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$20,200 pledged of $40,000 goal
By BodSix
$20,200 pledged of $40,000 goal

Exclusive game design workshop with Richard Garfield, Wolfgang Baur and Mike Selinker; expanded game night; and all stretch-goal rewards available at $40,000

Hi everyone!

As I write this, we have 55 hours left to go on our Kickstarter campaign for Map Monsters. Thanks to the generosity of our backers and reward contributors, our donations have skyrocketed over the past week. 

If we'd set our goal at $7,000 or even $15,000, we would be over the top and doing a happy victory dance. But Kickstarter newcomers that we are, we set our fundraising goal much higher -- and we're still far short of making it.

It will take a Herculean effort to put us over the top at this point, but we won't quit without doing our absolute best to make this campaign succeed in spite of the odds. That's how we roll here in Seattle.

Here's what we're going to do:

If we reach our base goal of $40,000, we will make all of our promised stretch goal rewards happen. Every one of them -- the remixes by MC Frontalot and Baddd Spellah, the patches, the art cards and more at the contribution levels previously indicated.

And we'll go even further. If we hit the $40,000 mark:

  • Backers-Only Game Design Workshop -- All backers at the $100 level and above will receive admission to an exclusive 4-hour workshop on game design in Seattle, led by Richard Garfield along with other well-known game designers. We've already heard from Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Quarterly and Open Design), and Mike Selinker (Lone Shark Games) that they'd be on board with this. Wolfgang and Mike will bring a limited number of free-while-supplies-last copies of their book The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design (to which Richard contributed) to the event, with additional copies available for purchase onsite if you arrived too late to get a free copy. 
  • Expanded Game Night -- All backers at the $500 and above level will be invited to attend the game night in Seattle with Richard Garfield -- a reward previously only available at the $2,500 level and above. (Backers are still responsible for their own travel.)
  • Dinner with Richard -- Backers at the $2,500 and $4,000 levels will not only get to attend game night, they'll have dinner with Richard at a nice Seattle restaurant.

Okay, folks, let's see what happens now. Whatever the outcome, this has been a tremendous experience for BodSix and we're grateful for it.

Jeff Dixon
CEO, BodSix


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