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Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
1,778 backers pledged €69,625 to help bring this project to life.


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China enters Space Race! Heavenly palace awaits first taikonauts! A new chapter in space exploration begins with the arrival of the expansion for Space Race: The Card Game, Interkosmos.

About the base game of Space Race

Space Race is a tableau building card game for 1-4 players based on finding synergies and constructing powerful combinations out of different abilities. You become directors of newly established space agencies during the first seven decades of space exploration. Your goal is to build the most developed agency by recruiting leaders, launching space projects, developing technologies, funding your laboratory, and achieving breakthroughs.

  • Free two-wave shipping included! You'll get Space Race right after the campaign ends.
  • Kickstarter-limited edition: last 1000 boxes of Space Race available.

Interkosmos Expansion

The Interkosmos expansion spices up the gameplay with:

  • Scenarios, a brand new module to fill the gameplay with even more historical context
  • Achievements, a new card type expanding your strategic options
  • Chinese Space Program adding a 5th player into the game
  • 92 new cards (including Stretch Goals) with unique illustrations and a number of new mechanics designed to satisfy your strategic and tactical needs

A note to the Interkosmos packaging: Since the Space Race box is designed to hold the content of the expansion, Interkosmos doesn't have its own box. Of course, it will come in a proper protective package to make sure every single component will arrive in perfect condition.

A lot of you have been asking about a digital bundle and posters. Now, you can get them!

Art Lovers Digital Bundle includes:

  • 5 full-print resolution illustrations from Space Race
  • 5 full-print resolution illustrations from Interkosmos

Estimated delivery – March/April 2018.

How to get Art Lovers Digital Bundle:

A poster of Baikonur cosmodrome is a full-color printed A1 poster (594 x 841 mm, 23.4 x 33.1 in).

Art Lovers Digital Bundle is included as well.

Collector's edition – if we, together, unlock the new Community Stretch Goal (see the Stretch Goals section), all Baikonur posters will be upgraded into a collector's edition. They will be signed by all Boardcubator team members as a special thank you for the support of the Interkosmos campaign.

Estimated delivery – Feb/Mar 2018, depending on how many posters we have to sign. ;)

How to get a really huge Baikonur poster:

In Space Race, you have 7 rounds to develop the most accomplished space agency. You achieve this by adding cards to your tableau (space agency) and executing their abilities in powerful combos.

Competition over the universe

Space Race is unique because even though you have a hand of cards, it is rare to play the cards from your hand directly into your agency. Instead, you can secretly place cards into a central area called the universe, which is a shared pool of cards that all the players can compete for. The cards you put there are revealed at the beginning of the next round.

Cards available are not random: Players themselves influence what cards are possible to acquire every round!

Great amount of player interaction: Opportunities are the same for everyone – predicting your opponents' intentions and hiding your own is crucial.

Secret bidding

There are 4 types of cards in the game and they are sorted correspondingly in the universe:

  • Propaganda
  • Technology
  • Space Programs
  • Breakthroughs

Simultaneous action selection: At the beginning of every round, all players select one of their available Control Cards from the set of 12 they get at the start of the game. These cards form a separate bidding deck for every player. There are 4 types of Control Cards, corresponding to the 4 types of cards in the universe.

Secret bidding: The Control Card you choose for the round represents a secret bid on the type of card that you want from the universe. If you lose the bid, you might get a different card than the one you aimed for.

Resource management: Make sure you think your plans through carefully as each Control Card can be used only once during the game!

Combo exploitation

Engine building: Control cards also allow you to activate the corresponding stripe of abilities. Build an engine and exploit it as well as you can with the limited resources available!

Final countdown

At the end of the game, the director who maintains the most developed space agency, builds the most impressive laboratory, and reaches the most remarkable breakthroughs wins the Space Race.

Strategic decisions: If you want to stay on top of the race, you will have to respond to an ever-changing environment. In every round, you need to identify the best course of development while competing with your opponents for the most interesting discoveries.

