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$800 pledged of $2,700 goal
$800 pledged of $2,700 goal

Thank you

so i wanted to take a second to thank each one of you for backing this project. while not successful, going to be working on a plan b. 

kickstarter is a great idea, but it ultimately comes down to popularity and having a (very energized) listener base large enough to support a project like this. clearly not quite there yet. 

but i sure do appreciate your support though. each time i would get a notice of a new backer i would just be blown away. 

oh and i hope everyone has a fantastic new year. 


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    1. Gary Allen Vollink on January 2, 2012

      Dear Blinder,
      If you are allowed, please do make an update here when any sort of physical media is announced. I was very excited about the prospect of Vinyl, but I still want to pay you for physical media of whatever kind becomes available. Regardless of this project's goal making it or not.
      Thank you,
      Gary Allen