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$7,693 pledged of $55,000 goal
By Patrick Hasson
$7,693 pledged of $55,000 goal

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An Interview with actor Brandon Ratcliff - shot in HORRORVISION!

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Biggest Pledge Yet!


I hope this finds you well!  So, we've reached the halfway mark and just received our largest pledge to date of $3,000 from Patrick Hasson Sr. (yep, my pop).  This really puts a new charge into the campaign as we're now over the 10% mark (actually 11%) towards our goal.

Actor Brandon Ratcliff and I will be doing a video this week to tell you about all of the great things that have been brewing around the project, things that could easily help us reach our goal.  Also, I've been asked by the Studio City Patch (which did a fantastic article on our campaign and helped to generate a lot of our press) to start writing a blog for them next week.  I will definitely use the opportunity to continue to get the word out there on BLOOD SHED, the next great American horror film!

Please continue to spread the work to everyone you know.  Pledges start at $10 on up and every bit helps!!!

Patrick Hasson

Painting Raffle!!!!

The next 20 people who make a pledge to the BLOOD SHED Kickstarter Campaign will be put into a raffle for a Norman Clarke original painting.  Pledge now, the slots will fill up fast!

1) 'Stormy Sea' - 24" x 48" - Mixed media on panel - pledge of $1,100

2) 'When Opposites Attract, it's a Mess,' (Diptych) - 20" x 32" - Mixed media on canvas - pledge of $700

3) 'Primal' - 24" x 24" - Mixed media on panel - pledge of $700

4) 'Shroud' - 16" x 20" - Mixed media on canvas - pledge of $400

5) 'Shroud #2' - 16" x 20" - Mixed media on canvas - pledge of $400

(The paintings are listed in order, top to bottom - #1 through #5) 

  • Image 39488 original
  • Image 39489 original
  • Image 39490 original
  • Image 39491 original
  • Image 39492 original

Happy Birthday Brandon Ratcliff

Tomorrow is actor Brandon Ratcliff's 13th birthday, so the lovely StudioCity Patch decided to run his article once again in honor of the acclaimed actor's birthday and new role!