Here's how Rahdo ran through Space Race back in 2016:

Solo Game

Challenge the Eastern Bloc: the 1-player mode of Space Race replicates the experience of playing against other people. You take the role of president John F. Kennedy and fight against the united powers of the Eastern Bloc on three levels of difficulty! All the strategic decisions and player interaction from the multiplayer game is in the solo as well! Play your best, the Eastern Bloc will not give you many chances to outsmart him.

Would you like to see how the solo variant of the game plays? Take a look at the video below in which Michal tries to beat the solo opponent from the base game on challenging difficulty!

Interkosmos improves the solo gameplay experience with:

  • New cards and abilities: All 64 Space cards from the expansion can be added to the 98 cards from the base game. All the new Space cards have been tested in solo mode already.
  • Achievements: All Achievements will work in solo mode as well. There is no way we are leaving Achievements out of the solo game.
  • Scenarios: We will do our best to keep the distinct scenario vibe in a solo game as well. Whenever it will be possible, scenarios will have a solo variant as well.
  • Chinese Control Cards set: We are working on incorporating the extra Control Card set from the expansion into the solo game, and it will not be for additional difficulty (like adding 4th deck to the opponent), but for extra mechanics. 

The Interkosmos expansion elevates your Space Race experience:

  • Deeper thematic ties – scenarios will place you directly into the middle of historical developments you need to deal with
  • Compete for and claim achievements – new opportunities to score development points
  • Enhanced replayability with extra abilities to use and new mechanics to exploit
  • Increase the competition by playing with a 5th player


Delve deep into the most crucial moments in the history of space exploration!

Scenarios bring thematically based variations to the gameplay by changing the core rules and producing very distinct vibes.

Playing the scenarios allows you to explore the game within a historical context as each of them requires you to deal with a situation that is based on real events. Thanks to this, you can experience exciting twists in the gameplay while reshaping the most important eras of the space conquest.

Just as Space Race invites you to write an alternative history of scientific achievement, playing through the scenarios gives you the opportunity to explore different paths to those trodden by the past.

Take a look at The Dawn of an Era!


Is it the space agency under your direction that will be the first to reverse-engineer the crucial Aggregat-4 rocket?

Set specific goals to your agency and be rewarded development points when you meet them! At the beginning of each game, 5 out of 12 different achievements will become available for you to claim – by spending one of your Control Cards. Be the first to do so by planning ahead and fulfilling their requirements.

Achievements open new strategies for both new and experienced players using a novel approach to Control Card management.

Read more about Achievements in an update dedicated to them.

Chinese space program (5th player)

China becomes a Space Race competitor. The Interkosmos expansion includes a new set of Control Cards allowing you to play 5-player games. All these cards are thematically adjusted to fit the nature of the Chinese space program. Will you accept the challenge?

New abilities and mechanics

Interkosmos brings a new set of in-game mechanics and abilities designed with the primary focus on increasing the effectivity of smart Control Card management. It is now more crucial than ever to think about which Control Cards to use and which to save for later rounds.

You will also witness a thrilling contest for breakthroughs with two new variations of Breakthrough cards, and construct powerful Technology cards that come with building costs.

 Rahdo about Interkosmos:

Rahdo about Space Race:

Edo about Interkosmos

Unfiltered Gamer about Space Race:

 Alternate Fire Podcast (a really detailed talk about Space Race):

Board Game Brawl about Space Race:

Board Game Brawl about Interkosmos:

Board to Death (coming hopefully by the last days of the campaign)

Community Goals

Because at least 100 people joined us on Thunderclap by 5 December, we will make the following upgrades:

  • Interkosmos gets 1 special Achievement card AND a Hall of Fame sheet where you can track the greatest accomplishments of your Space Race sessions.
  • Baikonur poster Add-on: All posters will be signed by all members of the Boardcubator team!

Jump in and support us on Thunderclap as well!

Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking platform helping people contribute for projects they like with their social reach. If you're not familiar with the platform, you can read more about it as well as how to jump in in Update #11.

