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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 20 2013 8:00 PM UTC +00:00
Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
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Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
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pledged of $375,000pledged of $375,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 20 2013 8:00 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. David Bruno on

      I'm with Rodolink. I'm also a little confused after backing for the early bird digital and seeing the EWJ/Boogerman Co-op mode at the $40 tier level. Is this still only available to those who back at the $40 level?

    2. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      @Antonio Wii U is definitely one of our platforms!

    3. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on


      Interplay owns the rights to both Boogerman & Jim. When we 1st started talking about co-op, we approached them regarding Jim. Being as they were both in Clayfighter 63 1/3, we thought it would be a good fit! Fortunately Interplay agreed! :) It's not much different than the way things work in something like Super Smash Brothers or Marvel VS Capcom. We are incredibly excited and honored to even have the chance to include Jim and we intend to treat the character and the franchise with the utmost respect! We are HUGE fans to say the least of the original games and that team!

    4. Antonio Garcia

      That's great news!

      For all the EWJ/Doug TenNapel fans, don't forget to back Vol. 2 of Doug's Sketch book!

      You can even get an original EWJ straigh from Doug!

      Playing as Jim should be fun, and I hope this gets released on Wii U as well.

    5. Jesse R. Wind on

      How did you get Earthworm Jim in the game? Did you have to get a hold of Doug TenNapel or where there other people? J/w as a big fan of Boogerman & Doug TenNapel/Earthworm Jim. This is an amazing announcement & I hope it will get even more fans excited for this Kickstarter!

    6. Aleksey Romashin on

      thats totally unfair

    7. Missing avatar

      Dirk Mueller on

      Damn, this really has to happen. I'd love to play this game in co-op on Wii U. I already pledged more than I usually do and I'll try to convince all my friends to back this project, too.

    8. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Thanks for all the great feedback and comments today!

      In regards to the co-op being online or local co-op... We are shooting for local co-op 1st, as a game like this is an entirely new can of worms when it comes to online, especially across 7 platforms.

      That being said we absolutely will be supporting cross-controller play between the Vita and PS4. We will also be supporting the Wii U and the 2nd screen on the Wii U control pad for local co-op.

      Now, could online be a stretch goal? That is absolutely possible. However, we are still quite a ways off from our base goal.

      We are trying to deliver as much interesting content on as many platforms as possible and if you compare our target goal to similar games on Kickstarter you will most likely see co-op or online not at all, or way down the list of stretch goals.

      It is also key to us to be able to deliver to you what we promise, and not over promise and be unable to fulfill said promises.

      We hope everyone understands our commitment to making a great game, first and foremost.

      Thanks again for the continued support!

      Chris & Mike!

    9. Antonio Ortiz on

      @Joseph Good question; after I see that Spelunky has a offline coop mode only I get a little disappointed : s I hope that the in this case, it would be a online coop (I think it would, becuase that could explain the increment of price-DLC idea )

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph Alfaro on

      I don't know if the wording was different or if people assumed that MP was only allowed for backers (and future pricing?) at the $40 tier, but I like the idea of this CO-OP mode.

      I just hope it's online and not just local... and that it gets funded.

    11. James Smith on

      Boogerman AND Earthworm Jim?! This campaign just keeps getting better!!

      Guys, I'm begging you, even if this Kickstarter doesn't work out, PLEASE find some other way...

    12. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      @Jose, it is complete without the MP and EWJ. We are simply adding this additional content. They will be add-ons for anyone who got in on the FULL normal game. :)

    13. Jose De La Mora on

      I'm not a fan of paying for something only to discover it's not gonna be "complete" at the price I pledged. Would not have pledged at all if I knew this upfront.

    14. Alex Lukyanovich on

      I will make fan art including Jim and Boogerman soon. I hope this will help to spread the word.

    15. Antonio Ortiz on

      @Alex he got shaved for the moment xD

    16. Antonio Ortiz on

      Awesome to know that : )! I hope we´ll get the goal soon (some games needed even two weeks or almost the entire month, like Shantae, Armikrog, etc) so we need to keep spreading the word, we should bring more gameplay videos of Boogerman to the newer audience and I just hope we could do that soon.

      Sometimes people missed the first week of one of its favorite games, because that´s the problem of Kickstarter, lot of projects and sometimes you even miss them because you didn´t even know about its existence (for example, I come because some fellow post a comment about in Shantae´s Kickstarter)

      Share, tweet, every word works!

