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2012 finds us releasing a new EP, a new LP and even a DVD. Our tour vehicle is dust and we need your help to come play for you!
2012 finds us releasing a new EP, a new LP and even a DVD. Our tour vehicle is dust and we need your help to come play for you!
75 backers pledged $7,291 to help bring this project to life.

6 DAYS LEFT to help Bobby Joe Ebola recover and carry on! Any donation helps!!

To DONATE & for more info, visit the link here:

After 500 shows,15 music videos and 6 releases in the past four years, we hit a wall last month and had to cancel the last 30 days of a 70 day tour. With no outside major funding (except the generosity our fans and friends!), booking, promotion or production help, we realized that in order lessen major band stress, to fix our equipment, finish new projects and start some new ones - we need to do ONE FINAL FUNDRAISER! 

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND DONATE IF YOU ARE ABLE! If you have ever been a fan or friend to the band, we need your help now more than ever to continue forward and to make our next round of awesome and crazy art & music! 

Thank you for your past support and anything you can do to help us now in our most dire hour as a creative force! 

 Regards, Dan & Corbett


Here it is. The fundraising campaign to help Bobby Joe Ebola recover, repair and finish all of the awesome shit we've started before we had to cancel the last 30 days of of a recent 70 day tour. After 500 shows, 15 music videos, 2 LPs, 2 EPs, a live box set and two books in ONLY FOUR YEARS - we are reaching out to you to make the rest of our awesome HAPPEN! Thank you so much for your past support!

Link is here:

 You'll find many exclusive & exciting band related items up there as rewards if you donate, but also awesome items from Microcosm Publishing, Horrible Comics, Selfish Satan Recordings, DIRT CULT RECORDS and Dominic Del Bene! Thanks to our community for donating such rad reward items to help us reach our lofty goal! Share this link and donate if you can! Thank you all! 

T-Shirts are here!

Thanks for your patience! We embark on our first ever full band tour today BECAUSE OF YOU!! The exclusive "Spread Ebola" t-shirts arrived yesterday - waiting on the stickers to arrive and to compile the tour zine over the next 10 days to send everything else out to you! All other reward items are also being worked on!

Thanks again! Just wanted to let you know we're on it!

Come see us soon!

~ Dan & Corbett

Here she is... MELENA!

Meet our new van, Melena! She is a beauty. Purchased from Allan McNaughton of Airfix Kits, there is so much room, a new transmission and a loft for sleeping and gear! Getting all registration, tune up, electric windows and horn fixed this weekend... all thanks to you!!!

We will be sending a round of reward items very soon (shirts, stickers and tote bags) so keep your eyes peeled on your mail boxes and your email (we will be sending out a survey with some questions about sizes etc.)

We will be doing another round of mailing when we finish our new album (will be sending you all digital copies) and the tour zine documenting our April 4th - 15th mini-tour!

Thanks again and if you have any questions, email us at

Regards and thanks,

Corbett & Dan 

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!!!!!!!!!!! No fucking shit. We did it. YOU did it. FINAL HOUR DONATION SENT US OVER THE EDGE!!!! We thank you as a band! Dan is away dealing with a family tragedy & Corbett is at the helm for this! 103% FUNDED!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We will be able to bring you our FULL BAND for the first time ever on tour! This is already been an amazing year and coming up - 6 NEW AMAZING VIDEOS. 28 NEW SONGS in the form of a NEW LP, EP and three 7" INCHES. 48 SHOWS booked out to August. FULL US TOURS and a couple two weeks festival jaunts.

We might not be the punkest, most rockin' or folkin' or whatever, but we are a great band that writes great songs & has more creative ambition than money. Thanks for making ALL of this possible. 

~ Cryin' Corbett Redford