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The infamous cult Action RPG by one person- The last great 16-bit game!  A mix of "Zelda," "Pokemon," "Harvest Moon," and "Earthbound."
The infamous cult Action RPG by one person, and the greatest puzzle game ever made.
The infamous cult Action RPG by one person, and the greatest puzzle game ever made.
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223 backers pledged $10,409 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schaarschmidt on July 11, 2014

      I start to get the feeling we won't ever see this game :(

    2. Gran PC on July 3, 2014

      Yeah it's been quite a while already :/

    3. Missing avatar

      Jerry on July 2, 2014

      ...if he's gonna work on it :D I guess most of us, who have read his whole, know there's a real chance this kickstarter won't get finished in time (if ever :p)
      There's even a possibility Robert became either enlightened or crazy on his meditation retreat and forgot about this project :d, or he hasn't found what he was looking for yet and will stay there longer, I wonder when we will hear from him again :)

    4. Backer on June 16, 2014

      One of the first updates might be about where he's going to work on the game whether it's the van he said he's gonna buy or somewhere else.

    5. Dylan Kirkpatrick on June 16, 2014

      "See you in 10 days!"

      Very exciting! I feel as though bob is the kind of person who will keep us posted... considering he did a live webcam stream.

      I guess we will see though! The mention of many updates does sound promising.

    6. Backer on June 13, 2014

      @DeafTard: He did update us and thanked everybody. You need to pay more attention, dude.

      @Gran PC: That surprise pledge Bob is taking about; must have come from a great man. ;) It kept the Bob's Game dream going and hopefully it will become a reality someday.

      To other backers, it should be clear that Bob has a big vision for this game and if he's going to get close to achieving it, he's going to need plenty of time so let's give him that like we gave him our support. We're talking months of solo game development here. It's not a cakewalk.

    7. Gran PC on June 11, 2014

      He updated his website 1 hour ago:

      > The Kickstarter worked, thanks to a surprise donation.
      > I have many updates to post, but right now I am on my way to the meditation retreat. Upon further research it sounds very intense and I'm not sure I will last the whole time, but I'll try my best. Maybe I will become enlightened! Maybe I will become brainwashed! Maybe it's the same thing! See you in 10 days!

      I also emailed him and he confirmed Kickstarter had sent the funds :)

    8. Missing avatar

      LOTB on June 10, 2014


      Bob wrote when the project got funded

      Thank you to everyone who pledged, you are all fantastic and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to continue working on this game. For those who are wondering, it made it on the last day thanks to a very generous backer who has been following the project from the beginning.

    9. DeafTard on June 10, 2014

      I agree, I have never seen a kickstarter project that didn't send out an update or confirmation that the game has been funded or thanking the backers as well. So yeah, this is pretty much the 1st project without an update after the project ends on kickstarter.

    10. Missing avatar

      JoePug on June 7, 2014

      Hopefully it means Bob is getting things situated and getting to work on the game. He will chime in eventually.

    11. Chaonic on May 25, 2014

      To be honest, a few days ago, I was certain, this project would be dumped, but I am happily surprised, it ended well now!
      Can't wait for the release.
      And please, pleaaase bring it to Steam =)
      This will:
      1. Give it some security with copying the game
      2. You could add Trading cards, so you get some money from people, who already bought the game.
      3. People will buy the game BECAUSE of the trading cards
      4. More people will buy it after discovering, how great it is.

      If you put it on Greenlight with the Demoversion, you will certainly reach the goal fast :3

    12. DeafTard on May 24, 2014

      Looking forward to actually playing bobs game for the first time ever!

    13. Robert B. Healy III on May 24, 2014

      Congratulations on meeting the goal, you guys! Been following this game from the beginning. Proud to be a part of the legend with you. :D

    14. Stan64 on May 24, 2014

      Aww yeah! I played both demos back in the day but just recently completed the second demo after the kickstarter went up. Now I'm looking forward to the real deal!

    15. Tcrew on May 23, 2014

      YOU DID IT!~~~~~~~ this is one of the most surprising finishes in KS history XD a big hi five to the mystery backer

    16. Cam Fivattew on May 23, 2014

      Hooray! Congratulations Bob!

    17. DeafTard on May 23, 2014

      thank you to whomever was that generous backer!

    18. Missing avatar

      Brendan Leddy on May 23, 2014

      Congrats Bob! Please keep us updated through the Kickstarter and maybe on reddit as well.

    19. Alisson A. Tres on May 23, 2014

      This is amazing, we did it! Congrats everyone, especially the generous last hour backer!
      We should’ve known, this game indeed is unstoppable! :D
      It’s all up to you now Bob. Go for it, we believe in you!

    20. Missing avatar

      JoePug on May 23, 2014

      Congrats here too bob. Look forward to finally getting to play your game. Also thanks to the generous backer...Way to go! :)

    21. Bradley on May 23, 2014

      Oh no, I just helped fund bob's game. ;)

    22. Dylan Kirkpatrick on May 23, 2014

      I had a feeling who the savior was! Very interested to see what happens next.

      Please don't let us down BOB!

    23. PZT on May 23, 2014

      To the benevolent backer who saved the KS last minute, thank you so much for giving Bob a chance to fulfill his destiny and giving us a chance to play his game. We couldn't do it without you. And to Bob, good luck, I hope you change the industry for good.

    24. Massimiliano Luisi on May 23, 2014

      Need to wait till December than.

    25. Ian on May 23, 2014

      I had lost hope on this. I checked yesterday and we were languishing around $4,000, so I was surprised to see my phone light up just now saying it was funded. Congrats Bob. It has been a long time coming, but you can finally finish this game and get it out. Good luck!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jerry on May 23, 2014

      Nice! It really happened :)) Congrats Robert!