    17. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      @Alex, We forced him to clean up a bit for the picture. It's the least he could do. :)

    18. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Hey everyone!

      Thank you for all of the feedback, and I am sorry if we have caused any confusion. That was definitely NOT our intention. Managing the Kickstarter campaign is definitely challenging and sometimes it is easy for certain things to get lost or not communicated properly.

      SO, if the project get's funded, we will DEFINITELY be adding all of these things as additional add-ons. SO, if you don't want the shirt and you only want the co-op mode and EWJ, we will let you add only those things and it WILL end up cheaper than then $40 tier.

      The biggest challenge with the reward tiers is once they have a single pledge, they cannot be changed or removed. So we simply added the $40 tier in order to keep them down to a manageable number.

      So just to be clear, IF you want the co-op add-on, EWJ, AND The Shirt choose the $40 tier. If you don't want all of that, simply wait to see if we reach our goal and then choose the add-ons that you want. We don't want to force any unwanted rewards on anyone.

      In regards to EWJ and the co-op mode, this will be costing us more money, however we cannot raise the target goal, nor do we want to. We feel that with the number of platforms we are supporting and with these new add-ons that the $375k goal is quite reasonable, and hopefully we could hit above that target. The last thing we want to do is offer something that we cannot deliver on.

      Please continue the feedback, we are always reading and we want to make things as simple and clear as possible for everyone.

      Also, you can contact me directly through Kickstarter or at Ctremmel@Toyghost at any time. I'm always around.

      Thanks for your continued support and again, we apologize for any confusion.


      Chris & Mike!

    19. Antonio Ortiz on

      @Excoriase you really made a point. This is my 4th kickstarter backed so far (first Armikrog, later Awesomenauts and later Shantae).

      Being unemployed.(and european= crisis) .is really hard for me to keep backing but the sad part, they are so many really nice projects that people can´t back every of them! I would really love to see this project come (I´m making the sacrifice of not pledge for Tennapel Sketch archives)

      Like I said before, I think the idea of a coop mode (even without Jim) could be NEAT and bring lot of people. We still have plenty of days, and your required budget is really nice.

      (But I´m really afraid that the game won´t reach to the goal,like Mutant League or General Chaos : s)

      The 40 $ is really nice, lot of stuff and wow, if I could, I would even pledge for the green cartridge (my Megadrive would really love that xD)

      But like Armikrog suffer (it reach to the end in the two last days) the addon option could be great.

      I would really pay more for the coop mode, and even for Jim, but I cant afford for the artbook,forum,and a T-shirt that probably need additional fee for Europe : s

      I think this game has really potential, and these ideas were really necessary for the original game, so give us more payment options : )! More ways of pledge-support = more people coming to do it!

      P.S Maybe I didn´t get to the point, but well, I can´t stop thinking how the fuck could I bring 40$ without assault a bank xD

    20. Alex Lukyanovich on

      BTW Boogerman's face just lost it's bristle on this picture.

    21. Antonio Ortiz on

      @Mike and Chris I´ve just think about if you would considerer to put addons for backers, so for example, backers that have pledged 12-15$ could put more money for a "coop mode" (without Jim, for example) instead get the artwork book, forum access etc.

      (I would love to pledge 40$ for some coop action but really hard being unemployed at the moment : s)

      (But I could still put 5-10$ for an addon : )

      What do you think guys?

      @Every Boogerman fan. We should get into the original Boogerman and make some kind of gameplay-let´s play session so people could say "wow, that game is Boogerman? And it will be remastered?"

    22. Missing avatar

      Paulo Teixeira on

      I'm going to have to agree with some people about paying extra for Earthworm Jim. Including it in the game without paying extra could get more people to pledge. This decision really needs to be re-evaluated.

    23. Rodolink on

      bad idea, just let coop be available for all tiers! t shirt can remain on the $40 tier but please coop w/ earthworm jim!

    24. eXoScoriae on

      Ya, I am a bit curious as to how you guys got Earthworm Jim, when the creator has zero license to use him. I honestly can't tell who has the rights anymore. Shiny bought them from TenNapel, then shiny went defunct and merged into Double Helix... meanwhile Interplay is licensing EWJ while Atari claims to have mobile rights. How confusing.

