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Add 5” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+
Add 5.7” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+, 8 and 8+ and iPhone X
Add 5.7” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+, 8 and 8+ and iPhone X
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    1. Rae Revet 2 days ago

      Refund Refund

    2. Missing avatar

      Hwang hunmo 3 days ago

      Can I change from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Plus? Let me know how to do it if possible.

    3. Missing avatar

      Abhishek Gupta on

      I want a refund, most of the kickstarter campaigns are just bunch of cheats

    4. Masayuki Sasaki on

      I think We will get Eye in 2020.
      Apple will invent foldable iphone....
      iphone7.8.X...will be fossils!
      you said, final proto type would be completed at 18th July,
      Today is 1st August!
      When mecanical trouble was occurd, you could explained at 18th July. Why did not you explain on time!?
      Refound NOW!

    5. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lee on

      I've been waiting to the point where I went from a iPhone 7 to a iPhone X, and now I wonder how they're gonna deliver if the design of the X is vastly different from the 7 and plus how long will it take for prototypes to ship out? perhaps when the next iphone is released? or maybe longer than that?

    6. Mohamad Kamsani on

      Just be honest and inform the backers you have ran out of money and "probably" looking for investors to further fund this project. It's been delayed for so long,
      How have you been paying your staff? How have you been paying yourself? Admit this was a god honest attempt, but it failed and you're crap outta luck.

      There cannot be delays after delays with whatever issue with China manufacturers, it simply does not make sense, because they've come pretty far making devices with the advance in technology. Unless of course you were conned into signing with a dubious manufacturer?

      Whatever it is, stop with the updates and let your backers know what they've known all along, you failed. There's no way anyone from this campaign will back any of your future products nor any other campaigns.

      Let your backers move on from this nightmare that is Esti.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kelly Huang on

      @Michael Elliott we get it, you eat everything they feed you.

    8. David Medrano on

      Just be honest and say you won’t come through with the product. That’s the least you can do. Getting a notification from you guys is always so disappointing because the only news you ever give is about “delays”

    9. Missing avatar

      Shinichi Misumi on

      I moved recently. Please tell me. How do I change my destination address?

    10. Ethan Z. Baker on

      I'd like to change my order from iPhone 8 to "refund" ha!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Carozza on

      Is this still in development? Timeframe update?

    12. Missing avatar

      THOR ITO on

      When will my item arrive?

    13. Missing avatar

      Micah Brown on

      Is it possible to change my selection to an iPhone X or newer iPhone when available?

    14. Missing avatar

      Sameer Sharma on

      After 2 years, coming back to this page is like finding your old phone in the drawer.
      ESTI Inc. this product is no longer relevant in a bezel less world. The BEST you can do now is deliver on time (without delays and no more design changes).

    15. J. McKeever on

      I plan on purchasing one of the new iPhones for 2018.

      What opportunity will there be to change to that set of sizes since this project isn’t delivering anytime soon?

    16. Aziz Francis on


      Can I change to get the cover for iPhone X since I bought it recently and not using iPhone 7+ anymore?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Seah on

      Do we need to wait for 5-10 prototype or need to wait for all 30-50 prototype for testing finish before showing ?

      if 5-10 prototype is completed i think can show the 5 -10 of it first without waiting for the rest to be all fully made

    18. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on

      All excited to see the prototype

    19. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lee on

      One thing good that came out of waiting for so long for the product is that I could still change my product from a iPhone 7 model to a iPhone model, because if one for the 7 came I wouldn't be even able to use it at all.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Elliott

      It's amazing the claims of scam that proliferate on this board. One of the unfortunate aspects of KickStarter is that too many individuals pledge without understanding what they're actually getting into.

      This creator has, IMHO, completely missed the mark in estimating the time frame to manufacture this product. However, incompetence does not equate to scam.

      This is the risk those of us that pledge on KickStarter take when making a pledge. Accusing the Creator of evil intent may make you feel better, but doesn't really make sense. There are some Creators that, if they have other backing and/or an order backlog outside of the KickStarter pipeline, will provide refunds, This, however, at the discretion of the Creator, and NOT a requirement of KickStarter for Creators to provide to backers, unless the Creator has determined that he/she will not be able to fulfill a particular Backer's pledge (ever).

      Our recourse, when a Creator fails to deliver on time, is EXTREMELY limited. That is the nature of KickStarter. Individuals can vent on these forums, but that has no real value (maybe it makes them feel better). They can identify the Creator(s) and use social media to make sure their circle of influence are made aware of the Creator(s), and thus reduce the Creator(s) ability to garner support for future crowd-funding campaigns. If they truly have evidence of fraud, they can contact KickStarter - but missing dates and changing product specs is NOT evidence of fraud. Nor is poor communication. They are simply evidence of a Creator that is unlikely to succeed in bringing their product to market post KickStarter, since if they demonstrate a significant level of incompetence in the KickStarter process (in delivery and/or communication), that will likely carry over into regular production and result in failure.

