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Pure Steam is everything you need to experience custom steampunk RPG adventures. Unique races, classes, weapons, and tech!
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B'omarr Punk

238 backers pledged $15,060 to help bring this project to life.

(Less Than) Two Weeks

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We hereby guarantee the PDF will be released to you by Christmas Eve. 

Our backer NPC artwork is completed and delivered. We have undergone several strenuous rounds of edits. We are currently in the final one, in which we have a professional editor/publisher and an English teacher grammar hound prodding it one final time. We want it to be PERFECT for you all, and you deserve it. 

We have yet to receive official response regarding a foreword, but we will not prolong release for the foreword. If one of our two esteemed authors submit us a foreword in time for us to incorporate before release, we'll use it. If not, we won't.

Other status:

-The hardcopy book will by shipped in January, once the printer is finished with it. Please ensure you message me your latest mailing address if you are receiving a physical reward.

-Our sound files and artwork design for CDs and download cards have been submitted to the audio vendor. We expect online release by Christmas, CD shipment early Jan.

-The Alchemist's Run (formerly The Alchemist's Bane), our original fiction work is almost ready to release; it's in editing.

-We will be kicking off a Pure Steam adventure path contest through after release, so if you have ever wanted to be published, this could be your shot!

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    1. Creator Pascougnou on December 14, 2013

      Great news. Thanks for your commitment.