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Beautiful, interlocking building blocks that can be used to make anything.
Beautiful, interlocking building blocks that can be used to make anything.
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Progress on our move

We're mostly moved, but we still have some work ahead of us before we're back up and running. 

This picture doesn't quite capture the moment, but that's our expensive, heavy laser cutter ready to come down the stairs. Daunting. Fast forward a few excruciating days and....

Our laser are in the new space.  We're still a little sore from the move, but we'll live. The hole in the wall behind the lasers is for the new exhaust blower. You can also see some electrical wires dangling from the ceiling. These will be routed to switches to turn the lasers and blower on.  The new blower is sitting in front of the far laser.  Why a new blower?  Because our old blower just wasn't up to the job:

This is a view into the exhaust port of the old blower.  The crud there is solid "smoke." Some of the wood that gets vaporized was sticking to the blower blades. It turns out that the blower provided with our laser is not really the best design for laser cutter exhaust.  The shape of the fan makes it highly susceptible to build up.  We had been noticing that the exhaust performance was degrading, but until we had the time and opportunity to tear our exhaust system apart we didn't realize the extent of the problem. So that's why we upgraded. 

So what's left before we're back in business? We need to:

  • Finish up some wiring.
  • Install an air compressor and some air lines for the air assist. 
  • Finish installing the blower and exhaust systems

We've been putting in some long days and late nights into the move, but the end is in sight. We are planning on finishing up this weekend.

-Gabe & Mark


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      John H on

      How'd the move go?