We have already unlocked one community stretch goal on Thunderclap before the campaign started!
We have already unlocked one community stretch goal on Thunderclap before the campaign started!

Project Stretch Goals

There were plenty of stretch goals to reach during the campaign.

Reaching deep space!

Saying hello to Pluto! 

Going through asteroid belts

Passing by the Moon!

Reaching the orbit!

Would you like to play the game right now? Take a look at the print-and-play kits that include all the cards as well as the rulebooks:

Space Race Translations

The amazing community of backers from the last campaign have prepared many different language versions of Space Race. Take a look here.

 Interkosmos Translations

Plenty of amazing supporters from the original Space Race campaign offered their help with Interkosmos translations. Here are the first ones, but other languages are coming as well.

The point when Interkosmos started to take a real shape was April 2017. We put down the first prototype and began proper development. It was all about the circle of "playtesting" & "back to the design room" at that time. We have playtested Interkosmos many times among various board game clubs, shown it to plenty of established reviewers (see Reviews for their opinion) and, finally, presented Space Race with Interkosmos in Essen Spiel this year.

Based on the experience we gained during the original (and already fulfilled) Space Race Kickstarter project, we feel competent to successfully deliver Interkosmos as well.

Here's a project status line showing the upcoming agenda, if the Interkosmos project gets funded.
Here's a project status line showing the upcoming agenda, if the Interkosmos project gets funded.

Space Race is an independent game based on an original concept, high quality production, and personal approach of the authors to the community. There are no plans to release the game in mass distribution at the moment.

Dealing with distributors gradually led us to the conclusion that our approach is not suitable for retail production. The amount of unique artworks, black core linen finish card paper, or even the customisable foam insert increase the project budget. Pressure on pricing that is quite common in mass distribution would mean we’d have to compromise on the production value, and that’s something we’re not willing to do.

We begin where others end with stretch goals:

  • Highest-quality cardstock: 320 gsm black core with linen finish. There's no better cardstock that you can get.
  • We check the printing process in person – no airmailed digital proof prints; we'll be right there standing next to the printing machines, making sure there the colors are consistent throughout the game (don’t you also hate it when they aren't?)
  • Handmade wooden rocket as a starting player marker
  • Large amount of unique artworks, corresponding to more than a year of the illustrator's work.
We're always ready to check the production in person!
We're always ready to check the production in person!

All of our manufacturers are located within our reach in Czechia and Poland, EU. Since our last project, we already know what a great job they do, the attention to details they have, and the quality they maintain.

It's a great asset to the final production quality as we're able to supervise the whole manufacturing process in person, just like we did in the previous Space Race project.

Nothing has changed with our focus on the top-notch quality production – if you help us fund Interkosmos, you can expect us to sneak peek around the printing machines in the factory again.

Interkosmos Expansion pledge €19

  • EU and USA – free shipping
  • Other countries – €2 (added automatically when you pledge)

Space Race AND Interkosmos pledge €54

  • EU and USA – free shipping
  • Other countries – €7 (added automatically when you pledge)
  • Free two wave shipping

First wave – Space Race (Jan/Feb 2018): we will ship Space Race boxes right after the campaign ends – once Kickstarter collects the pledges and we have your address via the survey. If everything goes well, you should receive your copy around Jan/Feb 2018 (depending on your country).

Second wave – Interkosmos (Jul 2018): the expansion will be sent for free when it is produced.

This project is US, EU, and Canada friendly, which means no customs charges. Rewards will ship from within US and EU, respectively. Canadian backers will receive full reimbursement via PayPal if their package gets held at customs.

List of EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Group Pledges

Some of you have already asked about group pledges for the Interkosmos expansion. You can find it in the campaign under Shipping, but we have also included it in FAQ. Here’s how it works:

Additional Interkosmos expansions – Add €17 | $20 | £15 (shipping included) to your pledge for each additional Interkosmos expansion. It doesn’t matter if you’re pledging for the sole expansion (€19) or for the whole pack of Space Race AND the Interkosmos (€54), just add €17 to the top of your pledge for each additional Interkosmos you’d like to receive.

