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Aurora must learn Magic to rescue her Father, but Magic in Aurora's World works the same way that Programming works in Ours.
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One Day Left


Hello, True Believers.  This is the last day of our Kickstarter Campaign, and I want to take the opportunity to thank some of the people who have given me excellent advice, both about 'Codemancer,' and how to present it on Kickstarter.  I may have forgotten some people temporarily, in which case I apologize profusely.

My Thanks, in rough chronological order, to Courtney StepienTaliesin Beynon, Christian Arca, Brett Gough, Andy SaiaNeal Sales-Griffin, Evan GilbertJay Margalus, John Murphy and many of the faculty members and students of ChicagoQuestRyan Weimeyer, Craig Stern, and many of the great folks in the Indie City Games community, Max Temkin, Jesse Schell, everyone who offered their advice at the NYU Practice Conference, Eric Huang & Tom Eastman, Kevin ZuhnElliott Serrano, David LaskeyGeorge Saines, Sarah Esper & Stephen Foster, Danny YaroslavskiDan Shapiro and all of my friends in Hive Chicago.  I'd also like to thank all the backers who have reached out to me individually with their suggestions, criticisms, thoughts, and encouragement over the course of the campaign.  I'm honored to have received your advice, and I plan to continue to put it to good use.

Many Thanks,



    1. Creator Alex Ting on August 27, 2014

      Go, go, go :D :D :D

    2. Creator Robert Lockhart on July 20, 2014

      I'm also shocked to realize that I forgot to mention Zeke Virant, who kindly gave me an excellent 'kickstarter checklist' which he'd created for another project.

    3. Creator Robert Lockhart on May 27, 2014

      I can't believe I temporarily forgot super-advisor Kee-Won Hong: