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$40,252 pledged of $375,000 goal

Boogerman's Kickstarter "Pick" of the week!


Boogerman's Pick of the week!

Toy Ghost studios is a HUGE believer in the Kickstarter process. We believe it is incredibly important to encourage this sort of product development within the indie community. There are SO many talented people out there and this platform gives everyone opportunities like never before, both developers AND gamers. :)

That being said, we are going to start highlighting a project or two a week. You may have seen these on Kickstarter already, or maybe you haven't. Either way, if you have a moment, check em' out. You can find some really neat stuff here. 

Knite & the Ghost Lights

If you love platform adventure games, and games with really cool, unique mechanics, check out Knite & the Ghost Lights by Mobot Studios. The game has a great spooky vibe reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas, which is perfect for the month of October! The game is also using some really cool techniques to achieve their unique look and style. Lot's of hand crafted love going into this one! Anyway, with only 5 days left on their campaign, take a moment to check it out! 

Thanks, you guys and girls are awesome!


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    1. Insaney on October 21, 2013

      Not to be a party pooper guys, but in their latest update they specifically said they don't want to bother other Kickstarter projects due to fear of violation to the Kickstarter terms. Or maybe you guys got permission from them idk? I'm supporting both myself, so it's the same for me really. Just thought I'd call it to attention. Regardless, hope you guys make it, so best of luck to you both! ^^