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Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
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Update#24: January

Posted by Blyts (Creator)

Happy 2016, Kelvinites! Welcome to the first update of the new year!

The game is getting so close to done. Here it is by the numbers:

  • 24 beautifully hand-drawn screens, plus the super-secret finale ;) 
  • 56 quirky, fully animated characters 
  • 12 music tracks 
  • Over 1000 lines of written dialog.
What do Beethoven, Newton and Da Vinci have in common? All were annoyed by Kelvin.
What do Beethoven, Newton and Da Vinci have in common? All were annoyed by Kelvin.

There’s still plenty of polish left to apply (script edits, visual tweaks, on-screen feedback, and some other last-minute improvements), but the finish line is in sight. Despite how close we are, we’ve decided that our initial release of Infamous Machine will be via Steam Early Access.

Wait, if you’re so close to done, why do Early Access?

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to making Infamous Machine a game that lives up to the legacy of the classic adventures that inspired us. In listening to your feedback, and in considering the quality of the experience we want to create, we realized we were missing something that could really take the game to the next level. And so, even though we failed to hit the stretch goal on Kickstarter...

...we’re adding English voice acting!!

For those of you who just can’t wait to play, the Early Access release will include the full game with English text dialog. The addition of voice acting will push back the completion of the English script slightly, which means we won’t be able to offer Spanish, German, and French text translations until the game’s final release. We’ll be working full-time on both voice acting and translations as soon as we hit Early Access.

All of you who backed at the DIGITAL GAME level or above will be able to access the game via Steam or Humble Bundle. We’ll send along the official Early Access release date with our next update.

In other news, we’ll be attending this year’s GDC expo in San Francisco! If you’re going to be there, we’d love to meet you at our booth.

Thank you as always for your support, and please keep sharing Infamous Machine!

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    1. xlynx on

      Are we to infer the super-secret finale is _not_ a beautifully hand-drawn screen? ;)

    2. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Hi Adam!

      Sorry for the delay on the answer, we did see your video, and we showed it to our friends! Your voice is so much as we imagine Lupin's!
      We are currently talking with two different voice recording studios which handle these kind of projects. Being in Argentina and not talking the same language makes difficult for us to coordinate and direct the actors. That's why we need some one who can handle the entire project and record all the voices with the same quality, which will make it easier to implement than if we took different audio sources. This being added to the fact that we want to give you backers the most profesional game possible. Thanks!

    3. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

    4. Wim on

      This is terrific! I was disappointed that the voice acting milestone was not achieved on kickstarter and tried to get an additional mortgage on my 4th and 5th car ;-) Turns out that we're all in for a treat, which is greatly appreciated! To Adam: your mad-scientist voice dubbing is awesome, it made me smile instantly.

    5. Adam on

      Voice acting is awesome news! I actually sent you guys a link a couple of times to see if you would be interested in me doing some free voice acting for you. I recorded it one night whilst slightly intoxicated and using the MacBooks built in mic, but I thought it was ok?