      For the individual quoting KickStarter terms, a refund only applies if the buyer has determined he cannot fulfill your reward. It does NOT apply simply because the buyer has missed the delivery date. The terms clearly state that dates provided by Creators are simply their best guess at delivery, and NOT a commitment.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      I got a message from them about 2 weeks ago when I requested a refund. They said it's not possible to refund us, they also said due to them expecting things wrong it will unfortunately be "Very much longer" until the product is done. They apologize. Does anyone have a class action lawsuit started, or any advice on what steps to take? I'm gonna start looking into it. KS support has been very helpful but they can't do anything because the campaign owner already has the money. Therefore it's up to us, to take the legal steps necessary.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sameer Sharma on

      @ESTI - Any update ? It’s been almost month since last one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      That's true I did figure that out with KS CS however I was informed via KS that they can't refund us. It's up to the creator and KS actually has no way to contact or verify anything from the creator so if we can't come to a resolution with the creator, then it's up to us how we progress.

    24. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on

      Indiegogo started after Kickstarter and the funds value is inclusive of KS funds but they are responding there and no response here

    25. Missing avatar

      Iván Martín Gómez on

      Yo contribuí con 151$ el 14 de Marzo del 2017 y la entrega estimada de la carcasa era para Septiembre del 2017. Bien pues a dia de hoy yo no he recibido nada. Desde los inicios han ido mejorando la imagen del producto y solicitándome que hiciera encuestas. Empiezo a pensar que esto es un engaño XD. Espero que no permita que en su página web se cometa ningún tipo de fraude ya que la reputación de la página quedaría gravemente afectada y estoy seguro que con este tipo de fraudes ninguna persona estará dispuesta a contribuir con proyectos que se patrocinen desde

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      Um... SO I just found out they had an INDIEGOGO campaign going at the same time as this....

      in total they collected $1,463,220 from backers via both companies. This shit needs to be reported to the FBI for fraud and the FTC as fraud. They aren't going to refund our money so we need to contact Kickstarter support and your local Attorney General.

      Here is their Indiegogo page

    27. Miranda Panda Garcia on

      Hey. I really need the money spend on this joke for other more important things. Please give me a refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nothing Inc. on

      How do I switch phone models

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      I requested a refund they responded stating they aren't going to refund me. Kickstarter said the campaign has to refund me. So idk what to do.

    30. Missing avatar

      BOYBOI on

      So is it still on track of the new timeline? Please update us. Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Сергей Лях on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms or Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount ASAP.

    32. Missing avatar


      I have backed the iPhone 7s plus model and still waiting. It is already iPhone X now. The only hold up for me to upgrade my phone is actually because of this case. I don’t want to upgrade my model to iPhone X then by the time I get it, it’s iPhone 11.

    33. Missing avatar

      Terrel Williams on

      So today is the day the finalized electronics are suppose to be complete. Hope everything is still on time based on the time line. Can we get some confirmation and updates on what’s going on. Also I’m curious to see what this sliding mechanism mock-up look like and hopes to see some testing on the prototypes soon.

    34. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      They emailed me and said it's impossible for them to refund me. It's not possible to refund. They are working on the product and trying to release this year.

    35. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Can we all agree to stop saying we are provoking rights that were posted in 2012.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I agree with @Andrew Limon.

      Please address this issue with your backers!

      This case is going to be obsolete once it is released.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew Limon on

      Can I get one for the iPhone X plus????

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Piazza Jr on

      Now it comes in October for the x model or September for 8/8plus...

    39. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on

      Dear Creators were you able to come up with a mock up piece

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert wulff on

      Can we all agree to stop saying we are provoking rights that were posted in 2012....and can we please get some sort of update

    41. Missing avatar

      Luke Bilston on

      I had to laugh at EverythingApplePro's video this morning. I'm pretty accepting of the fact that i'll probably never receive my case but to see knockoffs coming out of china (even if this one is crappy) before something I ordered 12 months ago is a bit of kick in the guts.

    42. Missing avatar

      dushyanth on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms or Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount ASAP.

    43. Missing avatar

      Neil Ylanan on

      Was waiting for a knockoff to hit the market. I have new rule. No more kickstarters. Just wait for the Chinese knockoff. Cheaper and better chance of delivery.

    44. Missing avatar

      Fran San on

      Waterproof was a Streach goal and they didn’t reach the goal. So... it’s not waterproof.

    45. Missing avatar

      Fran San on

      Looks like you don’t answer the questions...
      What about the 64 GB some of us pfledged ?
      Because now the spec are 32 GB (not 16 GB as said at the beginning). Does it mean some of us spent monney for... nothing ? I hope you will respect your words and sens with 64 GB or more (I don’t speak about the microSD card).

    46. Missing avatar

      BOYBOI on

      Is it going to be waterproof?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Seah on

      Should the survey question be changed for more accurate reflecting of the iphone ?

    48. Missing avatar

      William on

      Is it still going to be available in jet white?

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