Here’s how you do it:

  • click on the Manage your pledge button at the upper-right part of the page
  • click on Change your pledge
  • add the extra cost into the Pledge Amount window
  • click on Continue and Confirm.

There you go, you have just added extra Interkosmos expansion(s).

Additional Space Race AND Interkosmos package – Add €49 | $58 | £44 (shipping included) to your pledge for each additional package of the base game AND the Interkosmos expansion. Because the Kickstarter platform does not support multipledges with limited rewards, we have to manually change the number of rewards left. Please send a message to Jan (project creator) so he can update the number of rewards left and send you a confirmation.

Here’s how you do it:

  • click on the Manage your pledge button at the upper-right part of the page
  • click on Change your pledge
  • add the extra cost into the Pledge Amount window
  • click on Continue and Confirm
  • click on this link and send a message to Jan telling him that you want extra Space Race AND Interkosmos package(s)

There you go, you have just added extra Space Race AND Interkosmos package(s) to your pledge.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the final game you receive, you can send it back to us in 90 days after you get it, we will give you a full refund and we will even pay for the shipping (up to €10).

Jan "Suki" Soukal – is a board game enthusiast, former IT security specialist, now following his dream of being a board game designer full-time. He is the designer of both Space Race: The Card Game and the Interkosmos expansion. Besides that he is a co-founder of Boardcubator, a coffee lover, and a new father.

Michal Mikes – co-designed the Interkosmos expansion and helped to develop Space Race: The Card Game. He is a passionate board game/RPG player and a university teacher working towards his goal of being able to work full time in boardgaming.

Marek Loskot – is co-founder of Boardcubator and co-deisgner of Space Race: The Card Game. Marek contributes not only with his board gaming but also with a vast amount of production experience thanks to his background in film industry. Among other projects, he ran Jan Svankmajer's recent crowdfunding campaign for his last film, Insects.

Dominika Dovcik – is our brain when it comes to social media platforms and communication with backers. She’s the one entrusted to convert all the information we would like to share with our fans and supporters into a form understandable even to the world outside of our office.

Dalibor "Max" Krch – is the illustrator of both Space Race: The Card Game and the Interkosmos expansion. It is thanks to his expertise and more than a year-long devotion to the projects that the cards include such remarkable artworks.

Thanks a lot for all your support!

Jan, Michal, Marek, Dominika, and Dalibor.

Space Race: The Card Game resources:

Interkosmos expansion resources:

Boardcubator resources:

Risks and challenges

The Interkosmos expansion is our second Kickstarter project. People who know us or have been around Space Race: The Card Game development know that we are extra-passionate about it and that we're always ready to go the extra mile just to make sure everything about the project is given the care it deserves. Jan has even quit his day job just to make sure he's fully focused on this very journey to the stars!

Space Race: The Card Game was our first project. It successfully funded in May 2016 and we have already delivered the rewards to all backers. We have learned a lot about the production and shipping processes and thanks to this we believe we are able to handle the post-campaign agenda even better than last time. We have also visited all the factories in person in order to learn about the most crucial processes and to make sure the quality of the final product is in accordance with the highest standards. Nevertheless, there can always be unexpected events and situations that might postpone the production and, therefore, also the delivery, but we will do our best to avoid them.

Although the Interkosmos expansion is "just" a part of a card game, which is far less production-complicated than heavy board games, there still may be issues awaiting our mission in deep space that we couldn't have trained for. But we're ready to fight anything that could arise! Once launched, the rocket must rise to the stars!

The Interkosmos has all the mechanics completed and tested. We're still improving the rulebook structure and also working on the remaining artworks.

We believe that we're able to deliver the Interkosmos campaign to your doorstep in July 2018. On the other hand, the Space Race-related pledge rewards are already produced so we will ship them as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your support! We'll keep you updated!


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