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Commonly Asked Questions

Posted by Bobby Chiu (Creator)


We are posting this update today to answer a number of common questions we have received at Schoolism Help Desk. If you haven't had any problems enjoying your subscription, please disregard this update. If your subscription hasn't begun yet, please keep in mind that the answers below will soon appear in our official FAQ on


How do I begin my subscription?

To begin your subscriptions, simply log into your registered Schoolism account on, and navigate to your dashboard by clicking the "Dashboard" button in the top right of your screen. There, you'll be able to access the course material as well as switch classes.

If your subscription was meant to begin in July, and you created your account or have requested any changes on or after July 10, your subscription may still be in the processing stages. This is a manual process, so please kindly allow up to 7 business days for your subscription to process. Thank you for your patience!

I chose to begin my subscription after July, when will it appear in my account?

For those who selected a start date other than July to begin, your subscription will appear in your Schoolism account at 12:00AM ET on the day you selected in your survey. Currently, your account will display as not being subscribed, but once your subscription has become active, it will appear on your Schoolism dashboard, ready for you to start learning! :)

I didn't select a starting date, where are my Schoolism Dollars?

For those who did not select a course to begin with, but instead selected to have their account credited with Schoolism Dollars, your surveys are still processing. Again, this is a manual process, but we're working as fast as we can. Your Schoolism Dollars will appear in your account by August 5, 2015.

Where are the assignment files?

Assignment files can be retrieved by clicking the "Download Resources" button on the left-hand side of the page for that assignment. Access the assignment page by clicking the "Assignment" button on your Schoolism dashboard. If the downloaded file will not open, please clear your browser's cache, and try again.

To clear your browser's cache for, please follow the instructions below.

Google Chrome 

Press Shift+F5 while on the assignment page.

Mozilla Firefox

History > Show All History > Search for “Schoolism” > Right-click result > Forget About This Site

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Press F12 > Cache > Clear browser cache for this domain…

Safari OS X

Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and website data: Details… > Search “Schoolism” > Remove

How do I submit my assignments?

Because of the volume of subscribers, there is not enough hours in the day for instructors to view and grade assignments. We do understand that feedback is valuable, which is why we created a Facebook group for students to post their assignments on HERE, and are helping to build a community for those learning through subscriptions!


We thank you for your patience in waiting for this information. Schoolism Help Desk has been flooded with emails of support, concern, and encouragement, and we are working to get back to each of you as quickly as possible. The shift to subscriptions on Schoolism represents a major change for us, and we really appreciate all of your support and patience through the course of this transition.

This update is also being released as an email to all of our backers. We apologize if you receive this message twice.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Happy learning,

Schoolism Help Desk

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    1. Itay Kalininski on


      My subscription hasn't started and i've sent an email to

      however i received no answer yet.

    2. Elciled on

      Now I got an email saying my subscription has ran out! But it never started! Can you fix this?

    3. Elciled on

      My mistake, I just checked: I went with the december option in the rewards, and for the survey, thought I chose october, scratch that.... it says in my preferred date question it was actually July 3? So... it wasn't in July, it's gonna be in december, is that correct?

    4. Elciled on

      I think I chose the october subscription for 1 month but it could have been the december one, where do I check? I see nothing in my schoolism account.

    5. Steve Luna on

      I don't think I received a survey. I searched my inbox and I didn't see anything. I actually have time to invest in my learning now and I'm really looking forward to what schoolism has to offer!

    6. Bobby Chiu 3-time creator on

      Hi @Dino Zukan. Thanks for your comment! Under the "Which class would you like to subscribe to?" section of the survey, one of the options is:

      "None right now. Please credit my pledge to my account as Schoolism Dollars. I will contact with my choice later."

      For those who have selected this option, your pledge has been credited to your Schoolism account as Schoolism Dollars. To activate your subscription, please kindly contact with your class choice as well as preferred start date. Schoolism Dollars do not have an expiry. Hopefully this information helps! :)

      Happy learning,

      Schoolism Help Desk

    7. Missing avatar

      Dino Zukan on

      I just logged in and saw that I have $120 schoolism dollars.. Does this mean when I'm ready to start, I find my first course and press "subscribe"? Do the schoolism dollars have an expiry? And will the additional month (over $100 pledge) be added automatically? :) Pumped to begin!

    8. Maria Hernandez on

      Hi! My 2 month subscription of a self-start course started yesterday but I can't enroll in anything nor do I have any dollars in my account. I'm wasting time and no answer from info@, please help!