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To become the best, you must learn from the best. We've given you access to the top artists, now we want to make it affordable for all.
4,462 backers pledged CA$ 610,117 to help bring this project to life.

A Monumental Success! - Surveys Will be on Their Way Soon!

Posted by Bobby Chiu (Creator)

Absolutely fantastic! With the launch of this Kickstarter, we asked the world if it wanted affordable quality art education. The answer was a deafening YES! We could never have anticipated that we would raise more than triple our original goal of $200 000! With a wonderful community of artists like yourselves, though, we've watched this campaign sail effortlessly past our every stretch goal and we could not have done it without you!

Now that the Kickstarter has ended, we figure we had better start fulfilling some rewards! Surveys will be flying out to your Kickstarter inboxes over the next couple weeks. In the survey, you will be asked for your account email, and to choose the month when you would like your subscription to begin. Once you respond, your subscription will be added to your account, and we will try to activate your subscription on the first day of the delivery month you have chosen. If we are unable to activate your subscription on this day, rest assured that it will be activated by the first day of the delivery month of the reward you chose when pledging.

Your survey should reach you no later than June 3, 2015. If you haven't been contacted  by then or if you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know at

To see what your classmates on Schoolism are up to, you can join the Schoolism Subscriptions Student Group on Facebook HERE. Posting your work here is a great way to garner helpful advice and comments on your art, or to see if the community can help answer questions you might have about your class.

Our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude goes out to all those who have helped us to make Schoolism Subscriptions a success, and we look forward to giving you what you pledged for and opening the doors to affordable education soon!

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    1. Dan Felton on

      Still waiting on my survey :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Dorothee R. on

      @Robert Steven Diaz Mariazeta: Thanks for the compliment and the offer! Unfortunately nobody seemed interested in earning Schoolism rewards by giving me a referral link. So I ended up creating an account over at Schoolism last Friday afternoon. But seemingly it was too late and it looks like I've lost my spot in the June starting crowd. My survey answer doesn't seem to have been processed yet.

      Somewhere I've read, that only those users with a Schoolism account can earn Schoolism rewards who have already bought (and maybe went through) a class on Schoolism. That's why I noted two dA users who I knew had already taken at least one Schoolism class. But only one of them replied and wasn't interested. Then I asked my dA watchers in a status update, but no reply either. Some minutes ago I didn't see any hint in my Schoolism account about a referral link to give to other people. There also wasn't the class connected to my account that I've chosen in the survey and right now I haven't got any clue, when my Schoolism subscription is going to start. It was supposed to start in June, but because I've waited for replies I was late answering the survey. And even if my subscription started within the next days, I don't know, if I can then already give out a referral link. So better don't wait for me or you might end up loosing your starting date as well.

    3. Robert Steven Diaz Mariazeta on

      @Dorothee R: That's a brilliant idea! When you get your account, give me your referral link so you can get some rewards for the smart thinking ;D

    4. Missing avatar

      Dorothee R. on

      @JC Roxas: I'm also in the June crowd and I have a notice about the survey when I log into this Kickstarter project near the top of the page on a yellowish banner. For the last days I've been trying to find someone who already has a Schoolism account to give me his / her referral link to use that for creating an account on Schoolism, so that they might earn some schoolism rewards / dollars.

    5. JC Roxas on

      Did anyone else receive their surveys already? Because it's coming close to June 3rd and I haven't received mine yet. I know that you guys are doing this manually (so thank you for your efforts!) but I just want to check this with you all :)

    6. Atiya Karim on

      Can't wait! Congrats on the project and everyone who pledged ( including meself ) :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Wolfy-hound on

      I still can't fulfill my pledge and no one has gotten back to me on how to correct it. Both cards I attempted to use are good. Both were declined.

    8. Gerome Jean on

      Congratulations ! It's a great news for art education ! I cannot wait to start the courses !

    9. Ivonne Goodman on

      I would like my classes to start in August instead of September¡ this is awesomeness¡

    10. Antonio Rafael García Hernández on

      Thanks to you guys I wanted to take your classes for about 5 years but in my country it's a lot of money now I'll give my best to learn a lot :)

    11. migue on

      I'm really excited to start the course!