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Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
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Update#25: February

Posted by Blyts (Creator)

Hello backers!

HUGE news: Infamous Machine will be available to the world via Steam Early Access on Tuesday, March 8! On that very same day, all of you who backed at the DIGITAL GAME level or above will receive your Steam keys and Humble download links via email! Heck yes!

Here’s a link to the official launch announcement, where you can also find new screenshots and a new trailer:

To all of you who are stoked to play the Early Access version: please send us any and all feedback! Both what you love, and what you could love more. It will be invaluable as we begin work on text translations, English voice acting, and miscellaneous improvements for the final release.

There’s still plenty left for us to do, but we want to let you know that this past year and a half of development has been a true joy. We’ve had so much fun creating our first (and hopefully not last!) point-and-click adventure, and we hope you have even more fun playing it than we did making it.

As a reminder, for those of you who will be at GDC this year, we invite you to stop by our booth (GDC Play Stand PL301) at the Expo! We would love to hear your opinion of the game in person, and of course we’ll have some Kelviny schwag to take home with you :)

As always, we are beyond grateful for your genuine, heartfelt support. See you in the next update, and enjoy the game!


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    1. Blyts 3-time creator on

      We hope the final version will be released between June and July. About the missing subtitles for the intro you are right. We’ll add them for the final release as well.

      Glad to hear you’ve had a good time playing. About that bug it sounds quite strange, no one else has reported anything like that, but we’ll keep that in mind while testing before the final release. About the huge number of names being thanked on the credits, you are right, those are Kickstarter backers. The list runs quickly but it’s fully scrollable so everyone can view it at their own pace.

      We’ll seriously consider a small tutorial at the beginning. It wasn’t evaluated before cause the magnifying glass was a late addition. About the puzzles there will be no major changes, just minor things such as hints or on screen feedback. Some of the characters and hot spots are intended to enrich the game atmosphere, it will be less fun if you could only interact with puzzle related characters and stuff.

    2. BigD on

      Just played the game and had a good laugh. Voice acting will add much of what is missing. Perhaps a small tutorial at the beginning to show off the magnifying glass? Or maybe there is one and I forgot about it in the demo! Some of the back and forth is a little tiring but overall the pace is good and the puzzles are reasonably straight forward.

      Several characters don't add anything other than conversation. Likewise, some of the hot spots don't do anything. Will it be that way in the release or are some puzzles still missing?

    3. Missing avatar

      Randy Pratt on

      I just finished the game and was very pleased.

      Good voice acting will add significantly to the experience - I almost stopped playing after just a couple of minutes because it really takes some getting used to without this.

      I thought the puzzle difficulty was excellent - some frustration at times (even to the point of trying to combine everything with everything else once) but, on the whole, spot on.

      Graphics, animation and sound were great. Gameplay itself is very simple with only left click available. I prefer "right click to examine" and did not realize that I could "look at" inventory items by clicking the magnifying glass until well into the second part. The game is simple enough that the left-click-only model was fine for me.

      Pacing was good. While there was some backtracking involved I did not find that it onerous. The few places where you have to perform an action "quickly" (e.g. before someone comes back) might allow a little more leeway as it is hard to know what you need to do in these cases. This could be a point of a little frustration for some perhaps.

      I had one experience where I quit for a while and, upon returning, found an inventory item missing. This worried me but I found it had been applied to another object, partially solving a puzzle. I could swear I did not do this myself as I had not yet realized that this was the correct place to use it - but who knows... Seems like a strange bug though so maybe I blanked out for a while :)

      I assume that the names being thanked in the credits are Kickstarter backers. There are a huge number and they go by quite quickly. I suggest adding a Pause button so people can find themselves.

      Great job so far! I'm looking forward to seeing how much better the final version will be when it comes out.

    4. Emiliano Perez on

      I've started playing the game and it felt just like returning to the times of Monkey Island, given the fact of the cursor and the missing voice acting.

      I'm sorry but I cannot play this game without voices, it's just not engaging enough, I'll give it a go again when you have that figured out.

      By the way, when do you think you'll release the game at 100% ? (or at least with voice acting included)

      Also, I think the intro (and maybe more cinematics) is missing subtitles, despite the fact that the narrator speaks slow and it's pretty understandable, I'd rather have subtitles available, at least on English.

      Please let us know when the final version is released :)

    5. Søren Ladegaard on

      I know it is a lot more work to put in a "look at" verb and generally more verbs/actions.

      But in my opinion the game quickly becomes boring because you do not know what Kelvin will do when you click on an active object. Will he look at at? Pick it up? Push it? Open it?

      Instead of puzzle solving the game quickly becomes just a matter of finding active objects on screen and clicking on them and see what happens.

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update

    7. flesk

      Yes, thanks for doing all three platforms at once! :D I look forward to playing the Linux version.

    8. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Thanks for the cross-platform early access release!

    9. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Hi JanW, it would be available on Windows, Mac and Linux

    10. Missing avatar

      JanW on

      Which platforms will the early access be available on?

    11. Tiso Spencer

      I can't wait. I'm so excited to even see myself in the screenshots. Such a cool thing to talk about my gamer friends.

    12. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike, We don't think so :(
      One conference is a lot of effort for us!

    13. Mike Pikowski on

      Sounds great :) Any Plans of Visiting Gamescom here in Germany too ?!

    14. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Hi Ben. Yes, it'll be available on the next week too!

    15. Ben Debnam on

      Wooooooooot!!! Its looking awesome guys, thanks for the update!
      Quick question, does this mean the soundtrack's going to be available pretty soon too? I'm super excited about listening to it.