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Velociraptor! Cannibalism! is a card game of survival, mutation, and stealing body parts.
1,016 backers pledged $43,619 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!

Posted by Board Raptor Games (Creator)

Thank you to all of our backers for supporting Velociraptor! Cannibalism! and for coming along with us on this wonderful, strange journey. All this started out with six game designers, mostly strangers to each other, who came together to make a game, and along the way, became friends.  We are so happy that we’ll be able to complete the art for this game and bring our little dinosaur baby to you.

During this Kickstarter we learned some wonderful things. We learned that the world is full of fabulous weirdos, amazing gamers, people who love dinosaurs and twisted senses of humor and funny voices and flash animations and good games. We learned that there are people, lots of people, willing to support art and artists and new game design. We are glad to have found all 1016 of you.

This Kickstarter is just the beginning of the journey. Our ship is full, stocked, and ready to set sail, and all of you are coming along with us as we create the art, complete the graphic design and find a printer and ship it out to everyone who ordered one.  In the coming months you’ll be getting updates from us as we release the demo game, show off our art as it’s created, and sample materials from printers. You are part of the team now and we plan to share our progress with you.

It’s been a glorious, strange trip so far, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the journey with you. Thank you for backing our project, and for believing that dinosaurs can switch body parts and that six game designers with the same weird, wonderful dream can make a fun new game.

Thank you for believing in us.


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      deleted on

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    2. Thorbjørn Forsberg on

      Way to go! I am glad I could play a part in making this happen. You guys are funny and twisted and I love it. Can't wait to see the result! :) Greetings from Denmark!

    3. Juha Niittynen on

      Congratulations! Nice to see that these innovative and creative projects get the funding they need. I wish all the best for your project, I'm happy to be part of it and I'm waiting an awesome game :)

    4. Rubén Gómez on

      Congratulations! :D I can't wait to play your game, I want June to come over now!

    5. Board Raptor Games Creator on

      We are too!
      Surveys for the BRIAN tier should be going out in a few days, depending on how quickly we can get our tails in gear.

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Hirsch on

      Sweet! Nice work guys! I'm looking forward to this weird ass game!

    7. Ben Ames

      congratulations, I'm glad I could be a part of this.

    8. Battlefield Press, Inc. on

      Yay!!! Looking forward to this.