The House of Da Vinci

by Blue Brain Games

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      rhonda baker on

      Thanks for the update !

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      L. Scherer on

      Congrats! When is it coming to Android?

    3. Jesse on

      Good that we got a date. Hyped to play!

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      Samantha J Lovelady on

      Any news when it'll be coming to Android? I'm super excited.

    5. Justin Yem on

      Can't wait for it. Super chuffed to get a release date. Personally I don't mind delays, cause I would much rather wait than get a buggy game that is not up to the devs standards cause they had to rush it.

      Thanks guys!

    6. Oliver

      Thank you for the update and release date. I am very excited to play the game and mark the date in my calendar :-)

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      Vitte Theo on

      It's been a long time without news and... Nothing about Android...

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      Lynn Pierce on

      Yes!!! I can't wait! Thank everyone involved for their hard work, it's so appreciated!!!�

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      Steven on

      There's not a game in the world that isn't delayed, looking forward to it, all the best to the team! ��

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      Lennart Agestam on

      My old teacher said: Afterwards you can't see how long time it took, only how well it was done. So, keep up the quality!

      Please also publish release dates for other platforms. PC for me.

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      Reid Martin on

      I second the request for release date of PC and Android!!! Super excited!

    12. Alecs Prodan on

      No problem! Congrats on the game, can't wait. Thanks for all the hard work. Hope you guys can finally get some well deserved relax time :) (can't wait for PC!!!)

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      Melissa Hickson on

      It'll be well worth the wait! Congrats!!! I can't wait to get stuck on a puzzle ;-)

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      Marlowe K Earl on

      I was and am excited about the Da Vinci game concept. Da Vinci made an indelible mark on the world we know. This has to have been an audacious undertaking. CONGRATULATIONS!
      Looking forward to the Android version.

    15. Mike Hall on

      Great update and great news! Thanks!

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      James Jones

      Hi Martin,

      The 22nd sounds fine! Thank you for the update...and all the hard work!

    17. Josh Beauvais

      Definitely curious about the Android release date.

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      Jin Kim on

      D-25... (This is second delay announcement... NO MORE! Okay?)

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      Ros on

      Better to get it right in the first place than to miss a crucial step. Good on you all for your perseverance,

    20. Jim Eustice on

      Fantastic, can't wait for my T-shirt and copy of Android version.Jim

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      gavin templeman on

      So when is the release for android

    22. Blue Brain Games Creator on

      Hi guys,

      thank you for all your comments!

      To everyone asking about the release date for other platforms – we'll start the necessary game optimisations in order to deliver all other platforms asap. We won't promise you a specific release date now, because we are currently regrouping our manpower and creating a new timeline. The good news is, that thanks to Unity 3D game engine, this should go quite smoothly. We'll keep you updated about our progress. If you have any question in the future, please note that you may send us a private (or public) message on our Facebook page as well ( We'll be happy to reply (usually) within a few hours.

      Martin & the team

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      Lee Rilee on

      oooooh yes yes yes, defo IOS for me, cheers ears. best news to see on a Sunday afternoon :P

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      David Foot on

      It was promised for October last year but still you won't commit to a release date for the Android version.

      Not good enough!

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Great news: not long now �Thanks and congratulations. Daniel

    26. Blue Brain Games Creator on

      @Daniel @Lee thank you for your support.
      @David, we're giving it 100% & we'll inform you about the Android release date shortly after the iOS release. Thanks for patience!

    27. Unique Wood Products on

      As with many of the other comments I am waiting for the Android version but don't mind waiting if it means getting it right.

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      Jin Kim on

      Just watched video, the game looks so awesome!!!!!!
      I gonna download this immediately in June 22!!!

      Thank you for your hard-working and endeavor for all fans and backers
      I really really appreciate that

    29. Blue Brain Games Creator on

      @Jin thank you very much for your positive comment. We're looking forward to your first impressions after June 22nd.

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      Timothy Boulette on

      When will codes or whatever go out to backers (so they can presumably get the game for free when released)?