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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 20 2013 8:00 PM UTC +00:00
Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
First created
Toy Ghost LLCBy Toy Ghost LLC
First created
pledged of 375 000 $pledged of 375 000 $ goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 20 2013 8:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Charles Adams on

      The company is dead no body responds to requests

    2. Matt Blankenship on

      Any updates on the relaunch? I need a new Boogerman so badly! :(

    3. Charles Adams on

      Is there a way to delete this off my kickstarter backed projects? It depresses me every time I c it

    4. Vincent Timbro on

      Not sure the re-launch is gonna happen, Toyghost.com is gone. :(

    5. Charles Adams on

      Lame I hope
      Not making this kickstarter didn't destroy this

    6. Missing avatar

      Joseph Alfaro on

      You could try sending a message, but.. I just wouldn't hope for anything. Maybe even their facebook if you really want. It's directly to the right anyway.

    7. Charles Adams on

      Is this still a thing. Toy ghost website has expired. How do I get more info on the relaunch or anything

    8. Niki ES on

      I am still bummed about this, but in all the comments below I keep seeing the word "relaunch". Oh heck yeah, now I'm excited!

    9. Kyle Smith on

      Any word on the relaunch?

    10. Andrew Bullen on

      Will be back for your relaunch.

    11. Brad Silvia on

      I'll definitely be back for the relaunch. I want a new Boogerman game!

    12. Jared Robb on

      Well, it was a good try guys and gals. Probably was just bad timing with so many other successful kickstarters recently ending, especially the highly successful mighty no 9.

      Here's hoping next year's relaunch will prove more successful.

    13. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      It seems we lost this bout. :(
      But there will be another one, and we will make it happen!

      Thanks for having us, Toy Ghost! Have some nice holidays!

    14. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Thanks again everyone!

      Have a safe holiday and we will see you next year!

      Game on!

      Chris & Mike!

    15. ChrisD on

      Couple of hours to go. WE CAN DO IT :P

    16. An "Kritter XD" Trinh on

      PS4 or Wii U would be good platforms to release on. I'd have to say PS4 because they seem to have the welcome mat for indie developers all ready for them, but PERSONALLY I'd like it on Wii U

    17. Antonio Ortiz on

      We really needs more Beatrice Bueno in every Kickstarter :") this girl is awesome <3

    18. Jared Stovell

      That's the boogerman spirit! Let's snot let this get us down Never give up!!!!

    19. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      I am looking forward for this update.
      I will need to know how to keep in touch so when you guys put up the next KS live, I can be there from day zero. :)

      Still, this one ain't over yet, and I always go the distance in any match I pick.
      It ain't over this that counter reaches zero.

    20. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      Hey everyone! We will be putting up another update sometime today. We will let you know what our plans are and how to stay in touch with the team. Hint: We're not going anywhere. :D

      And thanks. :)

    21. Jared Stovell

      Yikes so close to retro goodness so far from the goal... :..( Sadness... There's always next time... (Please try again if this doesn't make it) I love retro games. Who doesn't? Hope the GnG retro remake makes it as well :/

    22. ChrisD on

      Sucks it didn't make it this time, but remember sometimes it's the right thing at the wrong time. There are many projects that fail first time then bounce back and demolish the goal on the second try, don't give it :3

      As a suggestion you could look into the pixel art of games by WayForward like Shantae, I think that style would sit perfectly with a new Boogerman. Just an idea mind..

    23. Aurélien Marin on

      Next time it will be the good one.
      Try also the development programs of Wii U & Playstation.
      This game really deserves to be published.
      (sorry for my English, I translate with Google)

    24. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      I would if I had that much.
      Sadly, for this one, $500 is my limit right now. :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Paulo Teixeira on

      People have also spent quite a bit on Mighty No 9 and although the campaign for Shantae Half Genie Hero is also finished, people are still allowed to make donations through Paypal.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paulo Teixeira on

      Anyone here care to add $335,842 to your pledge?

    27. vislade on

      Playing the new killzone thought you guys wanna check this out

    28. Riggo on

      If we can get all 1k+ backers back here for a redo on day 1, it will make for a very impressive start!

    29. Niki ES on

      @Brad You make a great point. The next-gen systems coming out around the same time this is slated to end is unfortunate :(

    30. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      I will be here till the end.
      And if we don't make it now, I will be there till the end again for the next campaign.

    31. Shawn Henshaw on

      also my 2 Cents in case the unspeakable happens and we can't fund this now....
      Go for the re-campaign next year!

    32. Brad Silvia on


      It's probably a variety of things. I believe the next-gen consoles are distracting people away from this the most, especially since people would rather spend their money on new systems than trying to reboot a retro IP.

    33. Shawn Henshaw on

      Boogerman FTW!!!! God I loved this game on my old genesis.... Also Jim was pretty cool....

    34. Missing avatar

      grez_ua on

      How is it possible that boogerman is still not funded ?
      Lack of advertisement ?

    35. Will Tebo on

      Just a thought, maybe you should put "Featuring Earthworm Jim" in the description.

    36. Niki ES on

      Almost 1000 backers and 40k!

    37. Brad Silvia on

      Oh, and if you guys do port the original game to Steam, please have it so that it has the level designs from both versions.

    38. Brad Silvia on

      My Wii is put away in storage, so I hope the original game finds its way to the Wii U eShop.

    39. Missing avatar

      Byron Crawford on

      I didn't know the original was on the wii vc!! Guess I know what I will be doing when I get home lol

    40. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      The original is out on VC for the Wii. Wii U VC is a bit slower in terms of getting 3rd party games. Nintendo focused in key releases. As for Steam, we are currently in Greenlight so any support or votes there would be greatly appreciated!

    41. An "Kritter XD" Trinh on

      Have you considered re-releasing the original game for the Virtual Console or Steam or something similar to that effect? I feel that would be a great way to spread the love again.

    42. Toy Ghost LLC Creator on

      @Riggo Totally okay! And it's a great question. Going to do an update tomorrow afternoon/eve and talk a bit about that exact topic. :)

    43. Riggo on

      Don't want to be a negative Nelly here, but I hope there is a relaunch in the works...

    44. An "Kritter XD" Trinh on

      I've never played the original Boogerman, but I've heard good things about it.

    45. Antonio Ortiz on

      It would be contrary to the freedom of plataform, but I think I could live waiting a bit for Boogerman, after he gets first in PS4.

      Need to share this with you my fellow, but...have anyone think that bring EWJ to the game..could be more a problem than a solution? I mean, if like me, you think that EWJ hardcore fans wouldn´t back this, instead, avoid Boogerman : \

    46. Missing avatar

      Paulo Teixeira on

      Here's what they say about the Pub fund that @Brad Silvia is talking about.

      PUB FUND

      Incentive based program intended to support platform-defining content on PS3™, PS4™, and PS Vita systems
      Guaranteed royalties upon release of the Game in exchange for limited platform exclusivity
      Additional Co-Marketing support on PlayStation® channels

      Register as a PlayStation® Developer and apply for some of these amazing programs today!


      Basically yes, it's a limited exclusive so after a certain time, your free to port the game elsewhere. I believe this is how Guacamelee got made.

    47. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      If we don'succeed this time, there is always the next time.
      I still believe we can do it *insert we can do it picture here* with this one, but if we don't, I will be there fighting again the next time and as many times as it takes to get funded.

      We do need more 2D platform games, bloody heck!

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