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Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching, engine building game with recessed puzzle boards and vibrant acrylic pieces for 1-6 players.
Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching, engine building game with recessed puzzle boards and vibrant acrylic pieces for 1-6 players.
3,537 backers pledged €165,804 to help bring this project to life.
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Remember the good old days when Tetris ruled the world of gaming? Didn’t you just love that moment when the line was cleared? Then you'd better not miss Project L!

Project L was funded in 5 hours and more than 2396 wonderful backers already unlocked all 40 Stretch Goals (including 6 community Stretch Goals)! Thanks to this, Project L can be played by up to 6 players! Don't miss the last opportunity to get the Kickstarter exclusive Ghost Piece expansion (Master pledge) and the Ambassador Pack add-on (also Kickstarter exclusive).

Project L is a fast-paced strategy game for 1-6 players. This perfect gateway game will keep your brain running on full steam as you’ll strive to beat your opponents by earning the most points for completing puzzles. Enjoy the perfect harmony of vibrant pieces and lovely tiles in an unforgettable gaming experience!

 The Kickstarter Exclusive Ambassador Pack (€5) is free for all existing Boardcubator Ambassadors and will be automatically added to their pledge for no additional charge. You're an Ambassador, if:

  • You're a backer of one of our previous Kickstarter campaigns
  • Or you joined the Boardcubator Newsletter before Project L went live on 25th Sep 2018.

In Project L, you complete puzzles to earn as many points as you can to win the game.

To complete puzzles effectively, you need to build a sufficient pool of pieces. But choose the pieces you build carefully so it fits your strategy and the puzzles you want to solve!

You complete a puzzle when you fill its recessed area. Then take all your pieces back, place the puzzle aside and reap the rewards: points and a new piece to your supply.

You start the game with just a single level 1 piece. During the game you build your pool of pieces so you can solve increasingly difficult puzzles. So what are your options?

On your turn, you can do 3 of the following actions (you may do the same action repeatedly).

  • Take a new level 1 piece
  • Upgrade a piece
  • Take a puzzle tile (you can have up to 4 unfinished puzzles)
  • Place a piece on your puzzle
  • Master action (only once every round) — put a piece on all your puzzles!

Start the engine — At the beginning, you focus on building more basic pieces so you can complete the white (easier) puzzles. These will give you some points but also additional pieces as rewards. Since you also keep the pieces you used to finish puzzles, your pool of pieces starts to grow.

Master the Strategy — Once you've built a sufficient pool of pieces to challenge the black (difficult) puzzles and even more of them at the same time, unleash the Master action! It allows you to put a piece on all of your puzzles in a single action.

Win the game — Once the black puzzles are gone, the game ends as you rush to complete your remaining puzzles in the final round. Whoever has the most points from completed puzzles wins.

Sounds cool? Try it right now with the Print-and-Play version (work in progress)!

Do you want to know more about Project L? We'll show you the Ghost Piece expansion (Update #6) and the Ambassador Pack bonus actions (Update #12) in the updates.

 Fully Unlocked!

The magenta stretch goals are Kickstarter exclusive and won't enter retail. The blue stretch goals may appear later in retail either as a separate add-on or as a part of the base game. However, at the moment, it is not certain that Project L will ever enter retail distribution at all.

Community Stretch Goals

Help us spread the word about Project L so all your friends have the chance to get the game, too!

How to unlock the yellow stretch goals? These are unlocked after reaching a total number of likes on the Boardcubator Facebook page. So we're not starting from 0, but at 565. Let's get it up! :)

How to unlock the green stretch goals?
 How to unlock the stretch goals below? These unlock after this Facebook post gets shared a specified number of times!


Shipping will be charged after the campaign through a pledge manager. Please note that the shipping costs below are estimates based on the current shipping rates and may vary in the future.

Additional Copies — if you're interested in getting more copies of Project L, you may either increase your pledge amount now (when the campaign is live) or after the campaign in the Pledge Manager.

Friendly Shipping — We offer a friendly shipping to EU, US, Canada, Australia, and China. Backers from these regions won't spend additional money on customs or other import fees. Based on any given region, we will either ship your reward directly from within the country or will fully cover all potential import fees you might get charged for.

Group Pledges

If there are more of you interested in Project L, you could save some of your funds with Group Pledges. Pledging for a bulk of 10 copies of Master Pledge means you get one copy totally for free!

How to group pledge? You may either increase your pledge to the above amount before the campaign ends or upgrade your pledge after the campaign ends in the Pledge Manager.

Shipping for group pledges will be charged after the campaign via the Pledge Manager. Here are the discounted shipping rates:

Interested in more copies? Feel free to drop us a line at

Project timeline

  • Sep-Oct 2018 — Kickstarter
  • Nov — Pledge Manager opened
  • Nov-Dec — Final development
  • Jan-Feb 2019 — Pre-production
  • Jan-Feb — Pledge Manager deadline
  • Mar-Jun — Mass production
  • Jul-Aug — Sea freight
  • Sep — Fulfilment processing & deliveries
  • Oct — Buffer


Your copy of Project L will contain printed rulebook in US, CZ, DE, FR, ES, and IT. Other languages may come in downloadable PDFs. None of the game components are language-dependent.

Risks and challenges

This is our 3rd board game Kickstarter project. We've learned a lot from our previous projects (Space Race: The Card Game and Space Race – Interkosmos), and we believe we are able to manage the development, production, and shipping of Project L hassle free and that we are ready to do our best. As with every Kickstarter project, there may be unforseen issues we could not plan for in advance. However, we believe that with the experience we have from the two previous campaigns, we will sucessfully overcome any obstacles that come up quickly and effeciently.

90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE — You have 90 days after we send you your reward to check out the game and if you're not 100% satisfied with it for any reasons, you can send us the game back, and we will fully refund your pledge (shipping costs not included).

Missing or lost shipments and/or missing or damaged parts have to be reported in 90 days after we send you a shipping notice through an e-mail. In that case, it's our responsibility to take care of delivering your reward or replacement parts successfully to you. After that date, however, we may treat unreported shipments as successfully finished and any potential refunds/replacements may be at our discretion only.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS — By supporting this project, you acknowledge that the game presented is at a development stage and that the final production copy of the game may change substantially to what we present in this campaign. By pledging to this project, you agree to these terms. Otherwise, please don't pledge on this project.

• Game design by Adam Španěl
• Game development by Boardcubator (Jan Soukal, Michal Mikeš, Marek Loskot)
• Graphic design by Pavel Richter
• Product design by Jaroslav Juřica
• © Boardcubator s.r.o., 2018

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