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A unique tribute to a unique artist:
30 never seen before illustrations of Prince by Blule in a gorgeous, coffee table size art book.
A unique tribute to a unique artist:
30 never seen before illustrations of Prince by Blule in a gorgeous, coffee table size art book.
A unique tribute to a unique artist: 30 never seen before illustrations of Prince by Blule in a gorgeous, coffee table size art book.
285 backers pledged AU$ 102,909 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Muna Lilani 3 days ago

      Absolutely so super excited for this beautiful book!!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristy L Baker on November 5

      I cannot wait to get the book!

    3. Missing avatar

      Maria Tyiska on November 2

      I am totally amp'd and cannot wait for this beautiful work of brilliance. We can tell that this is a project of pure love!

      CONGRATULATIONS on getting this project off the ground. It was no easy feat, I'm sure.

      Thank you so much for continuing his legacy.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas van Balveren on November 2

      Beyond thrilled, congratulations! So looking forward to this marvelous book... as a fantastic art book, as a wonderful tribute, as an awesome collectors item, and yes, as a book of healing. Much love, thanks, and praise to you and everyone involved!

    5. Missing avatar

      Natalie green on November 2

      WOW! So happy Clementine congratulations! I was at the 'My Name is Prince' exhibition in London yesterday and feeling his loss and presence so strongly right now so this news comes at a good time. Cant wait to receive this creation and so happy to support your incredible work keeping his energy and spirit alive

    6. Missing avatar

      David Gibbons on November 2

      We're on the one now. Go, go, go.
      Can't wait !!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Janis Burgin on November 2

      Congratulations! So excited for your beautiful project and being a small part of it!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex Walker on November 2

      Hi Clementine! I'm so excited! My Christmas present to me! Much love to you! <3 xoxox

    9. Missing avatar

      Bart Van Heusden on November 2

      Hi Clementine, great news! I can’t wait to see the definitive version of the book. Many congratulations and good luck with all the work.

    10. Clementine Campardou Creator on November 2

      Thank you @Mark, and everyone who supported the project, backer or not. This has been an amazing adventure already.
      I can't wait to get the book in your hands.

    11. Mark Payne on November 2

      Just got my email that the project has been successfully funded. We knew it would happen, but now its "official" Many congratulations and thanks. I cant wait to see the updates and get this beautiful book in my hands.

    12. Clementine Campardou Creator on October 29

      Thank you @Nico & @Slakmon. You're very much part of the success.

      @Steviejrich: I'll never forget the whole show :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Slakmon on October 29

      Congrat Clementine, I was a fan of your work since I saw your first painted Prince portrait. So happy for u for the successful and inspired project, can't wait to hold the piece of art in my hands
      Wish u all the best

    14. Missing avatar

      Nico M on October 27

      Félicitations pour l'objectif et l'article.

    15. Missing avatar

      steviejrich on October 27

      Was definitely you, small world. I’ll never forget the Free Urself chant - probably my favourite Prince concert moment of all time.

    16. Clementine Campardou Creator on October 26

      @steviejrich How cool would that be. I had a one of a kind tshirt with the first illustration Prince bought from me printed on it, and I was probably the only person in there that was sketching from time to time :)
      If that rings a bell, then yes.

    17. Missing avatar

      steviejrich on October 26

      Pretty certain I was sitting next to you and your husband at the first Sydney Opera House show, really looking forward to seeing your artwork; it’s amazing.

    18. Clementine Campardou Creator on October 16

      Thank you so much @Elle.
      I can't wait for you all to discover it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Elle Richardson on October 16

      I'm so looking forward to this book of this lady's stunning artwork in memory of a man who not only touched the world but my life profoundly.

      Thank you for your stunning visionary mastery, Clementine Campardou.