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Velociraptor! Cannibalism! is a card game of survival, mutation, and stealing body parts.
Velociraptor! Cannibalism! is a card game of survival, mutation, and stealing body parts.
1,016 backers pledged $43,619 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gavin Maxwell on February 26, 2015

      This is our "go to" game when friends pop around. My 7yo and 9yo absolutely love explaining the rules to newbies - and they especially love reading the comments on the Prey cards! Great game, wonderful replay value (we play it at least a few times a month on average). Thank you!!

    2. Direhippo on February 26, 2014

      Hey guys! I just wanted to stop in and congratulate you on a fantastic game. Though we had a stumble or two with some rules at first, we've been having a fantastic time ever since! Thank you!

    3. Daniel Gomez (aka Terin) on January 14, 2014

      Got mine and just played it. I missed the e-mail saying it was ready, but it showed up quick once I claimed it. So, I ran into an unresolvable tie, in which both players had the same egg count and calorie upkeep cost. I was pondering how to resolve it, and decided that taking one more climate free turn with just the two tying raptors would work.

    4. John Skotnik on January 7, 2014

      There was a Velociraptor! Cannibalism! tournament at SacAnime this past weekend. Very cool to see y'all represented there!

    5. Board Raptor Games Creator on December 16, 2013

      Michael, did you follow the instructions in update 45 for getting your copy?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Costonis on December 16, 2013

      Still don't have mine...

    7. Board Raptor Games Creator on December 16, 2013

      We are so happy you like the game! Thank you so much for supporting us!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Buelow on November 29, 2013

      Just love this game. Thanks for running the kickstarter!

    9. Board Raptor Games Creator on November 15, 2013

      Hey Eduardo, I don't have the rules in front of me but the intent was that at the beginning of your turn eggs move out of the nursery into the "available to be attacked" pool. Cards in stomach just stay there until you use them. You can think of them like extra cards that you draw, saved from previous turns (except that body parts can only be used for calories and cannot be equipped).

    10. Eduardo Payán on November 15, 2013

      Just got mine today; it looks even more awesome than I expected; kudos for your great work on the design and production.
      I've been through the rules and I don't fully understand the nursery part; at what point during my turn are the eggs placed in the nursery and thus inmune to attacks, and at what point are they moved out of nursery and can be stolen by other players?
      Also, what happens with the cards left in stomach during the next turn? are they added to the calorie pool?

    11. Board Raptor Games Creator on November 11, 2013

      Sorry about VAT guys. One of the problems of producing goods in a country that doesn't have it and shipping to a country that does. :X

      Gregg: think they wanted to make sure we hadn't put a live dinosaur in the box? ;)

    12. Gregg Cabe Bond on November 11, 2013

      Finally managed to get home this weekend and have a look at it in the flesh. It is superb quality and well worth the wait. Sadly I too got poked by the import tax, most of that was them opening the box to "check the contents" and VAT on top of that. Sigh!

    13. John on November 8, 2013

      Got mine the other week love the game but not likening the import bill I just got today £17.76 god the uk is such a pirate state.

    14. Clemens J. Heilmann
      on November 5, 2013

      Really! If you contact my via message with a suitable email adress I can mail a pic. Tried to do it on the facebook page just now and then realized my adress is on it and deleted it. *FAIL*

    15. Board Raptor Games Creator on November 5, 2013

      Really? It just says "Velociraptor" on it? XD
      I want a picture now! Ha!

      Anyway, I'll see what I can do to inform Game Salute about that. Thanks!

    16. Clemens J. Heilmann
      on November 5, 2013

      Maybe just a quick comment for people in Germany which I also passed along to Game Salute. If you send a package to Germany it would be helpful if there would be some way to attach a bill with the paid total to the outside of the box because otherwise customs won't (can't) process it and it will not be delivered to your door step. I have to pick up my game at customs tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it and maybe the customs people were just confused because the only thing stated for content of the box is "Velociraptor" which might have led to some head scratching ;-)

      tl;dr: Attach bill to outside of package to allow customs processing, inform Game Salute

      Thanks guys and looking forward to my first game of Velociraptor! Cannibalism!

