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A groundbreaking film about life, justice, and the American way.
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Final Update

Posted by John Lucas (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to send you a last update before our final funding deadline tomorrow, and thank you again for your amazing support.

First, some good news -- Charlie was approved for parole last week! He will be released on April 1, 2011 and will be looking for employment in the Akron area, if anyone has any leads for him. He is considering entering a program for barber school.

Richard traveled to California this week, looking into college programs to further his education and career options. He continues to look forward.

Donovan is still working to support his family in the Akron area. We are hoping to find a lawyer to review Frankie's case, and offer an opinion.

Meanwhile, John is about to embark on a series of interviews to provide some context for the film, and Bruno is interviewing editors.

For those of you who selected rewards for your support, We will be contacting you shortly to arrange for delivery.

We urge everyone to continue to follow our progress:

Visit our Facebook page and click the LIKE button:

Bookmark our website, and check back for updates:

You'll be hearing from us soon!

Best wishes for a happy new year for all,

John Lucas
Bruno Navasky

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