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With an integrated music store Benjamin plays your favourite tracks and gets you brushing (and dancing!) for two minutes, twice a day.
With an integrated music store Benjamin plays your favourite tracks and gets you brushing (and dancing!) for two minutes, twice a day.
With an integrated music store Benjamin plays your favourite tracks and gets you brushing (and dancing!) for two minutes, twice a day.
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    1. BleepBleeps 3-time creator 3 days ago

      @Andre Saint Ange: Hi Andre, we are working away here and hope to have an update for you soon. Apologies for the delay, we are trying to work things through after the music survey we sent provided results that have thrown up some technical challenges on the project. We will explain all in an update soon. Thank you all for your patience and support

    2. Missing avatar

      Andre Saint Ange 4 days ago

      Hey. So where do we stand?

    3. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      Not yet! Still working away here :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Is there any news?

    5. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Andre Saint Ange: hi! We’re still hear beavering away :) we will have an update soon!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andre Saint Ange on

      Oh it is rather quiet around here...

    7. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      Hi Lee - yes we are getting there! We have been waiting on our partner in China to supply the final production model before Chinese New Year and then we will share work in progress :)

    8. Lee Currid

      Hey guys, looking forward to this product, how is production going?

    9. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @kurt sure thing! Happy New Year! We will have a production update out in the next few weeks :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Kurt Floyd on

      Hey. Just wondering if you could post a quick update on the project. For those of us that are antisocial beings who hate Facebook and the like. Cheers

    11. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      Thanks for your question @i hate buying gas (good name btw!)
      Benjamin's heads are manufactured from medical grade silicone within the required quality management environment and will be fully compliant and certified in EU and US initially with other territories following in quick succession. And yes, we hope to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

    12. i hate buying gas

      Will this be ADA approved in regard to the silicon brush heads?

    13. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Claudiu yes the Pom Pom head is designed for babies and kids :)

    14. b4market

      Is this good for 1 year old baby?

    15. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Claudiu great idea! And yes, lots of people are asking for this :) we will have an update on multiple packs soon...

    16. b4market

      I was expecting to see more packages for 2 or 3 brushes. If you have more than one child you might want one for each.

    17. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      Great stuff Simon! Yes I'm sure we can do something with profiles in the app :)

    18. Simon Kramme on

      Thanks for your great answer.

      The best option in my opinion, would definitely be some kind of identification on the brush head to automatically communicate with the base unite. Of cause this is only a good option if it does not effect pricing to much...

      Second best - and most likely - option, is to work on profiles in the app. My suggestion here would be an option to control which song is playing when brushing as a default. Using the brush without the phone should the save the duration and number of times the brush has been used. Upon syncing to the phone, you would then be able to assign these sessions to each profile (that way, mommy can still use the brush and not participate in the “competition”). In the app, you should also be able to select a profile pre-brushing, to enable a change of song that matches this profile,if a profile is selected the duration is synced directly to this profile.

      I’m looking forward to hear about your thoughts on this.

    19. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Simon well Benjamin comes with one head that you change when that head wears out (about 6 months to one year) or you want to transition from baby teeth to adult teeth (Pom Pom or Big brush head). And yes, the idea is that it is one base unit per user, so each person can just grab and go and not worry about the app/phone at all.

      Single base unit with multiple users/heads is very challenging technically because Benjamin and the app wouldn't know who is using the device. So that means either a manual user select each time anyone brushes (yawn!) or electronics/radio in the brush heads = impossibly expensive :$

      So, there may be a way around it in the app (with an option for manual user select each time) how does that sound?

    20. Simon Kramme on

      I’m sorry to hear this.

      As described in my previous comment, I can’t see the point in multiple toothbrush bases, each with interchangeable heads.

      The sole reason why I already have only one electric toothbrush is to have one base and multiple brush heads - one for each family member.

      I was really hoping to see something like this, with all the “fun” happening through the app-control...

      So in the app you have the profiles, from which you choose the songs that play, and keep track of the progress...

    21. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Simon thanks for your comment and questions!

      The idea is that each person has their own Benjamin Brush.

      The BleepBleeps app can then manage the music for each brush and track activity (brushing and duration) for each person. We have a neat concept for this - the coloured dots you can see in the app visual become a commodity that adds up over time. And this is the data that can be compared to other users within the app - or the gamification as you called it :)

      If there is enough interest in multiple units (like Twins or Triplets etc.) we will add it as a reward level!

    22. Simon Kramme on

      Looks like this could be a great product. Are you looking into making it useful for more people with only one base unit?

      I’m having trouble finding arguments replacing my electric toothbrush for my kids, with two base units. Also, I can really see the “gamefication” appeal if they both can’t compete on my phone? (They won’t have their own phone years to come)

    23. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Tom good question! We shall put this in the FAQ too.

      It's a technical and legal requirement I'm afraid.

      We looked at other options (streaming/Apple Music/Spotify/file transfer etc) but they weren't feasible in such a small low power device that needs to work with your phone/the BleepBleeps app and also when your phone isn't nearby.

      And this is the only way we can do it legally from a Digital Rights Management perspective. The record companies set the price of the music ($0.99 - and there is very little margin in that aspect for us).

      We hope to launch a subscription program so you can get the heads and music very cheaply :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Really lovely product but paying for music feels very forced and unfair. Is this because you wanted to get more £££ or because technically it was the easiest thing to make?

    25. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      Thanks for your continued support Andre! Lovely to hear you're a BleepBleeps collector ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Andre Saint Ange on

      Hey i have backed for now as i like your stuff and already have a Sammy and a Suzy but paying extra for music i probably already own isn't quite my cup of tea.

      Apart from that Benjamin is looking good.

    27. BleepBleeps 3-time creator on

      @Alok - Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely look into adding an option for 2. Thanks so much for your support!

    28. Missing avatar


      @Creator - would there be a possibility of getting more than 1 ? If so, will you add new pledges or plan to handle that post KS via survey?