'For The Love Of Honey' is a game created just for couples! Our goal is to encourage couples to turn off the TV, put away their phones, and just have FUN together while even learning something new about one another, and laugh more than they have in awhile. It also gives parents with young children a chance to have fun right from home. There are 2 stacks of cards with 4 categories so you can play this game over and over! 

How to Play:  Each card has 4 categories associated with colors that match the colors on the board: Who Knows Who Better, Trivia, Compete, and Don’t Be Scared.  You start on purple (Don’t be Scared). When it’s your turn, pick up a card and answer the question correctly or complete the challenge successfully. When you get a question or challenge right, move the number of spaces given on that card. The color that you land on will be the category that you do the next round. If you don’t get it right or complete it, you don’t move at all. When it’s your turn, you pick up a new card. 


 1. Who Knows Who Better​ - See how well you know your partner! When you land on these, read the card aloud and your partner has to decide his/her answer first. Then, you guess what they picked. If you get it right, you move that many spaces. Example question: What was the first gift your partner ever got you? 

 2. Trivia​ - These are trivia questions that pertain to relationships, women, men, and general. The answer is upside down on the bottom of the card.  Example: Which online dating app processes more than 1 billion swipes per day?

3. Compete​ - Get ready, when you have landed on this, ​you will both play ​for a chance to move forward! Both of you can look at the card together and race to be the first to win. Whoever wins moves the number of spaces on that card. Example: Face each other and make fish faces until one of you laughs or breaks out of the face. 

4. Don’t Be Scared​ -  While some of these cards may be simple, some will require you to let loose, get silly, and embarrass yourself. (But this will help the two of you connect, we promise)! Read the challenge and complete it to move the number of spaces given. Example: Stand up and begin freestyle rapping about your partner.

We've already created Version 1 of this game to get feedback. We need funding to make it bigger, better, and more professional and most importantly get the word out there. Help us help couples keep their relationships fun and a priority!

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We are looking for money to help make the game and then market it to couples everywhere!

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