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The Social Media Monthly magazine is the worlds only printed magazine focused on social media's impact on all aspects of life.
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Bob Fine

284 backers pledged $22,928 to help bring this project to life.

Raising the bar again....

Hi everyone,

Okay. I know, I just sent you a fairly lengthly update last night, so you're probably not quite ready to hear from me again so soon. I've been burning the midnight oil late tonight trying to figure out what more could we offer our most valued backers ($100 or more), and still offer something unique and cool to those that really can't contribute that much, but do want to participate and help us along.

No, I will not come and clean your house for free. But, wait a couple weeks, that one could still be added. :)

What if we offered a high quality t-shirt with the cover design of your choosing from our first seven covers? Along with the size of your choosing: XS,S,M,L,XL and XXL. 

Have I got your attention? 

Now, our seventh issue won't be out until late March, but we will have the cover design available for you to choose from by the end of February. Colors of the t-shirts are not set in stone at this stage, and where possible, we'll try to offer more than one color choice, and if not we'll choose a neutral color that best shows off the cover design.

If you've already pledged $100 or more, this reward will automatically be included. If you've pledged $15 or less, you may want to consider upgrading your pledge. If you pledge $25, you'll receive both the t-shirt and 1-year subscription to the magazine.

Ok....time to get some shut eye.