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Space Race is a unique engine building game with amazing artwork and stunning rockets.
Space Race is a unique engine building game with amazing artwork and stunning rockets.
3,652 backers pledged €198,328 to help bring this project to life.


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The world struggles in the Cold War, and many see the sky as the next battlefield. A new chapter of extraterrestrial exploration is about to begin. The technological boundaries will be pushed further than the humanity has ever imagined. Do you have what it takes to lead a daring space agency into a new age of human achievement?

Space Race was funded in 93 minutes and more than 3600 wonderful backers showed their support and unlocked 39 Stretch Goals, including:

  •  Master Box for the Deluxe Bundle — store all the campaign content in a single box!
  •  Unique silk screen printed astronaut meeples for each faction
  •  All of the rocket-specific Control Cards to boost variable gameplay
  • Professional blackcore cards with linen finish
  • Illustration printed on the inside of the Master Box
  • And many more...

Don't miss the last opportunity to get the Kickstarter exclusive Deluxe Bundle and the Cold War Expansion add-on (also Kickstarter exclusive).

Would you like to check out all the amazing artworks of Space Race? Just browse through the gallery!

Just dive into history of space exploration!
Just dive into history of space exploration!

Space Race is a unique engine-building strategy game for 1-4 players (5 with the Deluxe Bundle). You become a director of a newly formed Space Agency and your mission is simple: lead your country onto the pages of history as the nation that has conquered the Universe!

Hire astronauts and scientists, develop technologies, initiate space programs, and celebrate astonishing breakthroughs. Enjoy the perfect harmony of immersive gameplay and phenomenal artwork in an unforgettable gaming experience!

Space Race takes place over 7 rounds. In each of them, you will develop your space agency and activate abilities to advance in progress. Every game will present different opportunities and only your decisions, not randomness, will determine how they will play out.

Take a look at an in-depth description of the Space Race mechanics in this update

Friendly Shipping — We offer a friendly shipping to EU, US, Canada, Australia, and China. Backers from these regions won't pay additional money for customs or other import fees. Based on any given region, we will either ship your reward directly from within the country or will fully cover all potential import fees you might get charged for.

Shipping Rates

  • European Union, United States — €15 (max. one additional copy for €8)
  • Rest of Europe, Canada, Australia — €19 (max. one additional copy for €10)
  • China, Hong Kong — €15 (max. one additional copy for €9)
  • Czech Republic — €8 (max. one additional copy for €4)
  • Other Countries — €26 (max. one additional copy for €16)

Shipping will be charged after the campaign through a pledge manager. Please note that the shipping costs above are estimates based on the current shipping rates and may vary in the future.

Additional Copies — If you're interested in getting more copies of Space Race, you may either increase your pledge amount now (when the campaign is live) or after the campaign in a pledge manager.

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Thank to marvellous and supportive board game communities around the world, we will be able to produce digital versions of the game rules and look-up sheets for you to download and print in French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, Czech 🇨🇿, Italian 🇮🇹, Spanish 🇪🇸 and Chinese 🇨🇳.

  • 05/2019 — Kickstarter
  • 06/2019 — Pledge Manager opened
  • 06-07/2019 — Final development
  • 08-09/2019 — Pre-production
  • 09/2019 — Pledge Manager deadline
  • 10/2019-01/2020 — Mass production
  • 02-03/2020 — Sea freight
  • 04/2020 — Fulfillment processing & deliveries
  • 05-06/2020 — Buffer

Jan "Suki" Soukal — Co-founder of Boardcubator, who left his day job in IT security a few years ago to become an independent board game creator. He's the lead game designer and the big boss, but also the guy who loves tinkering and hands-on prototyping right in our office.

Marek Loskot — Co-founder & art-director in Boardcubator. Among zillion of his parallel activities, he also sleeps sometimes.

Michal Mikeš — Community expert & game designer. Originally a university teacher who loves storytelling games.

Silvie "Sisi" Dovrtělová — Shipping & logistics hero who spent years leveling up in international logistics to become a master who's able to handle hassle-free game deliveries right from the factory up to our backers' doors.

Martin "Klobouk" Řehořík — A community master and a super-trooper in presenting games and organizing events. 

Space Race Credits

  •  Game design — Jan Soukal, Michal Mikeš
  •  Art direction — Marek Loskot
  •  Illustrations — Dalibor "Max" Krch
  •  Product design consultant — Jaroslav Juřica
  •  Box cover — Rado Javor
  •  Graphic design — Pavel Richter (board, box, mini-boards, other non-card components, updated iconography); Zak Eidsvoog (card layout and original iconography)
  •  3D artist and animation – Luboš Zbranek
  •   Design of astronaut meeples – Jeff McDowall
  •  Development — Jan Soukal


  •  Director – Víťa Procházka
  •  Screenwriter – Petr Koubek
  •  DOP – Vladimír Polidar
  •  Actors – Karel Poledne, Daniel Pečenka, Lukáš Janota, Martin Řehořík, Silvie Dovrtělová, Marek Loskot
  •  Editor – Vladimír Polidar
  •  Make-up and hair – Zdeněk Nedorost
  •  Production Design – Martina Zwyrtek

©Boardcubator s.r.o. 2019

Risks and challenges

This is our 4th board game project on Kickstarter. We've learned a lot from our previous successful projects (Space Race: The Card Game and Space Race – Interkosmos already delivered; Project L being on schedule entering mass production), and we believe we are able to manage the development, production, and shipping of Space Race hassle-free.

As with every Kickstarter project, there may be unforeseen issues we could not plan for in advance. However, we believe that with the experience we have from the previous campaigns, we will successfully overcome any obstacles that might come up.

€1 PLEDGE — If you aren’t decided which pledge level you need, just rewrite the pledge amount to €1. You will receive the campaign updates and the pledge manager invitation where you can order how many games you want. You will also be a part of this awesome community.

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE ITEMS — The campaign items are exclusive for supporters of the campaign. Remaining stock may be available at conventions, special promotions, and our website.

REFUND POLICY — All pledges can be fully refunded within 7 days of the funding deadline. If the refund is requested later, the pledge amount will be deducted from any related fees (Kickstarter, pledge manager, Stripe, PayPal). Any late refund is processed from our PayPal account to the backer's PayPal account.

90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE — You have 90 days after we send you
a shipping notice through an email to check out the game and if you're not 100% satisfied with it for any reasons, you can send us the game back, and we will fully refund your pledge (shipping costs not included).

UNDELIVERED SHIPMENTS — Undelivered shipments and/or missing or damaged parts have to be reported in 90 days after we send you a shipping notice through an email. In that case, it's our responsibility to take care of delivering your reward or replacement parts successfully to you. After that date, however, we may treat unreported shipments as successfully finished and any potential resends and/or replacements may be at our discretion only.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT — By supporting this project, you acknowledge that the game presented is at a development stage and that the final production shape of the game may still change.

(c) Boardcubator s.r.o., 2019. All rights reserved.

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    • Space Race: The Rockets (Expansion) including:
    • Huge Iconic Rocket Miniatures
    • 5-th Player Extension
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    3,198 backers
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