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Hitchhike your way to victory!

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Maxime Dubé: "At first I backed this without paying much attention to the game itself, only to support boardgames in Montreal (Living there myself.). Now I gotta say this looks amazing, can't wait!"

Aaron McDonald: "Looks great! Just backed"

Son Do: "I just discovered this project.. wow it looks amazing! I've just backed, Will spread the gospel"

Duke Drizzt: "Backed! Good luck with this game, man. Sounds fun and will be a great alternative to Formula D.

Giles Pound: "Love the look of this project very much!"

Craig Latta: "I really like the look of this game. Great fun for adults for some light relief but also good as a family game"

Brius: This game looks excellent! I'm a self-proclaimed prophet o' Kickstarter and when I saw this yesterday I knew I saw a successful campaign. Congrats, in advance!"

MonkeyFunker: "Fun looking game"

Hello fellow gamers! Need a break from all the epic fantasy sci-fi mumbo jumbo insanly giant rulebook games out there? Why not hitchhike away with CarmaRace? We need your help to get this board game to your table. If you want a game with insane player interaction and good times, simply pledge and it's yours as soon as it comes out. We can't thank you enough for making this game a reality! 

This game has:

  • Quick & Easy Gameplay.
  • Great player interaction.
  • Dark humour artwork by Squish Image.
  • Will teach math to young players. (Remove unwanted cards)
  • Huge map to explore and race through.
  • Customizable, lots of variants, and expansions coming later!

In Carmarace, everyone on your block just won the chance to pick up a limited edition collectable at the convention being held on the other side of the continent. There is only one of these collectables up for grabs and the first person there gets it! The problem? None of you have a car…As players hit the streets, sky, and tracks, they will hop into different vehicles with different “Karma” values. Here are some example vehicles:

               OVER 35 VEHICLES!

You might get really lucky and have a nice open road in front of you… or you might get a giant boulder, which can slow you down. In this race, what goes around comes around. You'll run into speeding tickets, road blocks, jet fighters, trains, cars, planes, old ladies, and MORE!

In Carmarace, you'll need to strategize which cards to hold, and which to discard. Do you want to advance further into the race? Or deal out some bad Karma to the others in front? Which path should you take? Will you risk the high road and take a plane? Bluff your way past the others? So many choices to choose from.


If you want to see YOUR NAME on some cards in the game, go to our flavour text Contest photo album HERE.

We only need $23,000 for the first run but we have some extra stretch goals to make the game even better:


In the box you'll get 4 deck of cards. (50 Cards each = 200 Cards!)

  • 1 deck of Transportation cards which is what you'll use to gain speed on the board.
  • 3 decks of Karma cards which are cards you can play on yourself or opponents . These will advance or slow down a player during his move.

                      THE BOARD

You'll also get a board which will be about 22 inches by 33 inches and will contain the continent on which you are racing on. The board will be split into many different areas for you to enjoy and do some sight seeing. 

     You'll find this GPS on the Board:

What do the white arrows do?

When your pawn comes across an Arrow space, you must roll a die and follow the directions written on the board’s GPS. Rolling an odd or even number will determine which direction the driver will go. If you decide to stop your movement on a space with the arrow, or if you end your movement on this space (which means you are getting out of the vehicle) you may choose in which direction you want to go during your next Movement phase. If you are starting your turn on a white arrow, you decide in which direction to go.

                  PLAYER BOARDS

You'll get six large player boards (22 inches by 4 inches!). There will be player turn summary on them and space to play your transportation cards and karma cards. You can also pledge to be one of the Characters on these boards. Only 6 available so hurry if you want it!

Each character will also have an optional Special Ability.


You'll get 4 dice (2 green for good karma and 2 red for bad karma). You'll also get 6 wooden pawns (Meeples) of different Colours. 

Summary Cards will be Included
Summary Cards will be Included


VARIANT (For the good guys): When you play a Positive Karma card or a card which helped an opponent, you may advance 2 spaces immediately.

VARIANT (For the hardcore gamers): Mix all the Karma cards into 1 deck. This way you only have 2 decks to draw from instead of 4.

VARIANT (For younger players): You can play CarmaRace without using the special abilities. Just use the Speed of the transportations and the + or – from the Karma Cards. This will make the game easier and will teach young players some simple math. You might want to remove the cards you find offensive or mature.


Expansions will add extra Maps (Stages) and different transportations. More abilities and special board effects such as Tornados and Sand Storms will invade the racing grounds. Themed editions are in the works too! (Imagine hitchhiking trough a Steampunk planet)


We've reduced the price for everyone who helps back this game, below the MSRP. Because without you, this would not be possible.


  • Shipping IS included for US, EU and Canada for most pledges.
  • For all other countries not included in those pledges, add 50$ shipping.




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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once the game is funded, our only challenge will be to get everything done as fast as possible. If we unlock lots of goodies the time frame might change a little but our goal is to get it out by late FALL 2013. Your game should come with everything and if it doesn't you'll be able to contact us for replacement parts. Because we are part of Board to Death TV, we have close connections to most gaming publishers out there. If something should happen, we always have a backup plan. The game took 3 years to make and now all we ask is for your help bringing into your hands. Thank you so much for the support and shares and hope you'll come back for the Expansions!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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