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The Scorpion Light - Revolutionising your Films's video poster

The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 18, 2014.

The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination.

About this project

Extract from BVE 2014 Expo Website 

"It's also been a good day to catch up with the smaller companies who are exhibiting, but that's not to say they have been forgotten by the visitors - you couldn't move in the aisles in some cases. One product of particular interest is The Scorpion Light, created by three young entrepreneurs from Glasgow (attending BVE in kilts no less) who are seeking Kickstarter funding."

Extract from Article by JellyFielder Studios

 "I came across another way to share the wealth, thanks to these splendidly be-kilted chaps from Blind Spot Gear. Billy, Alan and James (l-r) were proudly introducing the Scorpion Light, a revolutionary adaptable lighting solution almost any conceivable filming scenario. Not only does the Scorpion Light feature a bendable arm, super clamps and in-line dimmers, the real ingenious feature are the magnets. Yes, the gels and density filters are held in position by placing magnets on the barn doors’ outer side. Simple yet brilliant. The guys have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to go into full production, so send in your pennies of support!"

Our reason for starting this project is simple: there are no low-cost lighting systems that meet the quality standards of the professional film maker. As a professional Freelance Cameraman working with the BBC, BBC3 and channel 4 I’ve been lucky enough to experience the best and most expensive tools in image capturing equipment in the world. But, I became frustrated by the fact that all the professional-quality lighting rigs were ridiculously expensive and so complex to use. In 2013, we decided to build a solution to this problem ourselves, and we are now ready to share it with the world.

No matter whether you’re just starting out in your career, a pro or a full out Oscar winner this light has a place in your kit. The ultimate tricky location light, a beautiful hidden detail light or a full out 4 light interview set-up.

We’ve been hard at work for over a year, and with your help, we’re ready to take the Scorpion Light into full-fledged production. By supporting this effort, you’ll be the first to get your hands on the amazing set of 4 lights AND help usher in a new era of lighting for all disciplines of media - an era in which your creative output is no longer limited by price or dauntingly complex rigging.

The Scorpion Light can attach virtually anywhere. Rafters, table legs, table tops, door frames, bus poles, scaffolding, radiators, head rests, wheel arches, window sills the list is literally endless. The Light Can be powered from low costing Sony NP-F  Batteries as well as mains and now via D-tap. 

The Scorpion Light can also detached from the super clamp and has a 1/4 inch thread on the base, this means it can attached to a camera making it the most flexible top light on the market. Now you can get 3/4 lighting from a top light.

Unlike most conventional LED Lights the Scorpion light has steel barn doors to help mould your light. We’ve also developed a gel system that allows you to magnetically attach your favourite colour correcting gels.

Read on for more details on what you’ll help bring into the world (and into your kit) if you support this effort.

 We have chosen the industry’s highest performance, single-die white LED for our lighting system. Only select emitters from manufacturing batches with the fullest colour spectrum (over 90 CRI for our tungsten) and closest balanced chromaticity (±0.01ccx and ±0.01ccy) will make it into the production version of our product. Due to the tight tolerances we demand, acquiring these little diodes has been a time consuming process, but we believe the results will speak for themselves in terms of quality and reliability.

These emitters manufactured in the USA have a near unlimited floor life if correctly cared for, meaning they’ll outlast any bulbs you’ve used before. After vigorous research and testing we have concluded that these are the absolute best emitters available for film today and we are proud to use them in our product.

  • Indie Film Makers 
  • Web content creators 
  • Freelance Cameramen 
  • Lighting Directors 
  • Gaffers 
  • DOPs 
  • Film Students 
  • Production Companies

We are ready for full production with your support.

If you decide to pitch in, you’ll get a discount and be one of the first to have the Scorpion Light in your kit. But more importantly, you’ll play a huge part in starting this revolution in accessible professional lighting by providing your feedback and creating amazing content using the Scorpion Light. We can’t wait to see what you can film!

Included in the Scorpion Set RRP £780

  • 4 Scorpion Heads Tungsten or Daylight
  • 4 Super clamps 
  • 4 Mains leads 
  • 4 Male to Male 1/4 inch adaptors
  • 4 In-line dimmers all will delivered in a hard case that has machine cut foam to fit everything in super snug.

Included in the Complete Scorpion Set RRP £1150

  • 4 Scorpion heads Tungsten or Daylight 
  • Battery clips x 4 
  • 4 Super clamps 
  • 4 Mains leads 
  • 4 in-line dimmers - Sony NP-F Battery x 8 
  • Battery Charger x 4 
  • Gel Collection, a full set of Gels specially cut to size for the scorpion light
  • 4 Male to Male 1/4 inch thread connector
  • Dtap connector


For maximum flexibility the Scorpion light can draw its power from a range of sources.

To power the lights from AC we supply a multi-regional power supply, this has all the plugs included allowing you to utilise AC power across the globe.

Via our custom adapters the scorpion lights can also be powered by Sony NP-F series batteries or through a D Tap link. We have developed the electronics to provide smooth and consistent power right until the batteries are kaput; this means no flickering and no dimming regardless of the batteries charge.

We intend to continue to develop the range of power sources the scorpion light can utilise, if you have any particular requests or suggestions please let us know.

Mounting Solution:

One of the best features of the scorpion light is the ability to mount it almost any situation while minimising the amount of gear required.

To achieve this the scorpion light has a 16mm spigot with a ¼” female thread in the base, this combined with a few simple accessories gives a wide range of mounting options.

The 16mm spigot gives compatibility with large film clamps such as super clamps giving massive mounting versatility (don’t forget with our light sets 4 super clamps are included!)

With simple adapters the spigot can be mounted to ¼”, 3/8” or hot shoe interfaces, this allows for simple mounting to most cameras and rigs.