      More importantly, I am right on board with Cody & Antonio. If you guys are going to offer an early bird tier to reward backers who got on board from the start, but then tell us that in order to get this new mode we have to add $28 bucks... well... no thanks. I mean, it's not much better for everyone else. They are paying $15 for a full game, and then being asked to bump it another $25 for a co-op mode.

      Whats really dumb about this is that tier comes with a t-shirt. I don't want to pay for a t-shirt... I want to pay for a game. While I find nostalgia in messing around with an updated boogerman, I'm not going to walk around town with that on my clothes. Fart & fecal jokes have their place. My torso is not one of them.

      I get where this is going. You guys have almost 500 people at your early bird level. If all of them bumped to this tier it would add $14,000 to your tally. Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, that would still be far below the final tally.

      Usually when a KS is floundering at low funding levels there are obvious reasons. Mutant League and many others i have seen came out of the gate flawed, and just never recuperated. In this case, i think you guys came out with a solid pitch. And the funding goal is reasonable. I think what is really affecting you is kickstarter burnout.

      There are just too many people who have hundreds of dollars tied up in games that are primarily overdue, with some admitting to being out of money with no final version in site (I'm looking at you Clang!).

      I believe this was the same problem that plagued the General Chaos II kickstarter. There is obviously a market for these remakes, as the Duck Tales, Rocket Raccoon, Bionic Commando, and Sonic remakes have proven.... but that market tends to be the XB Live and PSN marketplaces. While you guys are obviously offering a multitude of platforms here, KS is predominately frequented by PC gamers... a majority of which have been supporting kickstarters for nearly 2 years now with very little to show for it.

      Where-as in the past I wouldn't hesitate to jump in at a tier in the few hundred dollar range, I now find myself sticking to an early bird tier for fear of tying up even more funds in games that won't be released for year(s).

      If you guys are able to scratch together the funding and get the game out there - people will buy it. And then word of mouth will increase sales. Unfortunately, I don't think kickstarter is a very hospitable place currently for any game that isn't an automatic success, and even then, kickstarter tends to skew towards adventure games over platformers (just an observation, I'm not saying I agree with this).

      I wish you guys the best of luck, and I hope my comment is taken as a jab at your project. I'm just relaying my own experience over the past 2 years on this site, and the recent trends behind the rash of failed kickstarters lately.

      If you can buck the trend, then more power to you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Shaun Kidd on

      40 is a bit steep, particularly if your not in the us and don't want a t-shirt!

    26. James Netzer on

      Earthworm Jim only available for the $40 tier. That is a huge bummer.

    27. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      As for the rights to EWJ, we are working closely with Interplay on this and they are fully supportive of him appearing as a guest star! :)

    28. Sam Davis on

      so i have to pay another $28 to get access to co-op?
      or will there be an option to get it later on as a dlc add on?

    29. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Hey guys!

      Thanks for the feedback. :)

      The earlybird tier is exactly that, for early backers. It's a super reduced price to start with. This new tier featuring EWJ not only includes co-op, the new levels, but also a newly designed T-Shirt that features both characters. In the grand scheme of things it's a pretty good deal in our opinion. :)

      We hope you guys will agree!

    30. Alex Lukyanovich on

      Groovy! But how did you get the rights to the Earthworm Jim character? Even he's own creator can't get him back.

    31. Antonio Ortiz on

      Same here : s I´m REALLY happy of see a coop mode and Jim for this game (in fact, I´m trying to tell my Armikrog fellows that they should back this game because it was so related to Earthworm Jim aestetic-humor).

      But...40 dollars... : s damn..too much expensive for me (but I hope this will help to bring more backers...and that we could see in the future a free coop mode with two Boogermans: one would be the original, the other one a "snot-green" doppelganger x)

    32. Missing avatar

      Cody Rager on

      Guess I'm a bit confused....I was able to get the game for $12 as an early bird backer but in order to get the co-op mode and some extra levels I need to more than triple my pledge? I'm a HUGE fan of Earthworm Jim, but it seems kind of fishy to make us pay over triple what we pledged just to enjoy co-op play and Earthworm Jim.

    33. Rodolink on

      WOOOW really good news! Now I'm waiting for an EarthWormJim kickstarter ! XD

    34. Johnny Vila on

      What fantastic news!! Really the return of Boogerman will be fantastic!! Com'on money!! \o/\o/\o/