization that we had been designing the bosses the entire time! Characters like Hickboy, Flyboy, Deodor-Ant, Revolta, and Booger Meister, all started as ideas for Boogerman himself! 

So today, let's take a look at Hickboy and Bawk. These two are the end boss of the Flatulent Swamp levels. Some fun things about the character:

  • We have always been fans of Jim Henson and all things Muppets, especially the GIANT muppets like Sweetums & the chickens from the Muppet Show. You can see some similarities in Hickboy and Bawk for sure.
  • Hickboy had a few attacks that utilized his buddy Bawk; the Chicken Club, the Chicken-errang, and the egg-shots! Egg-xellent!
  • The original design for Boogerman 2 had Hickboy returning as a Colonel in Booger Mesiter's army, complete with an army of chickens featuring egg-mortars, and a brand new crop-duster bi-plane. Get it, the Colonel... chickens... a crop-duster. :|

Hickboy turned out to be pretty much the hardest boss of the entire game according to most people. We tend to agree. We apologize. The key is to NOT PANIC! The video below shows the perfect play through. (This guy has mad-skillz)

Thanks again everyone! We'll see you soon!

Chris & Mike!

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    1. Missing avatar

      vicr on

      I think the HD remake of the original is the safer path if this campaign doesn't meet the goal, especially if it can be released on Steam and iOS to recoup costs.

      Awesome details about the bosses. (And yeah, Hickboy was a challenge the first time through).

    2. James Smith on

      I say as long as you guys are determined and don't give up, this game will get done.

      As everyone else stated, I think the Wii U is you best bet if this Kickstarter doesn't pull through and just needs a solo console release. It needs some support.

    3. Jesse R. Wind on

      Please my fellow backers, don't cancel your pledges. I wish I could give more, but even if I could I can't do it alone!

    4. Johnny Vila on

      Great update, Hickboy is great! :D

      If the campaign does not reach the expected value, I'd like it to be relaunched on Kickstarter very soon, with a smaller goal (and scope as well), because we eagerly await the return of our very dear Boogerman.

    5. Antonio Ortiz on

      First of all, I want to say you my fellow backers that even when we are talking about the future options/relaunch etc, we shouldn´t give up and we should still try to bring as many people as possible; 17 days are still two weeks where everything could happen.

      But I can´t say anything else after all things has been said before: I think this Kickstarter has been more focused in people that know about the good ol´ Boogerman, but it hasn´t a good introduction for new people.

      I have seen something similar before, like Shantae´s Kickstarter; at first I thought: It was a game that I didn´t know anything about it, even existing in 2000. At first I thought "hm, looks interesting, but like another plataform game". After I knew more about the features of the game (transformations, gameplay resembling Demon´s crest, etc) I finally back it.

      This game has some of the best features that I have ever seen in a while (for example the world map, it would be great for a game like this). If I were Toyghost, I would make some mockups (like Mighty 9 did it before) of the new features, for example how would be the fart-copter gameplay, the non-linear gameplaying, etc. just to show about the new game ideas.

      About the gaming plataforms..I think it could be great for pc and Wiiu, and maybe later add the other plataforms as stretch goal.

      I would remove the cutscenes-dialogues...I would love to hear Boogerman telling stuff,but I know that´s pretty expensive. If Boogerman keep his expressions of the original, and you add just text, it would be fine in my opinion : )

      And finally...I think a remake isn´t a bad idea, because I think it won´t be the same after all (surely some mechanics are polished) and it would be great as start point. For example Shantae added more chapters, chars and quest as stretch goals. We could have the vanilla Boogerman version (still better than no Boogerman) and put some of the new and expensive features as stretch goals.

      And as I said a bazillion times, keep spreading the word!

    6. Missing avatar

      Cody Rager on

      1) I know you are trying hard to get interest going, but I think that's still your biggest hurdle. Without sites like joystiq, kotaku, or IGN covering the reboot with a lot of fanfare, it will likely fly under the radar. I have yet to speak to anybody who has heard about the game from a website. Everyone has heard it through word of mouth. Knowing that, have you considered trying to do an AMA on Reddit to raise awareness? I know a lot of people would be interested in hearing what it was like working in the "golden age" of video games, how the design process has changed from then to now, what new challenges you face when making a game, etc... Reddit is a great place for exposure so long as you are willing to put the work in to do the AMA correctly. I've had an AMA I facilitated go to the front page before, so I'd be more than happy to help you with some of the etiquette and setup if you'd like.

      2) Create a lower tier pledge for the EWJ co-op and extra levels. Ideally, you want this to hit somewhere around the $20-$25 mark at most since the game is only $15. I think you would see an increase in support by doing that, and you'd also likely get a lot of backers (like myself) to increase their pledge by offering it at a reasonable increase for those who do not want a shirt.

      3) Put more of an emphasis on the kickstarter page letting people know that this is an entirely new game, not just a remake of the old one. "20th anniversary" indicates to me, and by the comments to other people as well, that you're just remaking the old game. That's something that has been done 1000 times over by various companies, and they didn't require kickstarter sponsorship. Your emphasis needs to be more on the fact that this is a great game with a lot of nostalgic value, and that there are very few good platformers like this now. You're offering something to the market that is unique and will introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the characters we all grew up coming to love. I'd also emphasize an importance on the game being challenging, instead of walking you through to victory like so many games do now. If you do that, word of mouth may increase.