      And thank you very much some kind person who pledged like half of the goal. :)

    27. Backer on May 23, 2014

      And it's FUNDED!! Congrats, Bob! :D

    28. Martijn Ham on May 23, 2014

      That explains the jump to 10k$. Congrats on making it man! Hope you get to build a good hacker van.

    29. bobsgame 2-time creator on May 23, 2014

      Thank you to everyone who pledged, you are all fantastic and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to continue working on this game. For those who are wondering, it made it on the last day thanks to a very generous backer who has been following the project from the beginning.

    30. Backer on May 23, 2014

      You do know Kickstarter and Amazon take a percentage of the pledged money, don't you? Why would he pay $5500 only to have a big percentage of it taken by them... -_-

    31. Martijn Ham on May 23, 2014

      Either someone got really generous or bob decided to take on the extra 5500$ that was missing himself? Wat

    32. Missing avatar

      Bryan Veldkamp on May 23, 2014

      I've seen the reports of "bob's game" on Youtube a couple of years ago. Wasn't realising this when I clicked the kickstarter link and read your story. I checked out your website and here is what I want you to know:

      It seems you are hurting a lot with your unsuccesful dreams and ideas, but I love the fact that you try to come to yourself, your parents and how you realise God is bigger than all this. Please use this little bit of cash and use it for the real thing you set out to finish. Make your dent on our society and make the world a better place. You are a good storyteller and after reading your life story on your website for 3 hours I must say that succes depends on the way you value it.

      God bless you and please don't do any more drugs..

    33. DeafTard on May 23, 2014

      Been following this bob game for SO long and I'm glad to back this cause this game is going to be legendary.

    34. Ricardo Benitez on May 23, 2014

      Bob, your story has moved me enough to pledge the little bit I have to your project. Your story gives me hope and determination to start my own game, so hopefully the generosity will return to me as it has to you. Good luck and I am PROUD to be one of the backers of your project!

    35. Kurt K
      on May 22, 2014

      The only thing I can think of the 500 or more is really a bit over 6000, unless someone upped their 20 tier. I hope it is legit, and if it is you have proof of guardian angels. Might want to add one to the game, near the end. Seems fitting.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Bessire on May 22, 2014

      Congratulations Bob on making your goal. I can't wait to see the game.

    37. PZT on May 22, 2014

      I've been following your game since it was first announced, I even made your forum one of my old website's affiliates. You can do it, Bob. You can change the world. We all want to discover the secrets of Bob's Game. Don't give up. Believe in yourself. YOU WILL FINISH.
      P.S. I really want to play your game and I hope my $20 helps you. Good luck! I hope we get a link to that backer forum soon, can't wait to see what you're up to!

    38. Missing avatar

      Sam Mishra on May 22, 2014

      Congratulations Bob! Live today, Die Another Day. Cheers.

    39. Backer on May 22, 2014

      I was hoping for a miracle and it seems like it has happened. Whoever you are, thank you!! I hope this is legit too.

    40. Casey Ardrey on May 22, 2014

      Whoa! That is a huge spike in funding from someone. Hope the funds go through!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on May 22, 2014

      I'm not sure what happened, but I'm glad it did! Awesome that the goal was achieved!

    42. Missing avatar

      LOTB on May 22, 2014

      Wish it would happen - probably wont

      But i hope this isnt the last we hear about bob and bobs game

    43. Alisson A. Tres on May 20, 2014

      I’ve been enthusiastic for this game since it was announced back in 2008. I was really impressed with how much you done by yourself on your DS game.
      I always liked its retro graphics and really enjoyed the writing from the dialogs that could be seen in the demo and in the early trailers for the game. I even still have the Demo 1+2 on my computer since it was released back then and I remember having a great time playing it.
      Through the years, once in a while I’d remember about the game and would take a peek to see if there was any progress on it.
      I’ve read through your story and it was a good read. You’ve went through a lot during your life and there are many things which I can relate to.
      Although I still believe this Kickstarter really could’ve used a little more thought, I think this is definitely worth $20 bucks. Regardless of whether this Kickstarter is successful or not, I hope someday, somehow, we can get to play Bob’s Game.
      I wish you best regards, Bob!

    44. Backer on May 20, 2014

      If every backer paid $60, the game would've been funded by now and then some. Unfortunately, asking for $20 only didn't do the Kickstarter any favor. It seems like you are not in it for the money Bob, but sadly many backers didn't realize they needed to pay more to successfully fund this project they wanted to support.

    45. Tcrew on May 20, 2014

      a "single programer" sold me instantly maybe more updates would help but its a bit late now x,x

    46. Kurt K
      on May 19, 2014

      You know if you added just a little merchandise as suggested, relaunched the campaign with a goal of $4000, you would be a successfully funded campaign and that alone would draw in more funds.

    47. Angelo J. Marin on May 19, 2014

      C'mon don't give up you could always find a "regular" job and spend almost all your freetime in this project! I hope that your dream will come true :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Brandon Johnson on May 18, 2014

      Honestly, I haven't followed your story, and have just learned about it now, but damn, we need someone as passionate as you. I only recently got into the gaming scene, and your story is inspiring. Take my $20.

    49. Missing avatar

      JoePug on May 16, 2014

      Even if the kickstarter fails, I wouldn't be surprised if bob works on it here and there and when he can, eventually release it. I'll still drop of $20 on it....whenever that is bob. :)

      Giving the amount of time he spent on it, it would be a shame not to finish it.

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