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Home Stretch...

Posted by John Lucas (Creator)

Hi Everyone --

I wanted to let you know that we passed the two-thirds mark today on Kickstarter! We are only $5,000 from our goal, and it's entirely thanks to you.

John is back in Ohio, filming. He visited Frankie in prison today -- we're adding a new clip on Kickstarter, with some extra footage. He has also tracked down a couple of the victims of the crimes (one is now in a heavy metal band. After viewing our clips he volunteered a couple of songs for our soundtrack). Finally, John is looking forward to filming Richard's transition out of the halfway house this week.

I can't begin to tell you how much respect I have for John, for his committment to this work, and his sense of how essential it is that stories like these get told. I'm so happy that you share that with me.

Now, a reminder:

If you haven't shared the Kickstarter link with your list, please do that now, before you forget:

We're in the home stretch. We've talked to all our friends, now we're counting on you to tell all of your friends. Email, Tweet, or talk -- just do whatever you can pass the word along!

Thanks again,

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