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$20,200 pledged of $40,000 goal
By BodSix
$20,200 pledged of $40,000 goal

24 hours!

OK all, this is it. We've got about $20K to raise in 24 hours. Can we do it? All we need is for you to find one friend to contribute at the same level as you and we're there.

  • Know anyone who would love to meet and play games with Richard Garfield in Seattle for $500?
  • Know anyone who'd like to tune their game design skills in a Seattle workshop with Richard, Wolfgang Baur, and Mike Selinker for $100
  • Know anyone who'd like to have a custom hand-drawn poster map of their neighborhood by Lands of Ice and Fire (the setting for Game of Thrones) cartographer, Jonathan Roberts for $4,000?
  • Know any fans of MTG artists?
  • Know any fans of MC Frontalot and Baddd Spellah?

Please tweet, facebook "like", or even better, send an email, text, or phone call (and then do it again and again).

It's been a great ride. Let's get it done.

The BodSix Team


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