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Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
Race through time to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements in a classic point-and-click adventure!
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Update#21: September

Posted by Blyts (Creator)

Hello lovely backers,

This update is a little different from usual, because it’s a bit of a bummer—but not too much of a bummer, we hope! We want to be as open as possible about our development process, and that means sharing the obstacles we encounter alongside the progress we make.

You might recall that the estimated delivery for Infamous Machine and its various backer rewards was September 2015. Unfortunately, here we are at the end of September, and the game isn’t finished. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a lot of work left to do. Things like:

  • Finishing development and dialog for Leonardo da Vinci’s chapter.
  • Collecting and incorporating feedback from our wonderful beta testers.
  • Translating the game into Spanish, German, and French.
  • A few more surprises we can’t share quite yet

We want to make sure we give all of these remaining tasks the time and attention they deserve, no matter how much that ends up being. Because of that, we can’t yet give you a definitive new release date for the game. The best we can do is a ballpark, which we put around February 2016. These extra few months should allow us to make a game that we’re truly proud of, and that we believe you’ll truly love to play.

We are developing Infamous Machine with a very small team, and on a tight budget. We set a modest goal on Kickstarter (half or less of what similar indie campaigns shoot for), because we knew we wanted to make this game no matter how much we raised. This delay hasn’t been caused by a lack of passion, or by unexpected drama—it’s simply the number of hours we have in a day.

Being an indie studio located at the bottom of the map presents a unique set of challenges, but it’s nothing we aren’t ready to tackle to bring you a great game. We’re very sorry to disappoint you today, but we hope you’ll continue to support us as we work toward the finish line! Every little bit you can do to spread the word about Infamous Machine will help us get there. 

Beta giveaway! 

Okay, onto some good stuff! If didn’t back at the Beta Access level or above, but you’d like to participate in the Infamous Machine beta, here’s your chance. Retweet this tweet, and we’ll enter you to win one of FIVE beta access codes!

Kickstarter Shoutout 

Speaking of Kickstarter campaigns from indie studios at the bottom of the map, check out NoseBound, a point-and-click adventure in development from another Argentinian studio!

Thank you all, and we’ll see you next month!
Blyts team

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    1. Mark L

      Nearly all the video game Kickstarters I've backed (and I've backed quite a few) have been delayed well beyond the original projection. Don't worry about it too much. Personally I mentally add 1 year to the projected completion date. As I've said before in other Kickstarters, I personally would rather have a late, well-made, good game than a bug-ridden mediocre on-time game. As a famous developer once said, 'a late good game is still a good game, but a crap game is a crap game forever' (i.e., even if you fix all the problems eventually, what people remember is the initial negative impression). Best of luck.

    2. Maxwell Horse on

      Delays happen with practically every single computer game, AAA titles included. In fact it's so common, I'd guess that if Paskarl was a project manager for a video game project, he actually wouldn't get fired for running a little late from the initial projection.

    3. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Game development is harder to predict than a lot of other work, due to the creativity mixed in with the technical aspects. I can totally see why so many people get their estimates wrong, and I just take project schedule estimates with a grain (or ten) of salt.

    4. Matthew Phoenix Churchill on

      take your time. dont rush just to please people, thats how games get ruined. so far the game is fantastic, i'm looking forward to what the rest of the game will bring.

    5. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Hi Paskarl, you are right. I'm not a PM, just a game developer hoping to make a good game. Thanks!

    6. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "We are developing Infamous Machine with a very small team"
      "it’s simply the number of hours we have in a day."

      And this is new to you?
      Thought this were the general conditions from the beginning.
      Don't get me wrong - I*ve no problem with the delay at all.
      But if I would do project management like this at the company I work for I would get fired.
      It's that simple.
      Let's see if Feb 2016 is to the point.

    7. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    8. flesk

      Don't worry about it. Delays are to be expected with any creative venture, and I prefer that you take the time you need to make a game you can be proud of rather than rush to meet an arbitrary deadline.

    9. Blyts 3-time creator on

      Thanks all for your amazing support! :)

    10. Itaiber2000 on

      keep the good work, as long as i get an update about the progress i can handle delays. all of us wants the best game as you can make so if the time table changed a bit we'll adapt.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steeve Lambert on

      Make a good French translation is a worthy cause. You are forgiven... ;)

    12. John Aldhouse on

      Hi Blyts. The three constraints on a project are cost, time and quality of outcome. The cost is fixed because of the Kickstarter campaign, so you're left with sacrificing quality for speed. No thanks. Give me the best game you can. I'll wait. :-)

    13. Idara on

      Take your time. It'll be ready when it's ready :-) I'd rather have you make the game you want to make, than rush out a game you aren't happy with :-) I have faith :-)