    17. John Cruz on November 3, 2013

      @Wayne West
      Good points! I like a lot of your ideas. We came up with some others after we had a chance to think about it.
      1. Make the first turn of truce also affect Jungle predators. They don't attack you. This wouldn't help with calorie deficits, but would reduce the chance of getting stripped to the bare playmat on the first turn.
      2. Give everyone a one-time "calorie stash" token that can be used within the first 2 turns. This token can be spent once to cover all of the player's body-part calorie needs. The player would still have to find a way to pay for 'flee' calories.
      3. Hunger Pangs - If your stomach is empty, you get +1 on offense versus predators.
      Just some thoughts.

    18. Wayne West on November 3, 2013

      To the makers:

      Good job! But are you planning on putting a message board some place where it can be discussed more easily? The WordPress blog isn't really a good system for that IMO.

    19. Wayne West on November 3, 2013

      @John Cruz:

      My wife and I played it for the first time last night and also encountered some problems. We thoroughly enjoyed the game, it was lots of fun, but I think maybe some tweaks are needed. Now, we were each playing two dinos since we only had two players, so we were playing in an inherently unbalanced fashion. But I do have a suggestion for you: stack the deck.

      Some games that use decks heavily have a stacking mechanic where certain cards are omitted from, let's say, the first third of the deck. We could do it here, I'd suggest something along the following lines. Shuffle the deck, then deal the cards in to their respective prey/predator/event piles for about half the deck. Take three prey, one predator, one event for every player plus one, shuffle these and this group becomes the top part of the deck. Shuffle the remainder with the rest of the deck, and start from this point.

      Another thing that I'd consider is two rounds of truce at the start of the game to give you a chance to build-up.

      Two questions that I have: once the eggs leave the nursery, are they always exposed? Also, let's say that you have no body parts and no eggs, nothing in your stomach, you draw no prey, and you're forced to flee. You get a 200 calorie deficit that cannot be met. Is that deficit just ignored?

      I think the counter-attack rule is weak without using the fudge die. You're not going to attack someone stronger than you, and since everything is revealed, you always know if you're going to win or not. The fudge die, which we did not play with last night, would add some uncertainty, so I think it would be a good idea. Another possibility, and maybe the rules state this and I glossed over it, would be to not reveal event cards until required, so maybe my opponent doesn't know that I have the self-defense class and get a +1 bonus, making their attack against me a push instead of a loss.

      I like the idea of the fudge die, but I don't know if I care for the scale. If one were included, it would be easy to work with, without having one I would be more inclined to let each person in a raptor vs raptor fight roll a regular d6 and add that to their attack or defense.

      Fundamentally, I think it is a good and fun game. We enjoyed it and look forward to playing it again. But I think the rules might need some tweaks. I should also add that we did not play with the Mythos expansion, just the base set with the My Little Pony cards.

    20. John Cruz on November 3, 2013

      Received mine yesterday, played it today. Some comments:
      The components are high quality. I like the layouts, the graphics, everything about the game was as described, so thanks Board Raptor games. However . . .
      Let's talk about play balance for a minute, and see if anyone can address this. We played two games today with 6 players each time. We noticed that the start of the game can be extremely unbalancing. At the very beginning in both games, one or two players, on their first forays into the jungle, got all predator cards. One player had to cannibalize his only body part in order to flee from the 3 predators he pulled. Another got 2 predators and 2 events. Effectively, neither was able to thrive the first round, to accomplish anything in the game. This put them into a deficit that lasted them the rest of the way through the game.
      Two other players in each game got pure prey picks. In both cases, those two players were "ahead" for the entirety of the game. Ultimately, it became a predetermined arms (pardon the pun) race between them that was affected finally only shifted in one game when one of them was more affected by avian flu than the other. Otherwise, they would have been at a tie for the whole game. No other player could effectively challenge them, and as long as they maintained approximate parity, it was not possible for them to attack each other, so everyone else landed up being constantly under attack, when they had anything at all to get attacked for.
      I feel there should be a dynamic that introduces more of a chance to get "out of the hole" if you're squashed at the start, and for evenly matched "apex" players to be encouraged to do more against each other rather than picking on weaker players.

