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Help BMOP/sound fund a rare event: the release of Lou Harrison's "La Koro Sutro" and "Suite for Violin and American Gamelan!"
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A nod to you theory geeks


2 1/2 days left and we're closing in on our goal! A huge thank you to all our donors--we're thrilled by the amount of enthusiasm this recording has generated!

Here's a Christmas Eve offering for those of you who are curious about the many unique facets of Lou Harrison's work. Did you know that the tuning system he used in La Koro Sutro and the Suite is different than the standard set of notes you'd plunk out on a piano? Just Intonation uses unevenly distributed but "pure" intervals that are based on acoustic ratios, rather than 12 equal divisions of the octave. Jim Dalton, composer and Professor at the Boston Conservatory (where he teaches a course in tuning theory), gives a brief rundown of the theory and purpose behind Just Intonation:

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 Thanks for sharing your expertise, Jim!

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