      4) I'd still consider the option of dropping Xbox One and PS4 support if they are adding a significant cost. From a quick polling of the comments across all the posts, the only consoles I hear mentioned from backers are PC, Linux, and WiiU. You indicated in your update yesterday that WiiU is the most feasible outside of PC and Linux to build on. At that point, it may be worth while to restart the campaign with a lower goal catering to just those three systems.

      Again though, these are just suggestions from somebody who has no knowledge of your inner-workings. You may have already thought of all of these and have a good reason why they can't be done. Hopefully though some of the suggestions prove to be useful.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shaun Kidd on

      Both options sound great to me - i think you should poll which platformns are the most popular and scale things down to focus on the winner.

    8. Edwin García on

      I got Boogerman on the Genesis and absolutely loved it so I would really like to see this project happen.
      My sister also played it but we had to take turns since it was a single player game.
      That's why I immediately raised my pledge the moment I saw co-op mode featuring Earthworm Jim!
      Also, I prefer an HD reboot instead of just a remake.
      Additionally, the main reason I pledged was because of the Wii U support.
      Having said that, if the campaign has to be launched again, you can count me in.

    9. Missing avatar

      Zakseler on

      For me B is the best option.

    10. Johann Harding on

      Maybe you could try to show an animated example of what the game will look like or a prototype of the game to increase your chances.

    11. Patrick Perusse on

      I really want this game to be funded. It has been an important game of my childhood and I was so happy to see this on kickstarter. Sadly, each time I look at the pledges, it is still so far from the goal. Let's go everyone and let's share this project to as many people as we can!

    12. Johann Harding on

      Oh yeah! Wii U! I almost only pledged for Wii U games on kickstarter! Share it on your Facebook. Draw boogerman on Wii U MiiVerse! Spread the word! Don't panic now! =P

    13. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Hey everyone!

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Just to be clear, I was only presenting possible options. I agree that doing a straight re-skin would not be the right way to go. To be honest, it's not something that we want to do.

      PLUS, you can already buy the original on the Wii Virtual Console. :)

      As for platforms, the Wii U is the most feasible for us outside of the PC, MAC, & Linux, so you could expect Wii U support.

      Making EWJ more prominent could be a challenge licensing wise as he is mainly a special guest star in this game.

      @Camjo, just for that, Deodor-Ant is next! :)

      Thanks everyone, and obviously we want to make as great of a game as possible. So let's try and make this happen!

      Chris & Mike!

    14. Rodolink on

      I dont like the idea of an HD remake, we have lots of remakes in the market, a new adventure is more attractive. And I think a PC/Linux starting option is better, I know the costs of development for the Unity Licenses of the other platforms. So stick to 1 platform and reduce costs.

      Also I think maybe there are not too many people who liked the original, or they changed taste as they grew up which is the reason why we don't have lots of backers. A good marketing campaign is needed u_u or better punch lines :/

    15. Chloe Stars on

      Only reason I pledged in the first place was because you had a Wii U option available. If you do relaunch and that isn't an option please don't expect my support.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cody Rager on

      *but definitely don't just reskin the original. Take the time, make a new game, and do this correctly.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cody Rager on

      I think a lot of people are misunderstanding what they are saying for B (or else I am). If they go for option B, it would just be a reskin of the original. What they are trying to do through this kickstarter is to make a new game, not a HD reskin. If they go for the option of just reskinning the original, at that point I think I'd rather just save my money for another project.

      My suggestion would be to drop support for Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. Create the new game exclusively for PC/Linux. I honestly don't know how well the game would fair on Xbox One/PS4 since most of those people are looking for games that show off their graphics power. Wii U might fair a bit better since most Wii U owners are into gameplay and fun, not graphics necessarily. However, if it helps to reduce the initial cost I'd say start simple without compromising the game. Go for PC/Linux, use your steam greenlight, and capitalize off of that audience. It's a great way to get the ball rolling and also a good way to get word of mouth going.

    18. Cameron Perry on

      Interesting factoid about the bosses! He's an amusing character but I'm glad we didn't get Deodor-Ant: A TAKE THIS TAKE THAT AND SOME FOR YOUR OLD MAN Adventure.

      Regarding the campaign relaunch, personally I would rather have a new game than an HD remake. I've already beaten the original before. I'd still back it, though!

      In general, I feel the main problem with this campaign is that the original game is known more for being a gag product of the 90's than a decent platformer. Thus, this Kickstarter has been generally viewed as purely nostalgia-fueled, with its own merits not being considered. I have no idea whether these are feasible or not, but should the Kickstarter fail to meet its goal, here are a few things I would consider in a relaunch:

      • A new title - "Boogerman 20th Anniversary" is nice but it doesn't really suggest that this is a new game.

      • EWJ co-op being more prominently showcased - Jim, having had numerous games and his own TV series, is unsurprisingly more popular than Boogerman. Presenting him as an important main feature of the game would likely bring in a lot more backers than locking him behind the $40 tier as an add-on.

      • Mock-up footage/images - Concept art is cool, but people like to see something concrete. Having some shots/video of the game definitely couldn't hurt.

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Perry on

      The only thing is that with B, would you make the same improvements, design changes etc?

    20. thetate on

      I agree that starting on pc with a much smaller goal and having awesome stretch goal would be the way to go. I will back again if you guys start another project.

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Perry on

      I'm an option B guy, if it comes to it. I don't feel like a lot of backers would be shut out by starting on PC - it's not going to be a performance hog right? A successful PC launch could fund future ports too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Santos Ferreira Alves on

      On my humble opinion, I would say to focus on Windows, Mac and Linux as they are (probably) the closest. And maybe make Earthworm Jim cheaper for bakers?