    21. Board Raptor Games Creator on November 1, 2013

      Thanks Zenas (and everyone else, too)! We certainly do have plans to keep making games, but it's still too early to say much else. ;)

    22. Zenas Bellace on November 1, 2013

      I received my box last week. I am very impressed guys. It's a beautiful product and a well deserved Kickstarter campaign success. If you folks do another campaign/game, I wouldn't hesitate to contribute. Just wanted to post my kudos here for future reference. :D

    23. Tim Ellis on October 31, 2013

      Mine was delivered yesterday in the Seattle area. It looks amazing. Very high quality. It took a lot longer than expected, but you followed all the way through and delivered a great product, which is a lot more than can be said of many Kickstarter projects.

      Can't wait to play it this weekend with my family. Thanks, and best of luck going forward!

    24. Gregg Cabe Bond on October 29, 2013

      I'm in the UK, and I know mine has arrived back at home. Sadly I am working away from the office for 2 weeks so it will have to wait until then to be played.

    25. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 28, 2013

      Thanks so much, everyone. We put everything we had into making this game and your kind words mean a lot. Hope everyone gets their copy soon!

      That's a really tough call, John. Good luck!

    26. Joseph Bridges
      on October 28, 2013

      I opened mine today and I'm really impressed with the production.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jon Bradford on October 28, 2013

      Got mine today over in the UK, really impressed by the speed of delivery and the game looks great, now I have to decide whether to keep it as a Christmas present or get it open to play now!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason Petty on October 28, 2013

      Got mine on Friday, it looks great! Thanks guys!

    29. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 27, 2013

      Thank you! We are delighted that you like it. We hope you have a great time playing the game.

    30. Missing avatar

      on October 27, 2013

      Recevied the game today and it looks great. The production turned out really well!

    31. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 19, 2013

      Messages with instructions on how to collect your physical rewards have now all been sent. Check out update 45 for details.

    32. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 18, 2013

      Messages about how to collect your physical copy of the game are now being sent out to the appropriate reward levels. We will put up an update when all the messages have been sent.

    33. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 17, 2013

      Thanks Pete! We look forward to hearing what you think when you receive your game!

    34. Pete Schwab on October 17, 2013

      Game ordered! I'm looking forward to getting this! Thanks, guys!

    35. Board Raptor Games Creator on October 17, 2013

      An update is coming later today with information about shipping your rewards.

    36. Paul Tate on October 7, 2013

      Anything new? Waiting for this game for a long time now... by far the longest of all of the KS I've done.

    37. Board Raptor Games Creator on August 12, 2013

      Update tomorrow with printing news. -JR

    38. Board Raptor Games Creator on August 5, 2013

      Just wanted to pop back in for a quick update: The publisher is still awaiting word from the printer, so we're stuck waiting for news for now. Sorry we don't have more to report! Soon. Soon!

    39. Board Raptor Games Creator on August 4, 2013

      Trevor, I'm afraid we haven't got an update on the printing at the moment, but we're going to send an inquiry. We'll be sure to post when we have more information. Hoping it'll be on that boat from China soon!

    40. Trevor Rindler on August 4, 2013

      How's the printing going?

    41. Board Raptor Games Creator on July 19, 2013

      Alex, I don't know who will be handling that or how it'll be handled at all. Likely someone at Game Salute and I would suspect that they know about these kinds of things already.

    42. Alex on July 19, 2013

      I live in Canada and haven't really ordered much in the past. Would it be possible/legal to mark the package as a gift especially considering what you pledged and the MSRP of the product will be two different things. Example the person who pledged $500 to make a character shouldn't pay tax/customs for all that IMO. Thanks!

    43. Board Raptor Games Creator on July 15, 2013

      Hi Paul - Yes! There will be some backer-only news posted soon along with a gallery of photos. -JR

    44. Direhippo on June 13, 2013

      Yay! I can't wait to eat my babies, my friends, and their babies too!

    45. Board Raptor Games Creator on June 6, 2013

      Joshua, an update is coming tomorrow! Thanks so much for checking in. -Team Raptor

    46. Joshua Wachs on June 5, 2013

      Any updates?


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