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Add 5” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+
Add 5” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+
Add 5” display, battery power, 256GB storage, 2x SIM slots, IR blaster, wireless charging to iPhone 6 and 6+, 6S and 6S+, 7 and 7+
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Hines about 3 hours ago

      Who knows where they at hands and feet

    2. Minh Đặng 2 days ago

      Calm down everybody, they will release this one sometime in 2020 or later.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carl Highfill 3 days ago

      I have had a couple messages back and forth with them and each time they said that they are unable to refund our money and it does not work like that. I think this is theft and theft of money is a federal offense and they should get in trouble, but they won't. They have told me two or three times they cannot refund our money. They can take our money but they can't refund it? That sounds like bullshit to me and kick starter won't do anything either. Ton me Kickstarter is just as liable as the criminals that took our money. I will never use Kickstarter ever again thanks to these assholes!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Short 3 days ago

      So you promise a product but can’t reimburse or deliver on time. Remember this is a global community where reaching out and touching someone is easy to do and relatively inexpensive if u can’t do what you initially promised than You should start refunding backers ASAP. ��

    5. Missing avatar

      Solomon L Johnson 4 days ago

      Can we just square up for my money. Don't think I would lose. We might as well have fun on the comment section. I'ma get my money worth on these posts. Honestly nobody in the company whooping me ���.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gaku 5 days ago

      I think that the people who want to refund are foolish because the investment for this product is on their own responsibilities
      But I also think that your replies were always disappointed us because I felt you are not doing your job. It’s your responsibility.
      You have to keep your promise you will show some pictures of the product or prototype!

      I don’t hope you to refund but to send me the product early.
      Are you ok?

      I apologize in advance that English is not my first language.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Amendola 6 days ago

      I'd like refund please. Thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Tevan 6 days ago

      These people are full of it!

    9. Missing avatar

      John L Jerome Jr 6 days ago

      I would like a refund as i've purchased a iPhone X

    10. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Seah 6 days ago

      after the screen issue settle already then they will say they have issue with the casing material , bluetooth , wifi , etc componet need to change then again drag until 2020 the casing still not out yet

    11. James Bottomley 6 days ago

      Whats next etsi? "We invested your funds into bitcoin but unfortunately our Wallet got hacked"?

      Stop messing about and get the product done.

    12. Missing avatar

      Siu Lee 6 days ago

      I want a refund as i've got iphone x already

    13. Missing avatar

      George Soong 6 days ago

      The next thing they are probably going to say: delay due to controversial capital issues...
      I anyone using the wrinkles in their ass could have told them the screen size they mentioned was an issue. You don’t need two weeks to figure it out.

    14. SwordmasterT 6 days ago

      Where is the proof that you tested it? Documents, videos, anything to go off of?

    15. Brent Copeland 6 days ago

      Here's what's going to happen. They are going to update every few weeks. There are going to be these small issues that cause delays for like 3 years. And then they'll tell us they are out of funds and run off enjoying their free ride. It's a story happening more and more here on ks and on ig. Sucks when it happens, but I suggest everyone just email, tweet, facebook messages to kickstarter letting them know that you are not backing anyone future projects on their platforms until they fix this problem. And then don't. Until we speak with our wallets, this issue ins't going to get fixed. If you're not willing to do that, then my advice is to honestly just walk away and forget you ever backed this. You will just be pissed everytime an update comes out. 3rd project this has happened to me on and it's not worth the headache following it. You aren't going to get the product. You aren't going to get your money back. Safe yourself the headache. Sorry, but that's just how it is. sucks. big time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Golyer 6 days ago

      Hey, so new to the whole Kickstarter backing program. First project to back was this one but much like the comments I am getting a new iPhone next year that will make this case obsolete. I'm just wondering if there is an actual way to request a refund and cancel my support of this product. Please comment if you know a way to do that and to the creators of the EYE Smartcase campaign. I know that it's not a simple process of telling you to make the damn case already, but I backed this as a college student. The 150 dollar backing was not an easy thing to budget for, thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully provide some insight. In the meantime, I'll be looking for a solution to the problem at hand and update progress.

    17. Missing avatar

      charli w smith 7 days ago

      Just tell the truth! That you guys spent the money on dildos to fuc us in the @ss. You guys can go to hell ! I hope I get to see you guys face to face real soon here.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stefan Baughman 7 days ago

      Everyone of you having problems or upset and losing faith, go report the project/people to Kickstarter! If enough of us report them for their deceit/incompetence, maybe we can get the refund we requested!

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Estrella 7 days ago

      So I will be switching to the Note by Jan. Which makes this case useless for me. I like the idea of the case but it has taken to long. I'm no longer will be having an iPhone. Unless this fits the note. If not I would like a refund.

    20. Missing avatar

      Luke Bilston on December 7

      I think like many of us we are losing faith in this project. And like many people, it's about to run an update cycle of my phone from the 6s to the 8. I'm hoping that if this project does get off the ground we have the option of selecting whatever our relevant phone is at the time of shipping

    21. James Stevens on December 6

      well its getting closer and closer to being a year since they took our money and no product to actually show. :/ Welp Won't Be Backing Anything Else On Kickstarter Or Any Other Site Lioe Kickstarter :/

    22. SwordmasterT on December 4

      I hope the next update will have video of how you are testing the screens and not just words.

