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Safe Zone - Travel across a zombie-infested USA to a safe zone on the West coast.
Safe Zone - Travel across a zombie-infested USA to a safe zone on the West coast.
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Not Quite Gameplay Footage, but Soon!

You’ve waited for it and we finally have it: We’ve got the opening menu, the character creation screen, and playable a scavenge area in almost working order.

However, we can’t get it to compile fully (which is computer talk to say that we have the pieces and they keep falling off of each other). We’re working on that this week, and you’re going to have a shiny youtube video showing it off for our next update. Pinkie promise!

So, while you wait, we figured it might be interesting to list all of the different bugs we’ve come across (and fixed) while putting this together.

“The Jacks attack!”

While creating the zombie class, we had copied over the base walking class which included walking animations. So whenever a zombie walked towards me, he turned into Jack (our wire-frame survivor) for a few seconds.

“The strongest man alive!”

So we had finished the character create screen with one small problem; the strength stat would increase both when you pressed the up button for it and the down button for it. We’d given it the wrong button on accident.

“One strong zombie virus...”

If you got bit, Jack would slow down, start stuttering, and the screen would fade to black. Just as if he had succumbed to the virus. But while it fits the theme of the game, that’s not what was supposed to happen. The game wasn’t applying damage values correctly; the damage number wouldn’t stop growing until it broke the game and crashed!

So stay tuned and we’ll get you the very first actual, non-simulated gameplay video of Safe Zone!


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