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The infamous cult Action RPG by one person, and the greatest puzzle game ever made.
The infamous cult Action RPG by one person, and the greatest puzzle game ever made.
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Small update

Posted by bobsgame (Creator)

I set the bar low for the Kickstarter but I was hoping it would make enough for at least a year or two of development.  Unfortunately it barely made the minimum amount, but in my situation I had to take what I could get.

I chose to get an apartment instead of trying to live in a van, thinking I'd be better off with the convenience and hoping that I'd be able to figure out something else in that time.  This only gave me an 8 month extension, and I spent most of it still very traumatized and frustrated and I did not find any other solutions.

Once I ran out, I ended up living in my car again for another 6 months until I could find another way to support myself.  I tried sending a pitch deck to over 300 investors and even went door to door on Sand Hill Road.  I emailed every publisher I could find.  I applied for YCombinator and 500 Startups.  None of that worked, so I ended up enrolling in online classes and taking out student loans.

So now I'm back in an apartment and I've slowly started getting back into development after almost 2 years of sleeping in a car.

I've listed both the puzzle game and the RPG on Steam Greenlight, in hopes that I could get on Early Access, which would really be great for my situation since I could possibly make some steady income as I worked on the games.

I'm still moving forward with the games the best I can and I will still fulfill the backer rewards when I am able to do so.  I am still living on borrowed time, but I'll do the best I can with the time that I have.

I'm currently porting the Java puzzle game to C++ so that it runs as smoothly as possible. It will be released and continuously updated for desktop PC both standalone and in browser, and on mobile for Android and iPhone, with the source available to be ported to any other platform.

I am doing this as it is the fastest way that I can possibly gain some reliable income, so that I can work on the RPG without worrying about my situation.​

I am not sure what I'm going to do with the RPG. I rewrote it in Java as an MMO so the game world could be continuously updated on the fly.  I was successful at doing that but it is very cumbersome to develop on at this point and it needs to be worked on by a team with funding, not one person with no resources.​

I had gotten caught up in the Silicon Valley hype and thought it would be possible to get investment for a fairly large existing project with a cool online demo. Unfortunately that was not the case.  It would probably have helped to have had some traction and numbers, but maybe it's just too small of a project for big investors to care, or maybe my background is too risky, or maybe it's just not good enough.

I'm also unhappy with the state of Java, and the client doesn't run well enough on mobile which I was really hoping for and one of my deciding factors.​  I had anticipated that Java would become more popular because of Android and hence also more supported on the desktop, but because of some security issues and the lawsuit between Google and Oracle it became less popular.  I would really like to port it back to C++ but that will take a long time, so for now I will stick with Java. I will probably just scale it back to a single player desktop game and release manual updates, or have a good upgrade function built in.

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    1. Leif Burnett-christensen on

      Hey man, if you need a hand testing bugs or anything let me know. I've got some programming knowledge under my belt and a lot of free time.

    2. Dylan Kirkpatrick on

      Thank you for the update!

    3. Aaron Wolfrom

      Thanks for the update. If you never give up, you never lose.

    4. Peter Anargirou on

      Thanks for updating us!

    5. Missing avatar

      Phillip Alig on

      Thanks for the update brother, I hope you can keep them coming. Just put a fun little game together man, from everything I have heard from you about your game you should have enough for an awesome little single player RPG. If nothing else push it out as an alpha release. The MMO is for the sequel right?

      We are all pulling for you Bob!

    6. Backer on

      Thanks for the update, Bob! I know you have big plans for this first RPG but I think most people here would be fine with just a simple single player game to begin with. Then you can make it bigger and better with future updates or sequels. I'll try to spread out the word about your Greenlight pages and hopefully it'll be on Steam at some point. I also encourage everyone who is reading this and cares about playing the game at some point to do the same. It's good to see you're taking online courses. Always good to have a certificate to prove your programming abilities to others who like to see it written on official paper. Good luck Bob and keep at it! Hope to play your games at some point in the future.

    7. Wikzo on

      I wish you all the best of luck! :)

    8. Bradley on

      2 years and quite literally nothing to show for it. Good job!

    9. Andrew Clunn on

      This is one of the most honest updates I've seen, and I want you to know that I at least understand. Hell I got let go yesterday, so life happens. Wishing you the best on your passion project, but know that I backed specifically because this is a passion project. Best of luck.