    23. Matt Wiseman
      on December 4

      Steve I would like it before the phone I got it for is obsolete

    24. Steve F on November 28

      Can we just worry on the 5” inch case and worry about the 5.5” until the 5.8, 6.1, 6.5 supposedly comes out next year? I would like this case ASAP

    25. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on November 28

      Zak were you refunded ???

    26. Missing avatar

      Jaime Lopez on November 27

      Hahaha this is funny. Looking at a new design before the first one has been produced. Daffy Duck must be managing this fiasco.

    27. Missing avatar

      Zak Thompson on November 27

      Thank You for issuing me my refund!

    28. Missing avatar

      Prabu on November 27

      Please stick on with 5 inch screen

    29. Missing avatar

      S. Nunn
      on November 27

      For all those that are new or green on backing on Kickstarter,whining because they don’t want to wait or complaining about the updates. This is a CROWD FUNDING PLATFORM. Give your creators some love and help them by being positive. It is not easy getting a project to come to reality. EyeSmart,I have faith in this project,please don’t waste time or money on redesigning,unless it is absolutely necessary! Once you have your 1st products completed and made well,then you go on to eyesmart 2.0. When you switch things up because you guys can’t make up your minds,it makes you all look wishywashy and people loose faith. I have backed many many projects and am considered a superbacker of Kickstarter. Not all projects came to fruition,lost 1000’s of $$$$$’s. STICK WITH YOUR PLAN AND YOU WILL GO FAR! ONLY Make changes when absolutely necessary

    30. Missing avatar

      James Ramos on November 27

      Please stop making changes to the design and make the product we paid for already!

    31. Tijl De Cuyper on November 27

      I feel like reading every two weeks the same thing, let's say the same shit, there is no progress, it feels like a scam ones again on kickstarter.
      tired of this, please be a bit decent and refund !

    32. Mark Corum on November 26

      No, you can’t get this product. It doesn’t exist and never will. These are con artists hiding behind a huge string of lies and fake product drawings. Complete fake. Will never be delivered. When they have used all the money (within a month) they will announce that they can’t deliver and will walk away leaving supporters holding the bag. Criminals and liars.

    33. Steve F on November 26

      How about just stick with the concept you had on your KS project and make the 5.0 screen and do the 5.5 inch screen next version and give the backers the price you charged for this case as I’m sure the backers want their cases now and not wait further to get the 5.5 inch screen and make it make it later after mid-2018

    34. Missing avatar

      Prof Nirmal Gupta on November 26

      I feel sorry, the way you have been treating your more than 600,000 USD investor/backers. This attests to the way the KICKSTARTER type campaigns destroy the image of potential innovators. Well, if you have any honesty left in your soul, offer refunds along with whatever interest that you have earned from the money invested in your project! I hope you’ll listen to my request.

    35. Missing avatar

      Scott Tripp
      on November 26

      Can I get this for the iPhone X?

    36. Raffaele Bassetti on November 26

      hello, i changed my mind, i requested to wait for new iphone, but i decided to remain with current iphone 7 (not plus) .

      so can you already send me current model? where to write to tell my decision? there is support email? is good to write here? please inform

    37. Steve F on November 25

      So the rumors are at it with the 5.8, 6.1, 6.5 inch iPhones for 2018. Makes me think if I should just stick with my plus or wait for newer but since it’ll be almost a year to get this one if that I would be stupid to wait another year for the 2018 case. Hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat good news but considering the lack of communication from the team I doubt it will be good news as supposedly these cases will be out Mid 2018 no sooner as they said in last or latter update.

    38. Matt Wiseman
      on November 24

      @Barry Miller: Ditto, iPhone7

    39. Priyan Parames on November 22

      6 inch display smartcase for IPhone XI (11)
      Only they can do post biweekly updates till IPhone XII (12)
      You guys used kickstarter to robbery !!
      Thats all i can say !
      Well done, good job

    40. Priyan Parames on November 22

      Announced 5’ inch
      Now 5’5 inch
      Next 6’ inch

    41. Missing avatar

      BARRY L MILLER on November 20

      I purchased an iPhone6 only for the purpose of carrying my new Eye-Smart Case.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Koukoulis on November 17

      Will you offer an iPhone SE version? I decided to change to an iPhone SE as I think it's the best iPhone made to date.

    43. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on November 15

      Glad to get response :), it's not an easy project so would like to support the creator and wait

    44. Missing avatar

      유희성 on November 14

      Do you have an iPhone x design?

    45. Missing avatar

      Carl Highfill on November 13

      I'very contacted them many times about refunds and this is the latest response from them...

      ESTI Inc. says:
      Hi Carl,
      Sorry for the late reply.
      As we already answered you as well as explained in our weekly reports, we are completely aware and very sorry for the situation that the delay combined with lack of details that we can supply had created bad feelings and even loss of faith. We really hope that in relatively short period (after will sign a contract with the manufacturer) we will be able to give more details.
      In any case the Kickstart support includes risks, we really trying to make sure that the only risk in the case of the Smartcase will be the delay of supply, since your support is used for the development, we cannot issue refund.
      We really hope that you will continue to support us with the same spirit that made you support us at the beginning.
      ESTI team

    46. T. Edward on November 13

      I demand a refund.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tevan on November 12

      So another update that actually gives us NO UPDATE! Bunch of scam artist. Love how they claim to address non existing request but fail to address the most common request here. REFUND!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jacob T on November 12

      If you guys don’t get MFI certification, make it USB-C power delivery. Make it future compatible please

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