We’ve worked with a British optic manufacture to incorporate a fantastic lens system entirely concealed in the head of the lamp. Our optics have no hot spots, an extremely even pool of light and an excellent drop off with no edging.


At its heart the scorpion light has a single high powered American manufactured emitter as its light source. The pack is available in two colour temperature options; high CRI tungsten (3000K) and high brightness daylight (5700K) balanced unit.

The Team First met during a Cultural Enterprise scheme called ‘Starter For 6’, a 4 month course for entrepreneurs in Scotland. That was over a year ago and in that time friendships have blossomed and the Scorpion light has come to fruition.

In 2009 Billy Campbell won 2 Baftas for Directing (Best Short Film & New Talent Award) and the Kodak Award for Best Cinematographer. He has since been working as a Freelance Cameraman shooting all over the world including India, the Faroe Islands, Australia and Europe. He’s shot TV series for BBC, BBC3, Channel 4, and E4.

Alan Easdale and James Campbell are both professional engineers and entrepreneurs. Together they bring a wealth of sourcing and engineering experience to this project. 

Over the past few years they have consulted on projects ranging from offshore structure engineering to spacecraft design. The duo have also developed several new products bringing them from basic ideas into reality and then delivering them into the market. 

This experience has been put to work in ensuring that the scorpion light is exceptionally well designed and optimised piece of kit while ensuring that the supply chain is both reliable and efficient.

  • Formed an awesome team of Cinematographers and Engineers based throughout the UK. 
  • Engineered the system to be mass-manufactured. 
  • Built and tested 6 generations of prototypes. 
  • Tested a wide range of materials from Aluminium, Steel and Brass. 
  • Tested a production run of alpha units. 

We’re nearly ready to set up full-scale manufacturing to get your Scorpion Light delivered as soon as possible. We take this last crucial step seriously, and we’ll need a lot of support to do the job right. That’s why we’ve turned to Kickstarter to get the production lines up and running!

  • Gooseneck length: 350mm
  • Mounting options: 16mm spigot, ¼” or 3/8” thread adapter, hot shoe adapter, suction mount
  • Emitter (bulb) Power: 13W
  • Power sources: AC power, Sony NP-F series batteries, D Tap 
  • Power requirement (mains supply): 120-240VAC
  • Battery run time: 1h (NP-F550), 3.3h (NP-F960)
  • Optics Colour Temperature: Daylight (5700K) or Tungsten (3000K) 
  • Output: 1100lm (daylight) 700lm (tungsten)
  • Emitter Running hours : 50,000 hours
  • Gel attachment method: Magnets on barndoors

Risks and challenges

Similar to many Kickstarter projects, we face several key risks and challenges in sparking this revolution in lighting . The primary risks for us include:


To achieve the level of simplicity in user experience that we have, we have to design and engineer a very complex system. We have taken two key steps to ensure our engineering success. 1) We have formed an amazing team of engineers and designers, and 2) we test our lights with an obsession for perfection. In the last year, we have built 5 generations of prototypes, a production run of alpha machines, we will have a run of beta machines with significant user testing.


Many Kickstarter campaigns can encounter problems when taking their prototypes to production. This includes issues finding suppliers and engineering products for mass-production. Smooth execution is absolutely essential to overcoming such risks. We take this lesson seriously and have been working for months negotiating with suppliers, testing component quality, and building a team that can execute on our promises. Our plans are in place, and we now only need the resources to execute them.


Finding the right people is a challenge for any endeavour. Success in Light design requires a team of talented, passionate, and motivated designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We have already formed a truly awesome and super fun team, but we will have to bring in more Blind Spotters to realise this dream. In fact, we are actively looking for new members to join Blind Spot and hit the ground running! Check out our website for more information.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We do indeed, When our campaign is completed you will be contacted asking what combination of daylight/tungsten you would prefer. For example, all four tungsten, 1 tungsten 3 daylight, 2 tungsten 2 daylight ect

    The colour of the actual head will be different, black and silver, this way you can easily differentiate between the lights.

    Last updated:
  • Both the Scorpion and Super Scorpion Set will come with inline dimmers :)

    Last updated:
  • Both sets work with Battery power, however, the Complete Scorpion set comes with battery clips and batteries included.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, the boxes and the foam cut out is identical on both sets. We wanted to make sure it was as easy and affordable for you to upgrade at a latter stage to the battery power.

    Last updated:
  • We want to make the Scorpion light as user friendly and as international as possible, thats why all out lights come with multi-regional power supplies. You'll be able to use the lights throughout Europe, the UK and America. Pretty Cool!

    Last updated:
  • Blind Spot Gear has an e-commerce site waiting and ready to launch for when the campaign finishes and we complete your pledges. You'll be able to buy male to male spigots, battery clips, gels, suctions mounts lighting stands and loads of other cool essential items.

    Last updated:
  • Well, let’s get this one off the ground and into the world, and then we’ll see. Great to see you looking to the future!

    Last updated:
  • This is a very good question. After months of testing we discovered that Steel goose necks are not up to scratch. We tested a few other materials and have discovered that Brass makes awesome goose necks. Bass is a self lubricating metal so our goose necks keep their tension no matter how much you use them.

    Last updated:
  • Shipping prices vary by location and country. It’s simpler (and cheaper for you) to handle this separately. After the Kickstarter is over and we are ready to start shipping, you will receive an invitation to go to our website and enter your shipping information to pay the appropriate amount. Shipping costs vary by location, if you live in the UK it will probably be somewhere around £30. In the Us around $60.

    Last updated:
  • Slow motion compatibility is a must these days in lights. We've tested the Scorpion light with the Phantom Camera at 1400 fps and we are happy to say that there is no flicker issue even at this speed. The light was tested with mains and also running from the battery.

    Last updated:


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