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A bonus for reaching our first stretch goal! Interview with Craig Mullins!

Posted by Bobby Chiu (Creator)

Thank you to everyone for helping to reach our first stretch goal! Here's a bonus interview with the legend of legends:


Many people consider Craig Mullins to be the first digital painter, and perhaps the only person to do digital paintings at such a masterful level. It's an absolute honor and privilege that Schoolism is able to bring you this interview.

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    1. Jacob on

      Great interview, I can't wait for his class. He's been a big inspiration of mine ever since I found his work back in my college years.

    2. Gabriel Bishop on

      Bobby, you do pretty fine interview. Big thanks to Craig Mullins for his insights as well.

    3. Ralitsa Minkova on

      This was such a wonderful treat and so inspiring to hear! So much food for thought, and what a great take on the many different levels of the artistic journey. Thank you for sharing this with us!! :o)

    4. Marianjp on

      Amazing present!! as if the classes whose availability you give us opportunity were not sufficient!!! Thank you very much guys!!! Impatient for beggining the courses!!

    5. Mili Fay on

      Loved it! As primarily a traditional artist, it was interesting to hear Mullins' thoughts on traditional art vs. digital art. I've been trying for a while now to answer for myself which one I think is better. I totally understand what he means by there being a disconnect between a digital print and a viewer. I admire many digital artists, but I also prefer original sketches to the most amazing digital painting in the world. Personally, I feel that a piece of an artist's soul is found in their traditional work, while in digital art that piece gets lost between the computer and the printed page.

      Wonderful, inspirational interview. Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Miguel von Loehneysen on

      Very interesting to hear him speak with such clarity about the state of digital art. Also had a good laugh at the Syd Mead story!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alexander Tooth on

      Always great to hear his advice :)